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Genre: Rock
Un Dans Versailles (1975) 01. Dance in Your Sleep [add]
02. Do I Get So Shy [add]
03. Un Dans Versailles [add]
04. Kristine [add]
05. Something I Can't See [add]
06. Eggroll Rock [add]
07. Song for Her [add]
08. One Night [add]
09. No I Don't [add]
10. The Sun [add]
11. One in Versailles [add]
12. Banjo [add]

Black Vinyl Shoes (1977) 01. Boys Don't Lie [add]
02. Do You Wanna Get Lucky? [add]
03. She'll Disappear [add]
04. Tragedy [add]
05. Writing a Postcard [add]
06. Not Me [add]
07. Someone Finer [add]
08. Capital Gain [add]
09. Fatal [add]
10. Running Start [add]
11. Okay [add]
12. It Really Hurts [add]
13. Fire for Awhile [add]
14. If You'd Stay [add]
15. Nowhere So Fast [add]

Present Tense (1979) 01. Tomorrow Night [add]
02. Too Late [add]
03. Hangin' Around With You [add]
04. Your Very Eyes [add]
05. In My Arms Again [add]
06. Somebody Has What I Had [add]
07. Now and Then [add]
08. Every Girl [add]
09. I Don't Miss You [add]
10. Cruel You [add]
11. Three Times (See Me/Say It/Listen) [add]
12. I Don't Wanna Hear It [add]

Tongue Twister (1981) 01. Your Imagination [add]
02. Burned Out Love [add]
03. The Things You Do [add]
04. Only in My Sleep [add]
05. Karen [add]
06. She Satisfies [add]
07. Girls of Today [add]
08. Hopin' She's the One [add]
09. When It Hits [add]
10. Yes or No [add]
11. Found a Girl [add]
12. Hate to Run [add]

Boomerang (1982) 01. In Her Shadow [add]
02. Curiosity [add]
03. Mayday [add]
04. Too Soon [add]
05. Double Talk [add]
06. The Summer Rain [add]
07. Under the Gun [add]
08. The Tube [add]
09. What Love Means [add]
10. Bound to Be a Reason [add]
11. Shake It Away [add]
12. Tested Charms [add]

Silhouette (1984) 01. Get My Message [add]
02. Will You Spin for Me? [add]
03. When Push Comes to Shove [add]
04. Shining [add]
05. It's Only You [add]
06. Twist and Bend It [add]
07. I Wanna Give It to You [add]
08. Turnaround [add]
09. Running Wild [add]
10. Oh, Angeline [add]
11. Bound to Fade [add]
12. Suspicion [add]
13. Pieces of Glass [*] [add]
14. A New Sensation [*] [add]
15. Dormant Love [*] [add]

Stolen Wishes (1989) 01. Feel the Way That I Do [add]
02. I'll Follow You [add]
03. Love Does [add]
04. Let It Go [add]
05. Your Devotion [add]
06. I Knew You'd Be Mine [add]
07. Want You Bad [add]
08. Torn in Two [add]
09. She's Not the Same [add]
10. Untangled [add]
11. I Don't Know Why [add]
12. Inside of You [add]
13. I Can't Go Wrong [add]
14. Love Is Like a Bullet [add]
15. Never Had It Better [add]

Propeller (1994) 01. Animal Attraction [add]
02. Treading Water [add]
03. Don't Do This to Me [add]
04. The Last of You [add]
05. Slipping Through Your Fingers [add]
06. Tore a Hole [add]
07. Bittersweet [add]
08. If All I Had Was You [add]
09. In My Mind [add]
10. Silence Is Deadly [add]
11. A Thing of the Past [add]
12. Never Ending [add]

Fret Buzz [live] (1995) 01. Animal Attraction [add]
02. Mayday [add]
03. When Push Comes to Shove [add]
04. Want You Bad [add]
05. I Don't Wanna Hear It [add]
06. Turnaround [add]
07. Love Is Like a Bullet [add]
08. Your Devotion [add]
09. Feel the Way I Do [add]
10. Silence Is Deadly [add]
11. Tore a Hole [add]
12. In Harm's Way [add]

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