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Tonio K. lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Life in the Foodchain (1978) 01. Life in the Food Chain [add]
02. The Funky Western Civilization [add]
03. Willie and the Pigman [add]
04. Ballad of the Night the Clocks All Quit (And the Government Failed) [add]
05. American Love Affair [add]
06. How Come I Can't See You in My Mirror? [add]
07. Better Late Than Never [add]
08. A Lover's Plea [add]
09. H-A-T-R-E-D [add]

Amerika (1980) 01. One Big Happy Family [add]
02. Say Goodbye [add]
03. Sons of the Revolution [add]
04. Go Away [add]
05. Cinderella's Baby [add]
06. Trouble [add]
07. Girl Crazy [add]
08. I'll Buy It [add]
09. The Night Fast Rodney Went Crazy [add]
10. Merzsuite: Let Us Join Together in a Tune/Umore/Futt Futt Futt/Umore [add]

La Bomba (1982) 01. Fools Talk [add]
02. Politician [add]
03. The New Dark Ages [add]
04. La Bomba [add]
05. Mars Needs Women [add]

Romeo Unchained (1986) 01. True Confessions [add]
02. Perfect World [add]
03. Romeo and Jane [add]
04. You Belong With Me [add]
05. Impressed [add]
06. I Handle Snakes [add]
07. Emotional War Games [add]
08. Living Doll [add]
09. You Don't Belong Here [add]
10. You Will Go Free [add]

Notes from the Lost Civilization (1988) 01. Without Love [add]
02. Children's Crusade [add]
03. Stay [add]
04. City Life [add]
05. You Were There [add]
06. The Executioner's Song [add]
07. I Can't Stand It [add]
08. What Women Want [add]
09. I Can't Stop [add]
10. Where Is That Place? [add]

Ol? (1997) 01. Stop the Clock [add]
02. Time Steps Aside [add]
03. Maybe There Isn't [add]
04. Stuck [add]
05. That Could Have Been Me [add]
06. Hey Lady [add]
07. Come With Me [add]
08. I'll Remember You [add]
09. What a Way to Live [add]
10. Day and Night [add]
11. Pardon Me for Living [add]
12. We Walk On [add]

Yugoslavia (1999) 01. 16 Tons of Monkeys [add]
02. I Know a Place [add]
03. Indians and Aliens [add]
04. Murder My Heart [add]
05. Again [add]
06. I'm Hear [add]
07. Practically Invisible [add]
08. Dangerous Machine [add]
09. Nothing Mysterious [add]
10. Life's Just Hard [add]
11. Student Interviews (With the Third Richest Man in the World) [add]
12. Sure as Gravity [add]
13. Home to You [add]
14. I've Got a Song Anyway [add]

Tonio K. and 16 Tons of Monkeys Live (2001) 01. Handle Snakes [add]
02. You Don't Belong Here [add]
03. Stop the Clock [add]
04. Time Steps Aside [add]
05. The Facts Don't Matter (Just the Feel) [add]
06. Stuc [add]
07. Blind and Lucky lyrics
08. Still Not Over You [add]
09. What a Way to Live [add]
10. 16 Tons of Monkeys [add]
11. I Don't Like It [add]
12. Where's My Baby? [add]

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