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Genre: Blues
Fast Fingers (1969) 01. It Serves Me Right to Suffer [add]
02. I Wonder Why [add]
03. I'm Good for Nothing [add]
04. Triple Trebles [add]
05. I Finally Learned a Lesson [add]
06. You Got to Keep on Trying [add]
07. Night Rock [add]
08. Little Angel Child [add]
09. I Don't Know What Love Is [add]
10. Breaking Down [add]
11. Sad and Blues [#] [add]
12. Back Home Blues [#] [add]

All for Business (1971) 01. All for Business [add]
02. Cotton Country [add]
03. Moon Man [add]
04. Down So Long [add]
05. Welfare Blues [add]
06. Having Such a Hard Time [add]
07. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
08. Born in Poverty [add]
09. Jammin' With Otis [#] [add]
10. Hippies Playground [#] [add]
11. Moon Man [alternate take] [add]

Tribute to Orange (1971) 01. All for Business [add]
02. You Got to Keep on Trying [add]
03. Ain't Never Had Nothing [add]
04. Born in Poverty [add]
05. Marcelle Morgantini's Cassoulet [add]
06. Your Love [add]
07. Tribute to Orange [add]
08. Mississippi Bound [add]
09. Life Is a Mean Mistreater [add]
10. Mean Atlantic Ocean [add]
11. It Serves You Right to Suffer [add]
12. Marcelle Jacques et Luc [add]
13. Ode to Billie Joe [add]

Transatlantic 770 (1973) 01. The Things I Used to Do [add]
02. Made My Way in This World [add]
03. Think Twice Before You Speak [add]
04. 1011 Woodland [add]
05. The Mighty Hawk [add]
06. All for Business [add]
07. High Cost of Living [add]
08. Stoned Dead [add]
09. Love and Understanding [add]
10. No More Trouble [add]

Blisterstring (1977) 01. Feel So Bad [add]
02. Blue Monday [add]
03. Chitlins con Carne [add]
04. She Got the Blues Too [#] [add]
05. If You're Ready [add]
06. Blues With a Feeling [add]
07. Ode to Billie Joe [add]
08. Welfare Line [add]
09. Shufflin the Blues [#] [add]
10. Peeple Will Talk [#] [add]
11. Sea of Luv [#] [add]

Hot Wire 81 (1981) 01. You Just a Baby Child [add]
02. Ruff Times [add]
03. Welfare Line [add]
04. Kold Actions [add]
05. Roc-Kin-Sole [add]
06. Peeper's Music [add]
07. My Way [add]

Feel the Blues (1985) 01. If You Got to Love Somebody [add]
02. Highway Man Blues [add]
03. So Good to Me [add]
04. Last Days [add]
05. Feel the Blues [add]
06. Christmas Time Blues [add]
07. Have a Little Mercy [add]
08. We Got to Go [add]
09. So Good to Me [alternate take] [add]

Kant Sheck Dees Bluze (1991) 01. Ain't Got It [add]
02. Rockin D. Blues [add]
03. Made the Hard Way [add]
04. A Love Like That [add]
05. Kant Sheck Dees Bluze [add]
06. Gittar Rapp [add]
07. Too Bad Baby [add]
08. My Man Loves Me [add]
09. Get on the Ball [add]
10. Wes Cide Bluze [add]
11. Beetin Knockin Ringin [add]
12. Luv Sumbody [add]
13. Gotta Hold On [add]

Blues & Pain (1994) 01. Right to Quit You [add]
02. No Pain [add]
03. Blues and Soul [add]
04. Lonely Guitar Man [add]
05. Fool in Heah [add]
06. Gitar Jive [add]
07. Know Your Lover [add]
08. Driftin' Sand [add]
09. Down with the Blues [add]
10. Who Done It? [add]

B Phur Real (1995) 01. Two Timin' Love [add]
02. Lonesome Blues [add]
03. If It Ain't Love [add]
04. B Phur Real [add]
05. Walk With Me [add]
06. Begging Business [add]
07. You Got It, Baby [add]
08. Can't Hide My Love [add]

Blues from Iceland (1995) 01. Welfare Line [add]
02. That's Alright [add]
03. You Don't Love Me [add]
04. Feel So Bad [add]
05. Too Much Alcohol [add]
06. Tin Pan Alley [add]
07. Help Me [add]
08. One Room Country Shack [add]
09. Night Life [add]
10. Sometimes I Have a Heartache [add]

Come Back Baby [live] (1995) 01. Come Back Baby [add]
02. I Got Wise [add]
03. Big Duke's [#] [add]
04. Cross Road Blues [add]
05. J.D.'s Jam [#] [add]
06. Hard Road to Travel [add]
07. Nature Ball [#] [add]
08. Blue Shadows Falling [add]
09. Ode to Billie Joe [add]
10. Pretty Woman [#] [add]

Me, My Gitar & the Blues (1997) 01. Back to School [add]
02. You Don't Want Me [add]
03. Down Down Baby [add]
04. I'm Running [add]
05. Tuff Girl [add]
06. Me, My Guitar and the Blues [add]
07. Jimmy's Bag [add]
08. Tru Love [add]
09. Back Street Blues [add]
10. Cold as Hell [add]

West Side Guitar Hero (2002) 01. Alley Mae [add]
02. Jammin' Gitar [add]
03. Go on Baby [add]
04. I'm What U Need [add]
05. Sweet Li'l Mama [add]
06. Everybody's Jumping [add]
07. Dollar Head Woman [add]
08. Wess Cide Rock [add]
09. She Left Me [add]
10. So Wurrid [add]
11. U Made Me Luv U [add]

American Roots: Blues (2002) 01. Lonesome Blues [add]
02. Begging Business [add]
03. Can't Hide My Love [add]
04. Down, Down Baby [add]
05. Me, My Gitar and the Blues [add]
06. Cold as Hell [add]
07. Right to Quit You [add]
08. Lonely Guitar Man [add]
09. Know Your Lover [add]
10. Down with the Blues [add]

Born in Poverty (2002) 01. Off Business [Take 2] [add]
02. Mississippi Bound [add]
03. You've Got to Keep on Tryin' [add]
04. Ain't Never Had Nothing [add]
05. Born in Poverty [add]
06. Marcelle Morgantini's Cassoulet [add]
07. Your Love [add]
08. Tribute to Orange [add]
09. Off Business [#] [add]
10. Instrumental Shuffle [add]
11. Life Is a Mean Mistreater [add]
12. Mean Atlantic Ocean [add]
13. Marcelle Jacques et Luc [add]
14. It Serves You Right to Suffer [add]
15. Ode to Billie Joe [add]

Tell Me Baby (2004) 01. Tell Me Baby [add]
02. Falling Tears [add]
03. Kotten Field Jump [add]
04. Mean O' Blues [add]
05. Gitar King [add]
06. Mid Nite Boogie [add]
07. Tired of Krying [add]
08. Bring It Back [add]
09. Rumping 'N' Stomping [add]
10. Hard Life Blues [add]

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