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The Wombles lyrics
Genre: Rock
Wombling Songs (1973) 01. The Wombling Song [TV Version] [add]
02. Wombles Everywhere [add]
03. Exercise Is Good for You (Laziness Is Not) [add]
04. The Wombles' Warning [add]
05. Tobermory [add]
06. Dreaming in the Sun (Orinoco's Song) [add]
07. Madame Cholet [add]
08. Great Uncle Bulgaria's March [add]
09. Wellington Womble [add]
10. Bungo's Birthday [add]
11. Wombling Along [add]
12. The Wombling Song [Single Version] [add]

Keep On Wombling (1974) 01. Womble of the Universe [add]
02. The Orinoco Kid [add]
03. The Jungle Is Jumping [add]
04. Underground Overture [add]
05. Hall of the Mountain Womble [add]
06. Look Out for the Giant [add]
07. The Wombling Twist [add]
08. Tobermory's Music Machine [add]
09. Wipe Those Womble Tears from Your Eyes [add]
10. Invitation to the Ping-Pong Ball [add]
11. Wombling Merry Christmas [add]

Remember You're a Womble (1974) 01. Wombling Summer Party [US Version] [add]
02. Wimbledon Sunset [add]
03. The Wombling Song [Single Version] [add]
04. Remember You're a Womble [add]
05. Exercise Is Good for You (Laziness Is Not) [add]
06. Dreaming in the Sun [add]
07. Banana Rock [add]
08. Wellington Womble [add]
09. Minuetto Allegretto [add]
10. The Womble Square Dance [add]
11. The Return of Cousin Yellowstone [add]

Superwombling (1975) 01. The Womble Shuffle [add]
02. The Myths and Legends of King Merton Womble and His Journey to the ... [add]
03. Down at the Barber Shop [add]
04. The Empty Tidy-Bag Blues [add]
05. Wombling White Tie and Tails [add]
06. Superwomble [add]
07. Miss Adelaide (She's Got a Lot of Knowledge) [add]
08. Wombles on Parade [add]
09. To Wimbledon With Love [add]
10. Nashville Wombles [add]

Womble Stories (1976) 01. The MacWomble's Pipe Band [add]
02. The Snow Womble [add]
03. Tomsk and the Tired Tree [add]
04. Orinoco Runs Away [add]
05. Wellington and the Blue Balloon [add]
06. Madame Cholet's Picnic Party [add]

Wombling Free (1978) 01. The Wombling Song [Film Version] [add]
02. The Creation of the World [add]
03. Edinburgh Rock [add]
04. Introduction from Minuetto Allegretto [add]
05. Introduction to the Womble Burrow [add]
06. Wombling White Tie and Tails [Film Version] [add]
07. Under the Hills and Far Away [add]
08. Madame Cholet [Film Version] [add]
09. Mr. Roland Frogmorton's Music [add]
10. Miss Felicity Kim Frogmorton's Music [add]
11. Frogmorton's Theme [add]
12. The March of the Machines [add]
13. Exercise Is Good for You (Laziness Is Not) [Film Version] [add]
14. The Underground Garden [add]
15. Countdown and Lift off [add]
16. Womble of the Universe [Remix] [add]
17. God Save the Queen [add]

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