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Loggins & Messina lyrics
Genre: Rock
Sittin' In (1972) 01. Nobody but You [add]
02. Danny's Song [add]
03. Vahevala [add]
04. Trilogy: Lovin' Me/To Make a Woman Feel Wanted/Peace of Mind [add]
05. Back to Georgia [add]
06. House at Pooh Corner [add]
07. Listen to a Country Song [add]
08. Same Old Wine [add]
09. Rock & Roll Mood [add]

Loggins & Messina (1972) 01. Good Friend [add]
02. Whiskey [add]
03. Your Mama Don't Dance [add]
04. Long Tail Cat [add]
05. Golden Ribbons [add]
06. Thinking of You [add]
07. Just Before the News [add]
08. Till the Ends Meet [add]
09. Holiday Hotel [add]
10. Lady of My Heart [add]
11. Angry Eyes [add]

Full Sail (1973) 01. Lahaina [add]
02. Travelin' Blues [add]
03. My Music [add]
04. A Love Song [add]
05. You Need a Man/Coming to You [add]
06. Watching the River Run [add]
07. Pathway to Glory [add]
08. Didn't I Know You When lyrics
09. Sailin' the Wind [add]

On Stage [live] (1974) 01. House at Pooh Corner [add]
02. Danny's Song [add]
03. You Could Break My Heart [add]
04. Lady of My Heart [add]
05. Long Tail Cat [add]
06. Listen to a Country Song [add]
07. Holiday Hotel [add]
08. Just Before the News [add]
09. Angry Eyes [add]
10. Golden Ribbons [add]
11. Another Road lyrics
12. Vahevala [add]
13. Back to Georgia [add]
14. Trilogy: Lovin' Me/To Make a Woman Feel Wanted/Peace of Mind [add]
15. Your Mama Don't Dance [add]
16. Nobody But You [add]

Mother Lode (1974) 01. Growin' [add]
02. Be Free [add]
03. Changes [add]
04. Brighter Days [add]
05. Time to Space [add]
06. Lately My Love [add]
07. Move On [add]
08. Get a Hold [add]
09. Keep Me in Mind [add]
10. Fever Dream [add]

So Fine (1975) 01. Oh, Lonesome Me [add]
02. My Baby Left Me [add]
03. Wake Up Little Susie [add]
04. I'm Movin' On [add]
05. Hello Mary Lou [add]
06. Hey, Good Lookin' [add]
07. Splish Splash [add]
08. A Lover's Question [add]
09. You Never Can Tell [add]
10. I Like It Like That [add]
11. So Fine [add]
12. Honky Tonk, Pt. II [add]
13. Angry Eyes [*] [add]
14. I Like It Like That [*] [add]

Native Sons (1976) 01. Sweet Marie [add]
02. Pretty Princess [add]
03. My Lady, My Love [add]
04. When I Was a Child [add]
05. Wasting Our Time [add]
06. Peacemaker [add]
07. It's Alright [add]
08. Boogie Man [add]
09. Fox Fire [add]
10. Native Son [add]

Finale [live] (1977) 01. Introduction [live] [add]
02. Travelin' Blues Medley- Danny's Song [I] [add]
03. Medley: Danny's Song/A Love Song/House at Pooh Corner/Thinking of You [II] [add]
04. Keep Me in Mind [live] [add]
05. Pretty Princess [live] [add]
06. Brighter Days [live] [add]
07. Be Free [live] [add]
08. Peacemaker [live] [add]
09. Growin' [live] [add]
10. Motel Cowboy [live] [add]
11. Country Medley: Listen to a Country Song/Oh, Lonesome Me/I'm Movin' On/ [I] [add]
12. Oklahoma, Home of Mine [live] [add]
13. Changes [live] [add]
14. You Need a Man [live] [add]
15. Lately My Love [live] [add]
16. Rock & Roll Medley: My Music/Splish Splash/Boogie Man [live] [add]

Live: Sittin' in Again at Santa Barbara Bowl (2005) 01. Watching the River Run [add]
02. House at Pooh Corner [add]
03. Listen to a Country Song/Holiday Hotel [add]
04. Back to Georgia [add]
05. Trilogy: Lovin' Me/Make a Woman Feel Wanted/Peace of Mind [add]
06. Your Mama Don't Dance [add]
07. A Love Song [add]
08. Same Old Wine [add]
09. Changes [add]
10. Vahevala [add]
11. Angry Eyes [add]
12. Nobody But You [add]
13. Danny's Song [add]

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