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Charlie Daniels lyrics
Genre: Country
Charlie Daniels (1970) 01. Great Big Bunches of Love [add]
02. Little Boy Blue [add]
03. Ain't No Way [add]
04. Don't Let Your Man Find Out [add]
05. Trudy [add]
06. Long Long Way (Back Home Again in Indiana) [add]
07. Georgia [add]
08. The Pope and the Dope [add]
09. Life Goes On [add]
10. Thirty Nine Miles from Mobile [add]

John, Grease & Wolfman (1972) 01. Great Big Bunches of Love [add]
02. I'll Try Again Tomorrow [add]
03. Parchment Farm [add]
04. Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day [add]
05. Black Autumn [add]
06. In the City [add]
07. King Size Rosewood Bed [add]
08. Evil [add]
09. Billy Joe Young [add]
10. Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee [add]

Honey in the Rock (1973) 01. Funky Junky [add]
02. Big Man [add]
03. Why Can't People [add]
04. Revelations [add]
05. Uneasy Rider [add]
06. Midnight Lady [add]
07. Somebody Loves You [add]
08. No Place to Go [add]

Way Down Yonder (1974) 01. I've Been Down [add]
02. Give This Fool Another Try [add]
03. Low Down Lady [add]
04. Land of Opportunity [add]
05. Way Down Yonder [add]
06. Whiskey [add]
07. I'll Always Remember That Song [add]
08. Looking for My Mary Jane [add]

Fire on the Mountain (1975) 01. Caballo Diablo [add]
02. Long Haired Country Boy [add]
03. Trudy [add]
04. Georgia [add]
05. Feeling Free [add]
06. The South's Gonna Do It Again [add]
07. New York City, King Size Rosewood Red [add]
08. No Place to Go [add]
09. Orange Blossom Special [add]

Nightrider (1975) 01. Texas [add]
02. Willie Jones [add]
03. Franklin Limestone [add]
04. Evil [add]
05. Everything Is Kinda All Right [add]
06. Funky Junky [add]
07. Birmingham Blues [add]
08. Damn Good Cowboy [add]
09. Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day [add]

High Lonesome (1976) 01. Billy the Kid [add]
02. Carolina (I Remember You) [add]
03. High Lonesome [add]
04. Running With the Crowd [add]
05. Right Now Tennessee Blues [add]
06. Roll Mississippi [add]
07. Slow Song [add]
08. Tennessee [add]
09. Turned My Head Around lyrics

Saddle Tramp (1976) 01. Dixie on My Mind [add]
02. Saddle Tramp [add]
03. Sweet Louisiana [add]
04. Wichita Jail [add]
05. Cumberland Mountain Number Nine [add]
06. It's My Life [add]
07. Sweetwater, Texas [add]

Volunteer Jam [live] (1976) 01. Whiskey [add]
02. Birmingham Blues [add]
03. The South's Gonna Do It Again [add]
04. The Thrill Is Gone [add]
05. Sweet Mama [add]
06. Mountain Dew [add]

Volunteer Jam, Vol. 3-4 [live] (1978) 01. Sweet Louisiana [add]
02. Long Haired Country Boy [add]
03. Trudy [add]
04. Cumberland Mountain Number Nine [add]
05. The South's Gonna Do It Again [add]
06. Statesboro Blues [add]
07. Street Corner Serenade [add]
08. You and Me [add]
09. Good Hearted Woman [add]
10. Blues Medley: Funny How Time Slips Away/Crazy/Night Life [add]
11. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
12. I Sang Her Love Songs [add]
13. Can't You See [add]
14. Tennessee Waltz [add]

Million Mile Reflections (1979) 01. Passing Lane [add]
02. Blue Star [add]
03. Jitterbug [add]
04. Behind Your Eyes [add]
05. Reflections [add]
06. The Devil Went Down to Georgia [add]
07. Mississippi [add]
08. Blind Man [add]
09. Rainbow Ride [add]

Christmas Time Down South (1980) 01. Christmas Time Down South [add]
02. Hallelujah [add]
03. Little Folks [add]
04. Carolina I Hear You Calling [add]
05. My Christmas Love Song to You [add]
06. Mississippi Christmas Eve [add]
07. Jesus Is the Light of the World [add]
08. Cowboy's Christmas Gift [add]
09. Carolina (I Remember You) [add]
10. The Christmas Song [add]

Full Moon (1980) 01. The Legend of Wooley Swamp [add]
02. Carolina (I Remember You) [add]
03. Lonesome Boy from Dixie [add]
04. No Potion for the Pain [add]
05. El Toreador [add]
06. South Sea Song [add]
07. Dance, Gypsy, Dance [add]
08. Money [add]
09. In America [add]

Volunteer Jam, Vol. 6 [live] (1980) 01. Rich Kids [add]
02. New Orleans Ladies [add]
03. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down [add]
04. Same Old Story [add]
05. Funky Junky [add]
06. Amazing Grace [add]
07. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
08. Keep on Smilin' [add]
09. So Long [add]
10. Down Home Blues [add]
11. Carol [add]
12. Do the Funky Chicken [add]
13. Lady Luck [add]

Windows (1982) 01. Still in Saigon [add]
02. Ain't No Ramblers Anymore [add]
03. The Lady in Red [add]
04. We Had It All One Time [add]
05. Partyin' Gal [add]
06. Ragin' Cajun [add]
07. Makes You Want to Go Home [add]
08. Blowing Along With the Wind [add]
09. Nashville Moon [add]
10. The Universal Hand [add]

Me and the Boys (1985) 01. Me and the Boys [add]
02. Still Hurtin' Me [add]
03. Talking to the Moon [add]
04. Class of '63 [add]
05. American Farmer [add]
06. M.I.A. [add]
07. American Rock & Roll [add]
08. Ever Changing Lady [add]
09. Louisiana Fai Dodo [add]
10. Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye [add]

Powder Keg (1987) 01. Bogged Down in Love With You [add]
02. Bottom Line [add]
03. Love Pouring Out of Me [add]
04. Saturday Night U.S.A. [add]
05. Dance With Me [add]
06. Powder Keg [add]
07. What She Do to Me [add]
08. Trapped in the City [add]
09. Stay With Me [add]
10. Juanita [add]

Homesick Heroes (1988) 01. Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues [add]
02. Alligator [add]
03. Get Me Back to Dixie [add]
04. Boogie Woogie Man [add]
05. Cowboy Hat in Dallas [add]
06. Big Bad John [add]
07. Midnight Train [add]
08. Honky Tonk Avenue [add]
09. You Can't Pick Cotton [add]
10. Ill Wind [add]
11. Uneasy Rider '88 [add]

Simple Man (1989) 01. (What This World Needs Is) A Few More Rednecks [add]
02. Was It 26 [add]
03. Oh, Atlanta [add]
04. Midnight Wind [add]
05. Saturday Night Down South [add]
06. Play Me Some Fiddle [add]
07. Simple Man [add]
08. Old Rock & Roller [add]
09. Mr. D.J. [add]
10. It's My Life [add]

Renegade (1991) 01. Renegade [add]
02. Talk to Me Fiddle [add]
03. Little Folks [add]
04. Honky Tonk Life [add]
05. Layla [add]
06. The Twang Factor [add]
07. Fathers and Sons [add]
08. What My Baby Sees in Me [add]
09. Willie Jones [add]
10. Let Freedom Ring [add]

Listen Up! (1992) 01. Let It Roll [add]
02. Rainbow Ride [add]
03. Roll Mississippi [add]
04. In America [add]
05. Still in Saigon [add]
06. Carolina (I Remember You) [add]
07. Feeling Free [add]
08. The Devil Went Down to Georgia [add]
09. Running With the Crowd [add]
10. Juanita [add]

America, I Believe In You (1993) 01. All Night Long [add]
02. Troubles of My Own [add]
03. Tennessee Two Step [add]
04. The Girl Next Door [add]
05. America, I Believe in You [add]
06. Oh Juanita [add]
07. Sweet Little Country Girl [add]
08. Alley Cat [add]
09. What You Gonna Do About Me [add]
10. San Miguel [add]

The Door (1994) 01. The Business of Love [add]
02. Washed in the Blood [add]
03. Jesus Died for You [add]
04. Sunday Morning [add]
05. Protected by Prayer [add]
06. Lay It on the Line [add]
07. Praying to the Wrong God [add]
08. Two Out of Three [add]
09. End of the World [add]
10. Jerusalem Trilogy: My Chosen One [add]
11. Jerusalem Trilogy: The Birth [add]
12. Jerusalem Trilogy: Crucify Him [add]
13. Jerusalem Trilogy: Jerusalem's Shame [add]
14. Jerusalem Trilogy: Joy in the Morning [add]

Same Ol' Me (1995) 01. Same Ol' Me [add]
02. Little Joe and Big Bill [add]
03. Take Me to the Wild Side [add]
04. My Baby Plays Me Just Like a Fiddle [add]
05. Gone for Real [add]
06. Sure Beats Pickin' Cotton [add]
07. Guilty [add]
08. Fais Do Do [add]
09. Bad Blood [add]
10. Hit the Ground Runnin' [add]

Steel Witness (1996) 01. It's Happening Now [add]
02. New Pharisees [add]
03. Somebody Was Prayin' for Me [add]
04. Payback Time lyrics
05. He's Not Here [add]
06. Whose Side Are You On [add]
07. Tribulation [add]
08. Jesus [add]
09. Heart of My Heart [add]
10. A Day in the Life [add]

Volunteer Jam VII [live] (1997) 01. Sweet Home Alabama [add]
02. Shakey Ground [add]
03. Falling in Love for the Night [add]
04. Marie Lavaux [add]
05. (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher [add]
06. Mississippi Queen [add]
07. Around and Around [add]
08. A Change Is Gonna Come [add]
09. Can't You See [add]

By the Light of the Moon: Campfire Songs & Cowboy Tunes (1997) 01. Git Along, Little Dogies [add]
02. Cowboy Logic [add]
03. I'm an Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande) [add]
04. Old Chisholm Trail [add]
05. Sixteen Tons [add]
06. Back in the Saddle Again [add]
07. John Henry [add]
08. Top Hand [add]
09. Saturday Night in Abilene [add]
10. Yippie Ki Yea [add]

Blues Hat (1997) 01. Long Haired Country Boy [add]
02. Boogie Woogie Baltimore [add]
03. If It Would Satisfy You [add]
04. Hard Headed Woman [add]
05. New Orleans Parish Blues [add]
06. Birmingham Blues [add]
07. No Fool Like an Old Fool [add]
08. Blues Hat [add]
09. Deep Elm Blues [add]
10. Looking for My Mary Jane [add]
11. Gone, Gone Blues [add]

Tailgate Party (1999) 01. The South's Gonna Do It [add]
02. Pride and Joy [add]
03. Can't You See [add]
04. Let Her Cry [add]
05. Homesick [add]
06. Keep Your Hands to Yourself [add]
07. Statesboro Blues [add]
08. Peach County Jamboree [add]
09. Sharp Dressed Man [add]
10. Free Bird [add]
11. The Legend of Wooley Swamp [live] [add]
12. El Toreador [live] [add]
13. The Devil Went Down to Georgia [live] [add]

Road Dogs (2000) 01. Road Dogs [add]
02. Ain't No Law in California [add]
03. Even up the Score [add]
04. Across the Line [add]
05. The Martyr [add]
06. How Much I Love You [add]
07. Wild Wild Young Men [add]
08. Sidewinder [add]
09. Standing in the Rain [add]
10. It's About Time [add]
11. Sail Away [add]

How Sweet the Sound: 25 Favorite Hymns and Gospel Greats (2001) 01. Amazing Grace [add]
02. Precious Lord, Take My Hand [add]
03. In the Garden [add]
04. Softly and Tenderly [add]
05. Abide with Me [add]
06. I Saw the Light [add]
07. Just a Closer Walk With Thee [add]
08. Just a Little Talk With Jesus [add]
09. Swing Down, Chariot [add]
10. Nothing But the Blood [add]
11. I'll Fly Away [add]
12. How Great Thou Art [add]
13. Somebody Was Prayin' for Me [add]
14. They Tell Me of a Home [add]
15. Are You Washed in the Blood? [add]
16. The Old Rugged Cross [add]
17. What a Friend We Have in Jesus [add]
18. Blessed Assurance [add]
19. Peace in the Valley [add]
20. In the Sweet By and By [add]
21. I Am Thine O Lord [add]
22. Come Unto Me [add]
23. Kneel at the Cross [add]
24. Life's Railway to Heaven [add]
25. There Is Power in the Blood [add]

The Live Record (2001) 01. Intro [add]
02. Road Dogs [add]
03. Caballo Diablo [add]
04. The Legend of Wooley Swamp [add]
05. Simple Man [add]
06. Sidewinder [add]
07. Trudy [add]
08. Still in Saigon [add]
09. In America [add]
10. Take the Highway [add]
11. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed [add]
12. Freebird [add]
13. The South's Gonna Do It (Again) [add]
14. Long Haired Country Boy [add]
15. Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye [add]
16. The Devil Went Down to Georgia [add]

Redneck Fiddlin' Man (2002) 01. Rock This Joint [add]
02. Waco [add]
03. Little Joe and Big Bill [add]
04. The Last Fallen Hero [add]
05. Southern Boy [add]
06. High Speed Heroes [add]
07. Fais Do Do [add]
08. Muddy Mississippi [add]
09. Redneck Fiddlin' Man [add]
10. Crosstown Traffic [instrumental] [add]
11. My Baby Plays Me Just Like a Fiddle [add]
12. The Star Spangled Banner [instrumental] [add]

Merry Christmas to All (2002) 01. I'll Be Home for Christmas [add]
02. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [add]
03. The Christmas Song [add]
04. O Little Town of Bethlehem [add]
05. Jesus Is the Light of the World [add]
06. Blue Christmas [add]
07. God Bless the Mother [add]
08. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [add]
09. Frosty the Snowman [add]
10. What Child Is This? [add]
11. White Christmas [add]
12. It's Bad to Have the Blues (At Christmas Time) [add]

Freedom and Justice for All (2003) 01. My Beautiful America (Recitation) [add]
02. In America [add]
03. Summer of '68 [add]
04. Let Freedom Ring [add]
05. The Last Fallen Hero [add]
06. Freedom and Justice for All [add]
07. American Farmer [add]
08. God Bless the Mother [add]
09. Simple Man [add]
10. Still in Saigon [add]
11. This Ain't No Rag, It's a Flag [add]
12. (What This World Needs Is) A Few More Rednecks [add]
13. America, I Believe in You [add]
14. Star Spangled Banner [instrumental] [add]

Songs from the Longleaf Pines (2005) 01. Walking in Jerusalem (Just Like John) [add]
02. Preachin', Prayin', Singin' [add]
03. I've Found a Hiding Place [add]
04. I'm Working on a Building [add]
05. The 91st Psalm [Recitation] [add]
06. Keep On the Sunny Side [add]
07. Softly and Tenderly [add]
08. The Old Account [add]
09. I'll Fly Away [instrumental] [add]
10. How Great Thou Art [add]
11. The 23rd Psalm [Recitation] [add]
12. What Would You Give (In Exchange for Your Soul) [add]
13. The Old Crossroads [add]

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