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Andrew Gold lyrics
Genre: Rock
Andrew Gold (1975) 01. That's Why I Love You [add]
02. Heartaches in Heartaches [add]
03. Love Hurts [add]
04. A Note from You [add]
05. Resting in Your Arms [add]
06. I'm a Gambler [add]
07. Endless Flight [add]
08. Hang My Picture Straight [add]
09. Ten Years Behind Me [add]
10. I'm Coming Home [add]

What's Wrong With This Picture? (1976) 01. Hope You Feel Good [add]
02. Passing Thing [add]
03. Do Wah Diddy Diddy [add]
04. Learning the Game [add]
05. Angel Woman [add]
06. Must Be Crazy [add]
07. Lonely Boy lyrics
08. Firefly [add]
09. Stay [add]
10. Go Back Home Again [add]
11. One of Them Is Me [add]

All This & Heaven Too (1978) 01. How Can This Be Love [add]
02. Oh Urania (Take Me Away) [add]
03. Still You Linger On [add]
04. Never Let Her Slip Away lyrics
05. Always for You [add]
06. Thank You for Being a Friend [add]
07. Looking for My Love [add]
08. Genevieve [add]
09. I'm On My Way [add]
10. You're Free [add]

Whirlwind (1980) 01. Kiss This One Goodbye [add]
02. Sooner or Later [add]
03. Leave Her Alone [add]
04. Little Company [add]
05. Brand New Face [add]
06. Whirlwind [add]
07. Nine to Five [add]
08. Stranded on the Edge [add]
09. Make Up Your Mind [add]

Halloween Howls (1996) 01. It Must Be Halloween [add]
02. The Monster Mash [add]
03. Spooky Scary Skeletons [add]
04. Trick or Treat [add]
05. The Addams Family [add]
06. Ghostbusters [add]
07. Gimme a Smile (The Pumpkin Song) [add]
08. Don't Scream (It's Only Halloween) [add]
09. The Creature from the TVB [add]
10. Halloween Party [add]
11. Witches, Witches, Witches [add]
12. In Our Huanted House [add]

Spence Manor Suite (2000) 01. Never Hold a Candle to Love [add]
02. Love Made Me Do It [add]
03. Sorry to Let You Down [add]
04. Over My Head [add]
05. Forever, I Do [add]
06. Making up Again [add]
07. Hypothetically [add]
08. Wind Beneath My Tyres [add]
09. That's How I'll Remember You [add]
10. The Hurtin' Kind [add]
11. Katie [add]
12. Angels [add]
13. Can't Help Forgiving You [add]
14. Nowhere Now [add]
15. Are You Out There? [add]

Intermission (2002) 01. Ain't It Just [add]
02. Big Fat Daddy [add]
03. The Night Show [add]
04. Crawl into the Light (9/11) [add]
05. Highwire [add]
06. Driven to Extremes [add]
07. Hannah [add]
08. I Think I Love You [add]
09. Sure Got Quiet in Here [add]
10. Don't Talk About Forever [add]
11. Good Luck [add]
12. Drama Queen [add]
13. It Happened to Me [add]
14. A Little Mercy [add]

Wax Bikini (2003) 01. Intro [add]
02. Rock My World [add]
03. Lazy Bones [add]
04. Ha Ha Went the Clown [add]
05. All Aboard [add]
06. The Lie [add]
07. Ginger's Bakery [add]
08. Welcome to the Neighborhood [add]
09. Time on His Hands [add]
10. Slow Down Live [add]
11. Bug on the Cote d'Azur [add]
12. Dirty Love [add]
13. 13/4 Thing [add]
14. Francesca Macgregor [add]
15. People All Over This World [add]
16. A Single Kiss [add]
17. Chinese Backwards Music [add]
18. Superman [add]
19. You Found Out [add]
20. Billard Theme [add]
21. Coffee Break [add]
22. The Shadows Know [add]
23. On the Waterfront [add]
24. Take My Breath Away Please [add]
25. The Last Time I Fell in Love [add]
26. Somebody's Waiting [add]
27. The Sixties [add]
28. Bridge to Your Heart Demo [add]
29. East Meets West/Laundromat [add]
30. Francesca's Magnetic Moon [add]
31. Lone Soldier [add]

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