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Norman Foote lyrics
Genre: Rock
Foote Prints (1991) 01. I'm a Book [add]
02. Raining Cats and Dogs [add]
03. Nursery Mudley [add]
04. Living in a Pumpkin Shell [add]
05. Hey Dum Diddle Dum [add]
06. His Majesty, the Baby [add]
07. Dinosaur and the Progress of Man lyrics
08. If at First [add]
09. Fancy Dinner [add]
10. Little Armadillos [add]
11. Johnny Cut Grandpa's Wood [add]
12. Fascination Cafe [add]
13. The Eggplant That Are Chicago [add]
14. Anything Cna Happen [add]
15. Ahh Song Sing-Along [add]

If the Shoe Fits... (1992) 01. All the People [add]
02. Zachary Zach [add]
03. Nursery Session [add]
04. The Man Who Ran Away With the Moon [add]
05. Puffy Clouds [add]
06. Gordie, the Miserable Seagull [add]
07. We're Almost There [add]
08. Straighten up and Fly Right [add]
09. Grandfather Clock [add]
10. Love Is a Little Word [add]
11. Ukelele O [add]
12. A Kid and a Goat [add]
13. Who Could Possibly Ask for More? [add]
14. It's Been a Big Day [add]

Shake a Leg (1995) 01. Shake a Leg [add]
02. Oodles of Doodles [add]
03. Wonderful Pals [add]
04. Smelly Feet [add]
05. Yard Sale [add]
06. The Bear & The Mountain [add]
07. Eye Spy [add]
08. Bird Tales [add]
09. Brand New Shoes [add]
10. Able the Table [add]
11. My Neighbour's Dog [add]
12. Take Us on the Rides [add]

Pictures On The Fridge (1997) 01. Everybody Pitchin In [add]
02. Spider Dan [add]
03. Magic Penny [add]
04. Skip a Rock [add]
05. Mr. Wind [add]
06. Singing Policeman [add]
07. Get Up [add]
08. Sister My Brother [add]
09. Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear [add]
10. Safest Dog [add]
11. Pictures on the Fridge [add]
12. Bye Bye Black Bird [add]
13. Goodnight [add]

1000 Pennies (2001) 01. Loose Tooth [add]
02. Snuggle Up [add]
03. Graduation Day [add]
04. Thousand Pennies [add]
05. Let's Sing a Song [add]
06. Think of Something Good [add]
07. When I Grow Up [add]
08. Down in Manitoba [add]
09. Deeper Than the Deep Blue [add]
10. Circus Boy [add]
11. Pick It on Up [add]
12. Lost Umbrellas & Odd Socks [add]
13. Where the Blackberries Grow [add]

Domestic Rendez-vous (2005) 01. Shaky Little Town [add]
02. Missed My Flight [add]
03. Domestic Rendez-Vous [add]
04. Fellow Man [add]
05. You're Not the Only One [add]
06. Hold on To [add]
07. Interlude [add]
08. Didn't Need to Know That [add]
09. Night Flyer [add]
10. When Rock 'N Roll Was Young [add]
11. Used to Be a Dancer [add]
12. Soccer Dad [add]

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