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Powerman 5000 lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Blood Splat Rating System (1995) 01. Public Menace, Freak, Human Fly [add]
02. Neckbone lyrics
03. Car Crash lyrics
04. Earth Vs. Me [add]
05. A Swim With the Sharks [add]
06. Tokyo Vigilante #1 [add]
07. Organizized lyrics
08. Boredwitcha [add]
09. Standing 8 lyrics
10. Even Superman Shot Himself lyrics

Mega!! Kung Fu Radio (1997) 01. Public Menace, Freak, Human Fly [add]
02. Organizized lyrics
03. Neckbone lyrics
04. Car Crash lyrics
05. Earth Vs. Me [add]
06. A Swim with the Sharks [add]
07. 20 Miles to Texas, 25 to Hell [add]
08. Mega!! King Fu Radio [add]
09. Tokyo Vigilante #1 [add]
10. Boredwitcha [add]
11. Standing 8 lyrics
12. Even Superman Shot Himself lyrics

True Force (1997) 01. Strike the Match [add]
02. Organizized lyrics
03. Hell Burns With Fire [add]
04. What If [add]
05. My Tongue Is My Life [add]
06. End [add]
07. Eye Out [add]

Tonight the Stars Revolt! (1999) 01. An Eye Is upon You [add]
02. Super Nova Goes Pop [add]
03. When Worlds Collide lyrics
04. Nobody's Real lyrics
05. System 11:11 [add]
06. Tonight the Stars Revolt! [add]
07. Automatic lyrics
08. The Son of X-51 [add]
09. Operate, Annihilate [add]
10. Blast off to Nowhere [add]
11. They Know Who You Are lyrics
12. Good Times Roll lyrics
13. Watch the Sky for Me [add]

Anyone for Doomsday? (2001) 01. Disease of Machinery [add]
02. Danger Is Go! [add]
03. Bombshell [add]
04. The Meaning of Life [add]
05. Tomorrow Is Yesterday [add]
06. The End of Everything [add]
07. What the World Does [add]
08. I'll Try [add]
09. The One and Only [add]
10. Wake Up [add]
11. Rise/Alt. Mix [add]
12. Megatronic [add]
13. The Future That Never Was [add]

Transform (2003) 01. Assess the Mess [add]
02. Theme to a Fake Revolution [add]
03. Free [add]
04. Action [add]
05. That's Entertainment [add]
06. A Is for Apathy [add]
07. Transform [add]
08. Top of the World [add]
09. Song About Nuthin' [add]
10. Stereotype [add]
11. I Knew It [add]
12. Hey, That's Right! [add]
13. The Shape of Things to Come [add]

Destroy What You Enjoy (2006) 01. Construction of the Masses, Pt.1 [add]
02. Destroy What You Enjoy [add]
03. Return to the City of the Dead [add]
04. Wild World [add]
05. Enemies [add]
06. Murder [add]
07. Now That's Rock 'N Roll [add]
08. All My Friends Are Ghosts [add]
09. Walking Disaster [add]
10. Who Do You Think You Are? [add]
11. Construction of the Masses, Pt.2 [add]
12. Miss America [add]
13. Heroes and Villains [live] [add]

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