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Kramer lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
The Guilt Trip (1992) 01. Overture [add]
02. Stupid Summer [add]
03. Got What I Deserved [add]
04. Wish I Were in Heaven [add]
05. Not Guilty [add]
06. Wisdom Sits [add]
07. Stubb's Hallucination [add]
08. The Drowning Heart [add]
09. Welcome Home [add]
10. Swallow Up Jonah [add]
11. Hello Music [add]
12. The Murder of God [add]
13. You Don't Know [add]
14. The Wall of Sleep [add]
15. The Guilt Trip [add]
16. Wait for the Hate [add]
17. Natasha Disappears [add]
18. Big of You [add]
19. My Friend Daniel [add]
20. The Maximus Poems [add]
21. The Seven Seizures [add]
22. Thank You Music [add]
23. Kathleen I'm Sorry [add]
24. God Will See You [add]
25. I'm Your Fan [add]
26. The Bosom Friend [add]
27. I Love You [add]
28. Next Time Try Compassion [add]
29. Charlotte's Brain [add]
30. Mudd Hutt Four [add]
31. The Well Hung Jury [add]
32. Won't Get Far Without Me [add]
33. Ball Five [add]
34. She Won't Let Go [add]
35. I've Seen the End [add]
36. Coda [add]

The Secret of Comedy (1994) 01. Nine Minus Seven Is Two [add]
02. The Secret of Suicide [add]
03. Midnight [add]
04. Strings [add]
05. The Secret of Philosophy [add]
06. I Can Watch [add]
07. Who Are You Today? [add]
08. My Rock 'n Roll [add]
09. The Secret of the Band [add]
10. Sounds Like? [add]
11. Wishing Well [add]
12. Second Coda [add]

Still Alive in '95 (Live in Japan) (1996) 01. Still Alive [add]
02. In Dreams [add]
03. Wicked Game [add]
04. Nine Minus Seven Is Two [add]
05. The Secret of Suicide [add]
06. Stupid Summer [add]
07. Hello Music [add]
08. Welcome Home [add]
09. I'm Your Fan [add]
10. One So Black [add]
11. Jealous Guy [add]
12. I've Seen the End [add]
13. Tracks of My Tears [add]
14. You Don't Know [add]
15. Too Much Sleep [add]
16. The Big Sell-Out [add]

Let Me Explain Something to You About Art (1998) 01. Umberto D. [add]
02. Odds Against Tomorrow [add]
03. Jupiter and the Infinite [add]

Songs from the Pink Death (1998) 01. The Funny Scene [add]
02. Buddy Holly Will Never Die [add]
03. The Opium Wars Have Long Ceased [add]
04. Don't Come Around [add]
05. The Parasite Song [add]
06. The Pink Death Song of Love [add]
07. It Never Stops Being Absurd [add]
08. Eddie Called Back on the Carphone [add]
09. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away [add]
10. The Hot Dog Song [add]
11. It's Alright If She Don't Love You Right [add]

The Greenberg Variations (2003) 01. The Curve Ball [add]
02. The Emery Ball [add]
03. The Spit Ball (The Dewdrop, The Spitter) [add]
04. The Goo Ball (The Tar Ball) [add]
05. The Screw Ball [add]
06. The Knuckleball [add]
07. The Ephus Ball (The Folly Floater, La Lob) [add]
08. The Sinker Ball [add]
09. The Slider (The Grease Ball) [add]
10. The Splitter [add]
11. The Fast Ball (The Bullet) [add]
12. The Change Up [add]
13. The Slow Ball [add]
14. The Breaking Ball [add]
15. The Bean Ball (The Duster, A Little Chin Music) [add]
16. The Strike Out [add]

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