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The Hafler Trio lyrics
Genre: New Age
Bang! An Open Letter (1984) 01. Suppressed Noise [add]
02. Inherent Aggression [add]
03. All Largely Propaganda [add]
04. Sound and Color Analogy [add]
05. Acoustic Lens Facsimile [add]
06. "BANG!" [add]
07. The Morality of Sound [add]
08. The Location of Detached Sounds [add]
09. Psychophon Installation Test Tape [add]
10. Location Screening Exercise [add]
11. The Limitations of Silence [add]
12. Echoes in the Body [add]
13. "Robolised" Atomium Dawn Chorus [add]
14. A Demonstration of the Non-Medical Use of Microphones [add]
15. Owl Ionisation Recording [1968] [add]
16. Extract from 'Hotondo Kirk Torenai' #1 [add]
17. "Controller of the Instrument" #1 [add]
18. Grey Voices [add]
19. Extracts from 'Hotondo Kirk Torenai' #2 [add]
20. The Hafler Trio Demonstration Cassette [add]
21. "Reasoning Noise" [add]
22. "Controller of the Instrument" #2 [add]
23. The Inner Church [add]
24. Lexington '59 [add]

A Thirsty Fish (1987) 01. A Thirsty Fish [add]
02. The Dirty Fire [add]
03. A Loud Egg [add]
04. The Blind Table [add]
05. A Hungry Stone [add]
06. The Closed Bread [add]
07. An Elderly Testament [add]

The Hafler Trio Play the Hafler Trio (1991) 01. "Sheet" Level Approach [add]
02. Ben, Ruach, AB, Shaloshethem Yechad Thaubodo [add]
03. Assent [add]
04. Mesne (Kyss) [add]
05. Of the Building of Forms by Vibrations [add]
06. Before 3 [add]
07. The Detachment of Locational Sounds [add]
08. Metanoia [add]
09. Up Like the Sun and Down Like a Pancake [add]
10. Extract from Exercises in Conjunction With the Emotion Responses ... [add]
11. The Same Room, Left [add]

Mastery of Money (1992) 01. Bull Baiting [add]
02. Empty Rooms and Their Occupants [add]
03. Splitting the Stick [add]
04. The Vowel Flame [add]
05. Callibre [add]
06. Sec Check [add]
07. Eloise C [add]

How to Reform Mankind (1993) 01. The Brain Sneezing [add]
02. I Remain [add]
03. The Emasculation of Contempt [add]
04. All Done With Mirrors [add]
05. Pregnant Film [add]
06. Alexis St. Martin [add]
07. Total Instant Relief [add]

One Dozen Economical Stories (1994) 01. Some High Flying Toxic Luck, on the Earth Possibly [add]
02. By Eager Discarded Mention, Such Distance [add]
03. A On a [add]
04. Stolen Track Found in Search of the Path [add]
05. From a Cause, the Supply [add]
06. Like Watching Winter/Long the Abuse of Night [add]
07. After the Dark, Shadow Never Again [add]
08. Who Approach Only Through Anxieties. Absolutely Pouring the Afternoon [add]
09. Buildings [add]
10. Film to the Body, Later [add]
11. The Seventh Door into the Site [add]
12. Be in Damp Mould, Up [add]
13. First Enough and Ceased Finally to Comfort [add]

All That Rises Must Converge (1995) 01. An Introduction to Go [add]
02. Of the Building of Forms by Vibrations [add]
03. The Howney Stone [add]
04. A Luna Kanula [#] [add]
05. Blanket Level Approach #3 [add]
06. Captation #7 -- 'transilient Membranes' [add]
07. Buggy Whip Flings [add]
08. Captation #9 -- 'sarek?be' [add]
09. Strata Definition Test #10 [add]
10. Myriologue #2 - 'Calenture' [#] [add]
11. Myriologue #3 - 'Quonking' [#] [add]
12. Mzvlne [add]

Four Ways of Saying Five (1995) 01. Three Ways of Saying Two [add]
02. The Butcher's Block [add]

Intoutof (1995) 01. Initiation/Ascent/Purgatory No. 1/Remorse [add]
02. Purgatory No. 2/Work/Descent/Consectration [add]

Seven Hours Sleep (1995) 01. One Hour [add]
02. Two Hours [add]
03. Three Hours [add]
04. Four Hours [add]
05. Five Hours [add]
06. Six Hours [add]
07. Seven Hours [add]

Exactly as I Do (2005) 01. Asia [add]
02. Shaktipat [add]

3 Eggs (2006) 01. False Soap [add]
02. Sticky Tin [add]
03. Bloody Two Wrists [add]
04. Going to Work [add]
05. Eggs Benedict [add]
06. Of Feminine Proportions [add]
07. Exclusivity on an Aquatic Theme [add]

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