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The Golden Palominos lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Golden Palominos (1983) 01. Clean Plate [add]
02. Hot Seat [add]
03. Under the Cap [add]
04. Monday Night [add]
05. Cookout [add]
06. I.D. [add]
07. Two Sided Fist [add]

Visions of Excess (1985) 01. Boy [Go] [add]
02. Clustering Train [add]
03. Omaha [add]
04. The Animal Speaks [add]
05. Silver Bullet [add]
06. (Kind Of) True [add]
07. Buenos Aires [add]
08. Only One Party [add]

Blast of Silence (1986) 01. I've Been the One [add]
02. Something Becomes Nothing [add]
03. The Push and the Shove [add]
04. (Something Else Is) Working Harder [add]
05. Angels [add]
06. Diamond [add]
07. Faithless Heart [add]
08. Work Was New [add]
09. Strong, Simple Silences [add]
10. Brides of Jesus [add]

A Dead Horse (1989) 01. Wild River [add]
02. Shattered Image [add]
03. Angel of Death [add]
04. Lucky [add]
05. Darklands [add]
06. A Letter Back [add]
07. Over [add]

Drunk With Passion (1991) 01. Alive and Living Now [add]
02. The Haunting [add]
03. When the Kingdom Calls [add]
04. A Sigh [add]
05. Thunder Cries [add]
06. Hands of Heaven [add]
07. Dying from the Inside Out [add]
08. Begin to Return [add]

This Is How It Feels (1993) 01. Sleepwalk [add]
02. Prison of the Rhythm [add]
03. I'm Not Sorry [add]
04. This Is How It Feels [add]
05. To a Stranger [add]
06. The Wonder [add]
07. Breakdown [add]
08. These Days [add]
09. Rain Holds [add]
10. Twist the Knife [add]
11. Bird Flying [add]
12. A Divine Kiss [add]

Pure (1994) 01. Little Suicides [add]
02. Heaven [add]
03. Anything [add]
04. Wings [add]
05. Pure [add]
06. No Skin [add]
07. Gun [add]
08. Break in the Road [add]
09. Touch You [add]

No Thought, No Breath, No Eyes, No Heart (1995) 01. Heaven (You Have to Be in Hell to See Heaven) [add]
02. No Skin (Tempting Fate) [Remix] [add]
03. Gun/Little Suicides (Brown Stain Walls, Red Jelly Corners) [Remix] [add]
04. No Skin (Cold Spells) [Remix] [add]
05. No Skin (Aural Circumcision) [Remix] [add]
06. No Skin (Funky Hornsey) [Remix] [add]

Dead Inside (1996) 01. Victim [add]
02. Belfast [add]
03. Ride [add]
04. The Ambitions Are [add]
05. Drown [add]
06. Holy [add]
07. You Are Never Ready [add]
08. Metal Eye [add]
09. Thirst [add]
10. Curses [add]

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