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Maria McKee lyrics
Genre: Rock
Maria McKee (1989) 01. I've Forgotten What It Was in You (That Put the Need in Me) [add]
02. To Miss Someone [add]
03. Am I the Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way?) [add]
04. Nobody's Child [add]
05. Panic Beach [add]
06. Can't Pull the Wool Down (Over the Little Lamb's Eyes) [add]
07. More Than a Heart Can Hold [add]
08. This Property Is Condemned [add]
09. Breathe [add]
10. Has He Got a Friend for Me? [add]
11. Drinkin' in My Sunday Dress [add]

You Gotta Sin to Get Saved (1993) 01. I'm Gonna Soothe You lyrics
02. My Lonely Sad Eyes [add]
03. My Girlhood Among the Outlaws [add]
04. Only Once [add]
05. I Forgive You [add]
06. I Can't Make It Alone [add]
07. Precious Time [add]
08. The Way Young Lovers Do [add]
09. Why Wasn't I More Grateful (When Life Was Sweet) [add]
10. You Gotta Sin to Get Saved [add]

Life Is Sweet (1996) 01. Scarlover [add]
02. This Perfect Dress [add]
03. Absolutely Barking Stars [add]
04. I'm Not Listening [add]
05. Everybody [add]
06. Smarter [add]
07. What Else You Wanna Know [add]
08. I'm Awake [add]
09. Human [add]
10. Carried [add]
11. Life Is Sweet [add]
12. Afterlife [add]

High Dive (2003) 01. To the Open Spaces [add]
02. Life Is Sweet [add]
03. After Life [add]
04. Be My Joy [add]
05. High Dive [add]
06. My Friend Foe [add]
07. In Your Constellation [add]
08. Love Doesn't Love [add]
09. We Pair Off [add]
10. No Gala [add]
11. Non Religious Building [add]
12. Something Similar [add]
13. From Our T.V. Teens to the Tomb [add]
14. Worry Birds [add]

Live in Hamburg (2004) 01. This Perfect Dress [add]
02. Scarlover [add]
03. High Dive [add]
04. T.V. Teens [add]
05. Be My Joy [add]
06. I'm Awake [add]
07. Absolutely Barking Stars [add]
08. Breathe [add]
09. Something Similar [add]
10. Life Is Sweet [add]

Peddlin' Dreams (2005) 01. Season of the Fair [add]
02. Sullen Soul [add]
03. Turn Away [add]
04. Peddlin' Dreams [add]
05. My One True Love [add]
06. People in the Way [add]
07. The Horse Life [add]
08. Drowned and Died [add]
09. Appalachian Boy [add]
10. Everyone's Got a Story [add]
11. Barstool Blues [add]
12. (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am [add]

Live Acoustic Tour 2006 (2006) 01. The This World Is Not My Home [add]
02. Peddlin' Dreams [add]
03. Shelter [add]
04. High Dive [add]
05. Orange Skies [add]
06. Breathe [add]
07. In the Long Run [add]
08. Don't Toss Us Away [add]
09. Belfry [add]
10. A Good Heart [add]
11. Sullen Soul [add]
12. Blessed Salvation [add]
13. Has He Got a Friend for Me [add]
14. Backstreets [add]

Late December (2007) 01. Late December [add]
02. No Other Way to Love You [add]
03. A Good Heart [add]
04. Power On, Little Star [add]
05. Too Many Heroes [add]
06. Destine [add]
07. My First Night Without You [add]
08. Scene of the Affair [add]
09. Cat in the Wall [add]
10. One Eye on the Sky (One in the Grave) [add]
11. Bannow [add]
12. Starving Pretty [add]

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