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Hothouse Flowers lyrics
Genre: Rock
People (1988) 01. I'm Sorry [add]
02. Don't Go [add]
03. Forgiven [add]
04. It'll Be Easier in the Morning [add]
05. Hallelujah Jordan [add]
06. If You Go [add]
07. The Older We Get [add]
08. Yes I Was [add]
09. Love Don't Work This Way [add]
10. Ballad of Katie [add]
11. Feet on the Ground [add]

Home (1990) 01. Hardstone City [add]
02. Give It Up [add]
03. Christ Church Bells [add]
04. Sweet Marie [add]
05. Giving It All Away [add]
06. Shut Up and Listen [add]
07. I Can See Clearly Now [add]
08. Movies [add]
09. Eyes Wide Open [add]
10. Water [add]
11. Home [add]
12. Trying to Get Through [add]
13. Dance to the Storm [add]
14. Seoladh Na Ngamhna [add]

Songs from the Rain (1993) 01. This Is It (Your Soul) [add]
02. One Tongue [add]
03. An Emotional Time [add]
04. Be Good [add]
05. Good for You [add]
06. Isn't It Amazing [add]
07. Thing of Beauty [add]
08. Your Nature [add]
09. Spirit of the Land [add]
10. Gypsy Fair [add]
11. Stand Beside Me [add]

Born (1998) 01. You Can Love Me Now lyrics
02. Turn up the Reverb [add]
03. Forever More [add]
04. Born [add]
05. Pop Song [add]
06. Used to Call It Love [add]
07. At Last [add]
08. Find the Time [add]
09. I Believe [add]
10. Learning to Walk [add]

Live (1999) 01. This Is It (Your Soul) [add]
02. Hallelujah Jordan [add]
03. An Emotional Time [add]
04. At Last [add]
05. Pop Song [add]
06. Everlasting [add]
07. Forever More [add]
08. Be Good [add]
09. You Can Love Me Now lyrics
10. Leave Your Troubles Behind [add]
11. Don't Go [add]

Into Your Heart (2004) 01. Your Love Goes On [add]
02. The End of the Road [add]
03. Hallelujah [add]
04. Tell Me [add]
05. Better Man [add]
06. Peace Tonight [add]
07. Santa Monica [add]
08. Feel Like Living [add]
09. Baby I Got You [add]
10. Alright [add]
11. Magic Bracelets [add]
12. Out of Nowhere [add]
13. S? Do Mham? ? [live] [add]

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