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The Heavy Blinkers lyrics
Genre: Rock
Hooray For Everything (1998) 01. Intro to... [add]
02. Deliriously Happy [add]
03. Something Clean and True [add]
04. Fishes [add]
05. Smile and Show Your Teeth [add]
06. Chloe's Christmas [add]
07. Dumb Angel [add]
08. All Choked Up [add]
09. Canary-Five [add]
10. End of Summer (Sweet) [add]
11. Three Sleeps [add]
12. Wild Blueberry Eyes [add]

Heavy Blinkers (2000) 01. All That's Left Are Waves lyrics
02. Easy Living lyrics
03. Dressing Down lyrics
04. He's Not a Bum lyrics
05. You Can Heal lyrics
06. Pennycandy on the Brain lyrics
07. Say There Honey lyrics
08. Happy Birthday Baby lyrics
09. From the Barnyard lyrics
10. Instruments of Love lyrics
11. Ten Little Firefighters lyrics
12. Rise and Glide lyrics
13. Crowned Miss Fire Prevention lyrics
14. Chaplin's Christmas lyrics
15. Boxing Day Blues lyrics
16. Hey! Hey! You! lyrics
17. Summer Won't Ask You Twice lyrics
18. Beacon in the Sun lyrics
19. The Inchworm lyrics
20. Marmalade lyrics
21. Free Hawaii lyrics

Better Weather (2002) 01. It's Finally Done [add]
02. Baby Smile [add]
03. Far as You Are [add]
04. Heartstrings [add]
05. Long as I Am Able [add]
06. Malm? lyrics
07. Lazy in Love [add]
08. Didn't Even Have Time to Dream It [add]
09. I Used to Be a Design [add]
10. Broken Wave [add]
11. Helicopter Blues [add]
12. Weight That Can't Be Carried [add]
13. It's Finally Done [add]

The Night and I Are Still So Young (2004) 01. Filtered Light [add]
02. In the Morning [add]
03. Mother Dear [add]
04. Try Telling That to My Baby [add]
05. Gentle Strength [add]
06. The Night and I Are Still So Young [add]
07. He Heard His Song [add]
08. Silver Crown [add]
09. Veranda Celeste [add]
10. Fall on My Sword [add]
11. Unseasonably Sad [add]
12. Don't Get Me Wrong [add]

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