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Freedy Johnston lyrics
Genre: Rock
Trouble Tree (1990) 01. Innocent [add]
02. Down on the Moon #1 [add]
03. No Violins [add]
04. That's What You Get [add]
05. Fun Ride [add]
06. Gina [add]
07. Nature Boy [add]
08. Bad Girl [add]
09. After My Shocks [add]
10. Tucumcari [add]
11. Down on the Moon #2 [add]
12. Little Red Haired Girl [add]

Can You Fly (1992) 01. Trying to Tell You I Don't Know [add]
02. In the New Sunshine [add]
03. Tearing Down This Place [add]
04. Remember Me [add]
05. Wheels [add]
06. The Lucky One lyrics
07. Can You Fly [add]
08. Responsible [add]
09. The Mortician's Daughter [add]
10. Sincere [add]
11. Down in Love [add]
12. California Thing [add]
13. We Will Shine [add]

Unlucky (1993) 01. The Lucky One lyrics
02. Death of Stars [add]
03. For a Lost Key [add]
04. Caroline [add]
05. Wichita Lineman [add]
06. The Lucky One [demo version] [add]

This Perfect World (1994) 01. Bad Reputation lyrics
02. Evie's Tears lyrics
03. Can't Sink This Town lyrics
04. This Perfect World lyrics
05. Cold Again lyrics
06. Two Lovers Stop lyrics
07. Across the Avenue [add]
08. Gone Like the Water [add]
09. Dolores lyrics
10. Evie's Garden lyrics
11. Disappointed Man lyrics
12. I Can Hear the Laughs [add]

Never Home (1997) 01. On the Way Out lyrics
02. I'm Not Hypnotized [add]
03. Western Sky lyrics
04. One More Thing to Break [add]
05. He Wasn't Murdered [add]
06. You Get Me Lost [add]
07. Hotel Seventeen [add]
08. Gone to See the Fire [add]
09. Seventies Girl [add]
10. If It's True [add]
11. Something's Out There [add]

Blue Days Black Nights (1999) 01. Underwater Life [add]
02. The Farthest Lights [add]
03. While I Wait for You [add]
04. Pretend It's Summer [add]
05. Changed Your Mind [add]
06. Caught as You Look Away [add]
07. Moving on a Holiday [add]
08. Until the Sun Comes Back Again [add]
09. Depending on the Night [add]
10. Emily [add]

Live at 33 1/3 (2000) 01. The Mortician's Daughter [add]
02. Until the Sun Comes Back Again [add]
03. The Lucky One lyrics
04. Dolores lyrics
05. Emily [add]
06. Western Sky lyrics
07. Night and Day [add]
08. Bus Stop [add]
09. Wichita Lineman [add]
10. Radio for Heartache [add]

Right Between the Promises (2001) 01. Broken Mirror [add]
02. Waste Your Time lyrics
03. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) [add]
04. That's Alright With Me [add]
05. Radio for Heartache [add]
06. Back to My Machine [add]
07. Arriving on a Train [add]
08. Save Yourself, City Girl [add]
09. Anyone lyrics
10. In My Dream lyrics

Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop (2006) 01. Introduction [add]
02. The Farthest Lights [add]
03. Radio for Heartache [add]
04. Underwater Life [add]
05. Moving on a Holiday [add]
06. Pretend It's Summer [add]
07. Evie's Tears lyrics
08. Gone Like the Water [add]
09. You Get Me Lost [add]
10. Two Lovers Stop lyrics
11. Wichita Lineman [add]
12. Western Sky lyrics
13. This Perfect World lyrics
14. Bad Reputation lyrics

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