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The Innocence Mission lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Innocence Mission (1989) 01. Paper Dolls [add]
02. Black Sheep Wall [add]
03. Surreal [add]
04. Curious [add]
05. Clear to You [add]
06. Mercy [add]
07. Broken Circle [add]
08. I Remember Me [add]
09. You Chase the Light [add]
10. Notebook [add]
11. Come Around and See Me [add]
12. Wonder of Birds [add]
13. Medjugorje [add]

Umbrella (1991) 01. And Hiding Away [add]
02. Sorry and Glad Together [add]
03. Umbrella [add]
04. Every Hour Here [add]
05. Evensong [add]
06. Now in the Hush [add]
07. Beginning the World [add]
08. Flags [add]
09. Someday Coming [add]
10. Joan [add]
11. Revolving Man [add]
12. My Waltzing Days Are Over/Minta's Waltz [add]

Glow (1995) 01. Keeping Awake [add]
02. Bright as Yellow [add]
03. Brave [add]
04. That Was Another Country [add]
05. Speak Our Minds [add]
06. Happy, the End [add]
07. Our Harry [add]
08. Go [add]
09. Everything's Different Now [add]
10. Spinning [add]
11. There [add]
12. I Hear You Say So [add]

Birds of My Neighborhood (1999) 01. Where Does the Time Go? [add]
02. Snow [add]
03. Follow Me [add]
04. The Lakes of Canada [add]
05. You Are the Light [add]
06. Birdless [add]
07. I Haven't Seen This Day Before [add]
08. She May Turn Around [add]
09. I Was in the Air [add]
10. July [add]
11. Going Away [add]
12. Green Grass, Red Tree [add]

Christ Is My Hope (2000) 01. It Is Well With My Soul [add]
02. O Lord of Light [add]
03. 500 Miles [add]
04. No Storms Come [add]
05. Christ Is My Hope [add]
06. Morning Star [add]
07. O Sacred Head Surrounded [add]
08. Were You There? [add]
09. Fare Thee Well [add]
10. Beautiful Saviour [add]

Small Planes (2001) 01. Rooftop [add]
02. Too Early to Say [add]
03. Migration [add]
04. Today [add]
05. The Girl on My Left [add]
06. Song About Traveling [add]
07. Oh Do Not Fly Away [add]
08. I Left the Grounds [add]
09. Some Clear Joy Is Coming [add]
10. Small Planes [add]
11. I Have Loved You [add]

Befriended (2003) 01. Tomorrow on the Runway [add]
02. When Mac Was Swimming [add]
03. I Never Knew You from the Sun [add]
04. Beautiful Change [add]
05. Martha Avenue Love Song [add]
06. One for Sorrow, Two for Joy [add]
07. No Storms Come [add]
08. Sweep Down Early [add]
09. Walking Around [add]
10. Look for Me as You Go By [add]

Now the Day Is Over (2004) 01. Stay Awake [add]
02. Over the Rainbow [add]
03. What a Wonderful World [add]
04. Moon River [add]
05. Somewhere a Star Shines for Everyone [add]
06. Prelude in A [add]
07. Once Upon a Summertime [add]
08. My Love Goes With You [add]
09. Edelweiss [add]
10. Sonata No. 8 [add]
11. Bye-Lo [add]
12. It Is Well With My Soul [add]
13. Now the Day Is Over [add]

We Walked in Song (2007) 01. Brotherhood of Man [add]
02. Happy Birthday [add]
03. Love That Boy [add]
04. Into Brooklyn, Early in the Morning [add]
05. Lake Shore Drive [add]
06. Song from Tom [add]
07. Since I Still Tell You My Every Day [add]
08. A Wave Is Rolling [add]
09. Colors of the World [add]
10. Over the Moon [add]
11. My Sisters Return from Ireland [add]

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