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Vivian Ellis lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Spread a Little Happiness [Conifer] (1998) 01. Little Boy Blues [Clowns in Clover] [add]
02. Spread a Little Happiness (Mr. Cinders) [add]
03. Ev'ry Little Moment (Mr. Cinders) [add]
04. On the Amazon (Mr. Cinders) [add]
05. I Don't Know How [A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur] [add]
06. My Heart Is Saying [The House That Jack Built] [add]
07. Wind in the Willows [Cochran's 1930 Revue] [add]
08. Follow a Star [add]
09. I Can Never Think of the Words (Follow a Star) [add]
10. If Your Kisses Can't Hold the Man You Love (Follow a Star) [add]
11. The First Week-End in June (Follow a Star) [add]
12. Don't Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve (Follow a Star) [add]
13. Let's Be Sentimental [Little Tommy Tucker] [add]
14. Within My Heart Song of the Drum [add]
15. Song of the Hillmens Song of the Drum [add]
16. Put That Down in Writting [Out of the Bottle] [add]
17. The Flies Crawled up the Window (Jack's the Boy) [add]
18. I Want to Cling to Ivy (Jack's the Boy) [add]
19. Sweep (Falling for You) [add]
20. You Don't Understand (Falling for You) [add]
21. Mrs. Bartholomew (Falling for You) [add]
22. Kiss Me Dear [Streamline] [add]
23. Be Yourself (Impersonations) [Streamline] [add]
24. I Will/The First Waltz [Streamline] [add]
25. Other People's Babies [Streamline] [add]
26. You Turned Your Head [Streamline] [add]
27. Speech Day [Streamline] [add]
28. Let's Lay Our Heads Together [Jill Darling] [add]
29. I'd Do the Most Extraordinary Things [Jill Darling] [add]
30. Nonny, Nonny No [Jill Darling] [add]
31. I'm on a See-Saw [Jill Darling] [add]
32. Faint Harmony [Jack and Jill] [add]
33. Medley: The Professional Diner Out/The Trees in Bloomsbury ... [add]
34. There Never Was a Girl Like Mary (The Town Talks) [add]
35. Me and My Dog (Public Nuisance, No. 1) [add]
36. Swing (Public Nuisance No. 1) [add]
37. When a Woman Smiles [O Misteress Mine] [add]
38. Two Little Princesses [#] [add]
39. She's My Lovely [Hide and Seek] [add]
40. How Do You Do, Mr. Right? [The Fleet's Lit Up] [add]
41. Medley: Doing an Irish Jig/Take Your Partners for the Waltz/When ... [add]
42. Together Again (Under Your Hat) [add]
43. The Empire Depends on You (Under Your Hat) [add]
44. Let Me Play [medley] [add]

Dawn Songs (2006) 01. Waulking Song [add]
02. Dawn Is Already Too Late [add]
03. The Lover's Ghost [add]
04. Reis Glorios (King of Glory) [add]
05. Bright Morning Stars [add]
06. Alvorada [add]
07. Clapping Song [add]
08. The Drowsy Sleeper [add]
09. As the Dawn Breaks [add]
10. The Lark in the Morning [add]
11. Go Love (Stani, Idi, Si, Libe) [add]
12. Sweet, Stay Awhile [add]

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