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Cleopatra lyrics
Genre: Rock
In the Heat (2000) 01. Party Girl Cleopatra Sizzles the Dance Floor [add]
02. Feel Good Randb H H, Reggae, Dub Pounane's Choice [add]
03. Wizzard Trance Galaxy Dancing Feeling I Get [add]
04. It's to Hot Under the Garage of My House [add]
05. Euro-Can-Us-Inter-Globe-United Feeling [add]
06. Q Cleopatra in the Heat Live on the Nile [add]

Cleopatra Queen of the Nile (2000) 01. Entre-Lude [add]
02. Boy U Say? [add]
03. Mirror Mirror on the Wall [add]
04. Cleopatra in the Heat [add]
05. Guarantee Lover [add]
06. Intermission [add]
07. Queen of the Nile [add]
08. Close to You [add]
09. Someone Special in Your Life [add]
10. Seven Days a Week [add]
11. Intermission [add]
12. The Way [add]
13. Victim of Love [add]
14. Kick U off My House [add]

Kick U off My House (2000) 01. Kick U in the FRX [add]
02. Kirk Get Off I've Had Enough [add]
03. Sexy Boys Sexy Girl [add]
04. Kicking It to the Sexy Era [add]
05. Virgin Vergo Original Version [add]

Seven Days a Week (2000) 01. Seven Days Itch 11 by 7 Diva House [add]
02. Seven Days Advantage Deeper House [add]
03. 7 Flava, Freestyle, Booty Sauce [add]
04. Cleopatra Vs. Ceasar 24 Seven [add]
05. Rythym International Seven Days a Week [add]
06. Seven Days Show Time Pop Version [add]

... (2004) 01. Esterres. Intro Lost in Space [add]
02. Extr Extra Read All About Me [add]
03. Cleopatra's Like a Flame [add]
04. I Had a Dream [add]
05. Don't Judge a Book by the Look [add]
06. Electric Sonic Boom [add]
07. Don't Break My Heart Rock English [add]
08. Cleopatra's One Race Reprise [add]
09. God Is Good God Is Great [add]
10. Feel the Fire Babe [add]
11. Come to Me Now [add]
12. I Am in Love With a Marry Man [add]
13. Life Me Up Sunshine [add]
14. Cleopatra Angelic Reprise [add]
15. All Day All Night [add]
16. The Best in Me [add]
17. What's Right for Me [add]
18. Cleopatra'a Peace & Love Mission Reprise [add]
19. Don't Break My Heart: Reggae [add]
20. Classical Masterpiece World Series #2 [add]
21. Extraterrestrial Dance [add]

Don't Break My Heart (2004) 01. Don't Break My Heart Alternative Rock [Radio Edit, English] [add]
02. Don't Break My Heart Pop Top40 [Radio Edit, English] [add]
03. Don't Break My Heart Classical A/C [Radio Edit, English] [add]
04. Don't Break My Heart Street Team R&B Ft Flash [Radio Edit, English] [add]
05. Don't Break My Heart Alternative Rock [Radio Edit, French] [add]
06. Don't Break My Heart Top 40 [Radio Edit, French] [add]
07. Don't Break My Heart Classical A/C [Radio Edit, French] [add]
08. Don't Break My Heart R&B Ft Flash [Radio Edit, French] [add]
09. Don't Break My Heart Reggae Dance Hall Cross-Over [Radio Edit, English] [add]
10. Don't Break My Heart New Style House Bonus Track 1 [*] [add]
11. Don't Break My Heart Dub House Remix Bonus Track 2 [*] [add]
12. Classcal Masterpiece World Series #1 [Radio Edit] [add]

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