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Number One Cup lyrics
Genre: Rock
Possum Trot Plan (1995) 01. Birth of a Grasser [add]
02. Just Let Go [add]
03. Autumn Lover [add]
04. No Particular Style [add]
05. 'til Tuesday [add]
06. Aspirin Burns [add]
07. Outboard Motors [add]
08. Why Did You Piss Yourself? [add]
09. Strange & Silent Staircase [add]
10. Static [add]
11. Divebomb [add]
12. Pocket [add]
13. Seminar for Backward Pupils [add]
14. Let Me Know [add]
15. Patch Kit [add]
16. Apple Cider [add]
17. Lustrous Poppies [add]
18. Ohio Arts [add]
19. She Plays the Numbers [add]
20. Nico [add]

Wrecked by Lions (1997) 01. Ease Back Down [add]
02. Backlit [add]
03. Chisel [add]
04. Paris [add]
05. Bright Orange Fireball Sun [add]
06. The Black Choppers Cry [add]
07. Astronaut [add]
08. Waiting on the Lions [add]
09. Maybe There's a Thread [add]
10. Tree Song [add]
11. Concordia [add]
12. Malcolm's X-Ray Picnic [add]
13. Flickers & Flames [add]
14. So Inclined [add]
15. Three Miles from Talent [add]

People, People, Why Are We Fighting? (1999) 01. (Who Awaits) The Countdown? [add]
02. Vintage Male Singer [add]
03. High Diver [add]
04. Ice Melts Around My Battery [add]
05. What Does It Mean? [add]
06. Canada Disappears [add]
07. 3 Stars [add]
08. Remote Control [add]
09. Caught on the Crown [add]
10. The Low Sparks [add]
11. Unison Bends [add]
12. Why Are We Fighting? [add]

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