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Severed Heads lyrics
Genre: Rock
Since the Accident (1983) 01. A Relic of the Empire [add]
02. A Million Angels [add]
03. Houses Still Standing lyrics
04. Gashing the Old Mae West [add]
05. Dead Eyes Opened lyrics
06. Golden Boy [add]
07. Godsong [add]
08. Epilepsy '82 [add]
09. Exploring the Secrets of Treating Deaf Mutes [add]
10. Brassiere, in Rome [add]
11. Adolf a Carrot? [add]
12. An Amercian in Paris [add]
13. Tarzan's Grip [add]
14. That That Revolves [add]
15. Golden Boy [live] [add]
16. Desert Song [add]
17. Alaskan Polar Bear Heater [Number Two] [add]

City Slab Horror (1985) 01. Spasm [add]
02. Spastic Crunch [add]
03. Spitoon Thud [add]
04. 4WD [add]
05. Ayoompteyempt [add]
06. The Bladders of a One Thousand Bedouin [add]
07. Now, an Explosive New Movie [add]
08. Guests [add]
09. We Have to Bless the House [add]
10. Cyflea, Rated R [add]
11. Goodbye Tonsils lyrics
12. Voices of the Dead [add]
13. Umbrella [add]
14. Power Circles [add]
15. The Ant Can See Legs [add]
16. I Stand on My Head [add]
17. Acme Instant Dehydrated Boulder Kit [add]

Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live in the Past (1985) 01. Advertisement [add]
02. Prototype Pop [add]
03. Exiles Excerpt [add]
04. A Day in the Country [add]
05. Elephant Decibels [add]
06. Power Circles [add]
07. Alaskan Polar Bear Heater [add]
08. Umbrella [add]
09. J. Edgar Hoover [add]
10. Blame [add]
11. Meanwhile Back at Exiles [add]
12. Dance [add]
13. Saturday Night [add]
14. Man Dat Hip [add]
15. An American in Paris [add]
16. Tarzan's Grip [add]
17. That That Revolves [add]
18. Special Day [add]
19. Malt Duck [add]
20. Never Fall in Love [add]
21. Nazi Beach Party [add]
22. A Relic of the Empire [add]
23. Tiny Fingers [add]
24. Sydney Quads and The Megascope Space Probe [add]
25. Play It Again [add]
26. Carry My Books [add]
27. Night Song [add]
28. Car Ad [add]

Come Visit the Big Bigot (1986) 01. Come Visit the Big Bigot [add]
02. Twenty Deadly Diseases lyrics
03. Army lyrics
04. Phantasized Persecutory Breast [add]
05. Casey's Ion lyrics
06. Propellor lyrics
07. F.M. Stations Blow Up [add]
08. Confidence lyrics
09. Sam Loves You lyrics
10. Strange Brew lyrics
11. Harold and Cindy Hospital [add]
12. Legion lyrics

Bulkhead (1988) 01. Greater Reward [Extended Version] [add]
02. Hot With Fleas [Extended Version] [add]
03. Contempt [Alternate Mix] [add]
04. Twenty Deadly Diseases [Extended Version] [add]
05. Harold and Cindy Hospital [Extended Version] [add]
06. Propellor [Extended Version] [add]
07. Petrol [Alternate Version] [add]
08. Halo lyrics
09. Goodbye Tonsils [Extended Version] [add]
10. Dead Eyes Opened [Extended Version] [add]

Rotund for Success (1989) 01. All Saints Day lyrics
02. Triangel Tangle Tango [add]
03. Bad Times Too lyrics
04. Midget Sings lyrics
05. 7 Miles lyrics
06. Greater Reward lyrics
07. Big Car Intro [add]
08. Big Car lyrics
09. First Steps lyrics
10. Rotund for Success [add]
11. L.F.M. [add]
12. Chasing Skirt [add]

Gigapus (1994) 01. Heart of the Party [add]
02. Tiny Wounded Bird [add]
03. Animal [add]
04. The Importance of Hair [add]
05. Repetitive Strain Injury [add]
06. Arrivederci Coma [add]
07. Dollarex [add]
08. Cabbalaland [add]
09. Snow [add]
10. Somewhere over the Gigapus [add]
11. Courier [add]
12. Pure [add]
13. About Leah & Adele [add]
14. Nightime Falls [add]

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