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Yellowman lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Bad Boy Skanking (1982) 01. Bad Boy Skanking [add]
02. Pon-Wee-Line [add]
03. King Inna the Jungle [add]
04. I Can't Stand It [add]
05. Give Jah Thanks [add]
06. Bam Bam [add]
07. Love Fat Thing [add]
08. Come When I Call You [add]
09. Natty Dread Something [add]
10. Crying for Love [add]

Duppy or Gunman (1982) 01. Lost Mi Love [add]
02. Mr. Chin lyrics
03. Two to Six Supermix [Super Mix] [add]
04. Morning Ride [add]
05. ....Did a Hurt Me [add]
06. Natty Sat Upon the Rock [add]
07. How You Keep a Dance [add]
08. Jamaica a Little Miami [add]
09. Duppy or Gunman [add]
10. Yellowman Getting Married [add]

Live at Reggae Sunsplash (1982) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Jah Made Us for a Purpose [add]
03. Medley: Reggae Sunsplash/Herb Man Special [medley] [add]
04. Medley: Jamaica Proud of Me/Me Too Sexy [medley] [add]
05. I Goin' to Laugh Off Them [add]
06. Medley: Me Have Too Much Woman/Talk of the Town/Day-O/What a Pumpy ... [add]
07. Medley: Soldiers Take Over/No More Army Life [medley] [add]
08. Medley: Gunman/Gunman Connection [medley] [add]
09. Love Letter [add]
10. Medley: Mr. Chin/Mr. Wong [medley] [add]
11. Get Me to the Family Court in Time (I'm Getting Married) [add]
12. Sit Under You [add]

Mister Yellowman (1982) 01. Natty Sat Upon the Rock [add]
02. Lost Mi Love [add]
03. Mr. Chin lyrics
04. Two to Six Supermix [add]
05. Morining Ride lyrics
06. How You Keep a Dance [add]
07. Jamaica a Little Miami [add]
08. Yellowman Getting Married [add]
09. Duppy or Gunman [add]
10. Cocky Did a Hurt Me [add]

Superstar Yellowman Has Arrived with Toyan (1982) 01. I Am Getting Married [add]
02. Love Struck [add]
03. Them a Fight I [add]
04. Which One a dem a Wear de Ring [add]
05. Love Night [add]
06. Modeling Time [add]
07. Come Fi Mash It [add]
08. Talk of the Town [add]

Zungguzungguguzungguzeng (1983) 01. Zungguzungguguzungguzeng lyrics
02. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly [add]
03. Rub a Dub a Play [add]
04. Dem Sight the Boss [add]
05. Can't Hide from Jah [add]
06. Who Can Make the Dance Ram [add]
07. Yellowman Wise [add]
08. Take Me to Jamaica [add]
09. Friday Night Jamboree [add]
10. Jah Jah Are We Guiding Star [add]
11. Donkey Want Water [add]
12. Barn Yard [add]
13. Don't Call Me Daddy [add]
14. Water Rock [add]
15. To the Bump [add]
16. Tourist Season [add]
17. Top Form [add]
18. For Your Eyes Only [add]

King Yellowman (1984) 01. Jamaica Nice/Take Me Home Country Roads [add]
02. Strong Me Strong lyrics
03. Mi Believe/Summer Holiday [add]
04. Wha Dat [add]
05. Moving on/Keep on Moving [add]
06. Disco Reggae [add]
07. Still Be a Lady/Girls Can't Do What the Guys Do [add]
08. Reggae Calypso [add]
09. Ooh We/Sea Cruise [add]
10. If You Should Lose Me/You'll Lose a Good Thing [add]

Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt (1984) 01. Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt [add]
02. Strictly Mi Belly [add]
03. Bedroom Mazuka [add]
04. Body Move [add]
05. Good Loving [add]
06. Wreck a Pum Pum [add]
07. Hill and Gully Rider [add]
08. Yellowman a the Lover Boy [add]
09. Watch Your Words [add]
10. Why You Bad So [add]

Operation Radication (1984) 01. Operation Radication [add]
02. 11 + 11 [add]
03. Eases and Squeezes [add]
04. Lovers Corner [add]
05. Even Tide Fire [add]
06. Bim and Bam [add]
07. Kutchie [add]
08. Out of Hand [add]
09. Mad Over Me [add]
10. Morning Ride [add]
11. My Rosie [add]
12. Badness [add]

Galong Galong Galong (1985) 01. Galong Galong Galong [add]
02. Beat It [add]
03. Under Mi Fat Thing [add]
04. Cuss Cuss [add]
05. Reggae Get the Grammy [add]
06. Throw Mi Corn [add]
07. Skank Quadrille [add]
08. Blow Saxophone [add]
09. Money Make Friend [add]
10. Bubble with Mi Ting [add]

Rambo (1986) 01. Tarzan [add]
02. Rambo [add]
03. Girls Pet [add]
04. Crying Time [add]
05. Stop the Rumour [add]
06. Computerize [add]
07. Love [add]
08. Long Rider [add]

Blueberry Hill (1987) 01. Letter to Rosey [add]
02. Another Saturday Night [add]
03. Jean a Miss Falla Fashion [add]
04. Who Say Yello Don't Go Hotel [add]
05. Nah Pay No Tax [add]
06. Young Girl Be Wise [add]
07. Anything Me Say [add]
08. Blueberry Hill [add]

Don't Burn It Down (1987) 01. Don't Burn It Down [add]
02. Stop Beat Woman [add]
03. Diseases [add]
04. Nuh Tie Me [add]
05. Hold That Girl [add]
06. Want a Woman [add]
07. Free Africa [add]
08. Want a Virgin [add]
09. Scorpio Crew [add]
10. Dry Head Adassa [add]

The Negril Chill Challenge [live] (1987) 01. The Arrival/Feeling Sexy [add]
02. Don't Sell Yourself/Nuff Punany [add]
03. Naw Breed Again/Under Gal Frock [add]
04. Blueberry Hill/Reason With Entertainers [add]
05. Gone a South Africa/Jah Mi Fear [add]
06. Trouble Rosie/Old Lady [add]
07. Listen Charlie [add]
08. Same Way It Taste [add]
09. Calypso Jam [add]
10. Don't Drop Yu Pants [add]
11. Rent a Dread [add]

The Negril Chill [live] (1987) 01. The Arrival [add]
02. Feeling Sexy [add]
03. Don't Sell Yourself [add]
04. Nuff Punany [add]
05. Naw Breed Again/Under Gal Frock [add]
06. Blueberry Hill [add]
07. Reason With Entertainers [add]
08. Gone a South Africa [add]
09. Jah Mi Fear [add]
10. Trouble Rosie/Old Lady/Listen Charlie/Same Way It Taste [add]
11. Calypso Jam [add]
12. Don't Drop Yu Pants [add]
13. Rent a Dread [add]

Yellow Like Cheese (1987) 01. Budget [add]
02. Easy Me Ting [add]
03. Gaze [add]
04. Want a Woman [add]
05. No Touch Ya So [add]
06. Yellow Like Cheese [add]
07. No Get Nuthin [add]
08. Ain't No Meaning [add]
09. Na No Lyrics [add]
10. Mi Mother Love, My Father Love [add]

Yellowman Rides Again (1988) 01. AIDS [add]
02. Ease Up President Botha [add]
03. Wild Wild West [add]
04. Boys Want to Have Fun [add]
05. Girl You're Too Hot [add]
06. In the Army [add]
07. I'm Ready [add]
08. In Memory Of [add]
09. Pretty Girl [add]
10. Want a Virgin [add]

One in a Million (1989) 01. 11 + 11 [add]
02. Shorties [add]
03. Morning Ride [add]
04. Eventide Fire [add]
05. Operation Radication [add]
06. Couchie [add]
07. Out a Hand [add]
08. Mad Over Me [add]
09. Lover's Corner [add]

Two Giants Clash (1990) 01. Society Party [add]
02. Strictly Bubbling [add]
03. Mr. Big Shot [add]
04. King of the Crop [add]
05. Wrong Girl to Play With [add]
06. Bobo Dread [add]
07. Mi Have Fi Get You [add]
08. Cure for the Fever [add]
09. Jah a Mi Guiding Star [add]
10. Sorry to Say [add]

Mi Hot (1991) 01. Never Gonna Let You Go [add]
02. Big Bamboo [add]
03. Step up in Life [add]
04. Mi Hot [add]
05. Having a Party [add]
06. Pretty Girl [add]
07. Hit the Road Jack [add]
08. Would a Like It [add]
09. Thank Unu [add]
10. Red Light District [add]
11. Girls Dem Love Me [add]

Party (1991) 01. Party [add]
02. Oldies But Goodies [add]
03. I Still Got It [add]
04. 100 Sexy Girls [add]
05. Freedom [add]
06. Gone Up [add]
07. World of Girls [add]
08. Original Lover [add]
09. My Girlfriend [add]

Life in the Ghetto (1991) 01. Jack Sprat [add]
02. Youth Man Promotion [add]
03. Life in the Ghetto [add]
04. Stand up for Your Rights [add]
05. 2 to 6 Super Mix [add]
06. Honour Your Mother [add]
07. Why Them a Fight [add]
08. Hotter Reggae [add]
09. Fe Me Paulette [add]

Live in England (1992) 01. Sensemilla [add]
02. Medley: Mad over Me/Love Letter [medley] [add]
03. Bam Bam [add]
04. Smoking Sensi [add]
05. Gregory Free [add]
06. Woman, Woman [add]
07. A Me Run de Country [add]
08. Gunman [add]
09. Medley: Endlessly [medley] [add]
10. Saturday Night [add]
11. Medleyl Turn off the Light [medley] [add]
12. Calypso Calypso [add]
13. Yellowman in de Arena [add]
14. London Cold [add]
15. Getting Married [add]

Reggae on the Move (1992) 01. Reggae on the Move [add]
02. Dancehall Tambourine [add]
03. Do It to Me [add]
04. Love It [add]
05. Love King Yellow [add]
06. Got the Rammer [add]
07. Yo-Yo [add]
08. Be My Guest [add]
09. Happy for the Rest of Your Life [add]
10. King [add]

Reggae on Top (1993) 01. Reggae on Top [add]
02. Everybody Bawling [add]
03. Who Makes the Business Big [add]
04. Can't Sleep [add]
05. Woman Important [add]
06. Give Me One of Your Girlfriends [add]
07. We Come to Back All Girls [add]
08. It's Now or Never [add]
09. Same Girl [add]
10. Name Brand [add]
11. Good Girls [add]
12. Bus a Come [add]
13. I Shall Not Remove [add]

Mello Yellow (1993) 01. I'm Getting Married [add]
02. I Love the Girls [add]
03. Can't Wine [add]
04. Better Than Them [add]
05. Zungguzungguguzungguzeng lyrics
06. Hard Core Love [add]
07. Mati Vet [add]
08. Ting-A-Ling [add]
09. Half Crazy [add]
10. Wine Wine [add]
11. If You Should Lose Me [*] [add]

Fantastic Yellowman (1993) 01. Fantastic Yellowman [add]
02. Mek We Nice up the Area [add]
03. I Need a Girl [add]
04. Come Down [add]
05. Every Deejay Want to Win [add]
06. Donate Money [add]
07. A Love We a Deal With [add]
08. Keep on Rocking & Swinging [add]
09. Yellowman Romantic [add]
10. Your Dick Is Dead [add]
11. Enjoy It Girls [add]
12. Yellowman Can't Done [add]

Man You Want (1993) 01. A Man You Want [add]
02. Nobody Move '93 [add]
03. Greatest Gift [add]
04. Copycat [add]
05. Reggae on the Move [add]
06. Help [add]
07. Condom [add]
08. Flowers [add]
09. This Is a Letter [add]
10. One God [add]
11. America [add]
12. Deliver Us [add]

Prayer (1994) 01. Prayer [add]
02. Carolina [add]
03. Romance [add]
04. Dancehall [add]
05. Reggae Music [add]
06. Guantanamera [add]
07. Crowd [add]
08. Africa [add]
09. Girlfriend [add]
10. Politician [add]

Kiss Me (1995) 01. Kiss Me [add]
02. Dicky [add]
03. Hot Again [add]
04. Jordan River [add]
05. Thanks and Praise [add]
06. Murderer [add]
07. Mek She Gwan [add]
08. Love Is a Splended Thing [add]
09. Woman [add]
10. Slow Motion [add]

Message to the World (1995) 01. Mind You Catch AIDS [add]
02. Maximum [add]
03. I Cry [add]
04. Love Me Tender [add]
05. Cranic [add]
06. The War [add]
07. God Alone [add]
08. Darling If [add]
09. One Man [add]
10. Island Jam [add]
11. Don't Worry [add]
12. Equal Rights [add]

One Yellow Man & Fathead (1996) 01. Funky Reggae Party [add]
02. One Yellowman Ina the Yard [add]
03. Fools Go to Church on Sunday [add]
04. Come Scratch Me Back [add]
05. Rich Man, Poor Man [add]
06. Lightning and Thunder [add]
07. Step It Out a Babylon [add]
08. Herbman Smuggling [add]
09. You Wrong to Send Come Call Me [add]

Divorced! (For Your Eyes Only) (1996) 01. Divorced [add]
02. Barn Yard [add]
03. For Your Eyes Only [add]
04. Water Rock [add]
05. Tourist Season [add]
06. Sometime a Lie (But Are the Truth) [add]
07. Don't Call Me Daddy [add]
08. Donkey Want Water [add]
09. To the Bump [add]
10. Top Form [add]

Yellowman Meets the Paragons (1996) 01. Let Me Rock You [add]
02. Full Metal Jacket [add]
03. Dedicated to You [add]
04. Yellow a Best [add]
05. Yello a the Don [add]
06. Come Get Everything [add]
07. Make Me Feel Nice [add]
08. Run Come [add]
09. Special Thanks [add]
10. You Better Come Good [add]

Strikes Again (1997) 01. Fight over Man [add]
02. Boost Up [add]
03. Drugs Man [add]
04. Care Your Body [add]
05. Ask Me No Question [add]
06. Thief [add]
07. Gun Man Song [add]
08. Sexy Body [add]
09. Them No Done [add]
10. Love It Ever Time [add]

Love & Classic Tracks (1997) 01. Tarzan [add]
02. Rambo [add]
03. Girls Pet [add]
04. Crying Time [add]
05. Stop the Rumour [add]
06. Computerize [add]
07. Love [add]
08. Long Rider [add]

Freedom of Speech (1997) 01. Weed Dem [add]
02. Run Cum-Cum [add]
03. Warn Dem [add]
04. Hip Hip Hurray [add]
05. Chant [add]
06. Abortion [add]
07. Freedom of Speech [add]
08. Visa [add]
09. Sugar Darling [add]
10. Here I Come [add]
11. African Drum [add]
12. Fed Up [add]
13. Nice to Be Important [add]
14. Girls in the Ring [add]
15. Bump and Whine [add]

Ram Dance Master (1997) 01. Ram Dance Master [add]
02. Mr. Chin lyrics
03. Natty Sat Upon the Rock [add]
04. Lost Mi Love [add]
05. Two to Six Supermix [add]
06. Nobody Move [add]
07. Ram Jam Master [add]
08. Zungguzungguguzungguzeng lyrics
09. Ting-A-Ling [add]
10. I'm Getting Married [add]

Live at Maritime Hall (1998) 01. Comin' in from the Cold Medley: You Yellowman [add]
02. Nobody Move [add]
03. Oh Carolina/: Holy Mount Zion/Poco Jump [medley] [add]
04. Yo-Yo/: Boombastic (Use Your Rubber Rubber) [medley] [add]
05. Girl Watcher Medley [add]
06. Two to Six Medley: Operation Radication/In a Dis a Time/Lost Me Love [add]
07. Me Believe Medley: Summer Holiday/Love Letter [add]
08. Blueberry Hill [add]
09. Mr. Chin Medley: Yellowman Getting Married/Bam Bam/The Good, the Bad [add]
10. Romie (Intro)/Yellow Like Cheese/: One Scotch, One Burbon, One [medley] [add]
11. Jamaica Nice [add]

Morning Ride (1998) 01. Operation Radication [add]
02. Elenen+Elenen [add]
03. Shorties [add]
04. Lover's Corner [add]
05. Eventide Fire [add]
06. Bim and Bam [add]
07. Stay With Me [add]
08. Out a Hand [add]
09. Over Me [add]
10. Morning Ride [add]
11. My Rogie [add]
12. Badness [add]

Very Very Yellow Christmas (1998) 01. Yellowman Is Coming to Town [add]
02. Jamaica, Jamaica, We Don't Got No Snow (Jingle Bells) [add]
03. Breadfruit Roasting on an Open Fire (The Christmas Song) [add]
04. Children Saw Mommy Kissing Yellowman [add]
05. African Christmas [add]
06. Santa Claus Never Comes to the Ghetto [add]
07. Yellow Christmas [add]
08. This Christmas [add]
09. Yellowman Rock (Jingle Bell Rock) [add]
10. 'Tis the Season (Deck the Halls) [add]
11. We Wish You a Reggae Christmas [add]
12. The Twelve Days of Christmas [add]

Chronic (1999) 01. Zungguzungguguzungguzeng lyrics
02. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly [add]
03. Rub a Dub Play [add]
04. Dem Sight the Boss [add]
05. Can't Hide from Jah [add]
06. Who Can Make the Dance Ram [add]
07. Yellowman Wise [add]
08. Take Me to Jamaica [add]
09. Friday Night Jamboree [add]
10. Jah Jah We Are a Guiding Star [add]
11. Donkey Want Water [add]
12. Barn Yard [add]
13. Don't Call Me Daddy [add]
14. Water Rock [add]
15. To the Bump [add]
16. Tourist Season [add]
17. Top Form [add]
18. For Your Eyes Only [add]

Yellow Fever (1999) 01. One Yellow Man [add]
02. Gwaan a School [add]
03. Run Yellow [add]
04. Not a Bed a Rose [add]
05. Reggae Ambassador [add]
06. Too Greedy [add]
07. Rain Drops [add]
08. Brandy [add]
09. Lean on Me, Pt. 2 [add]
10. Hurt My Pride [add]
11. Rock With Me [add]
12. Life Is a Heavy Load [add]
13. Bring Back the Vibes [add]
14. People Get Ready [add]
15. The Ring Ding [add]
16. Sweet Reggae Music We Want lyrics

Live in San Francisco (2002) 01. Comin' in from the Cold/You Yellowman [add]
02. Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt [add]
03. Oh Carolina/Holy Mount Zion/Poco Jump [add]
04. Yo-Yo/Boombastic [add]
05. Girl Watcher [add]
06. Two to Six, Supermix/Operation Radication/In a Dis a Time/Lost Mi Love [add]
07. Me Believer/Summer Holiday/Love Letter [add]
08. Blueberry Hill [add]
09. Mister Chin/Yellowman Getting Married/Ram Ban/Good, Bad, And the Ugly/M [add]
10. Romie/Yellow Like Cheese/On Scotch, One Bourbon/Keep on Moving [add]
11. Jamaica Nice [add]

New York (2003) 01. Work Out [add]
02. That Girl [add]
03. Peace Dance [add]
04. Family Man [add]
05. Leave Iraq Alone [add]
06. World War [add]
07. Freedom Walk [add]
08. Spanish Girl [add]
09. Do Me [add]
10. CNN News [add]
11. I Love New York [add]
12. This House [add]

Round 1 (2005) 01. Let Me Rock You [add]
02. Guns Out [add]
03. Full Metal Jacket [add]
04. Badman Borderline [add]
05. Yello a the Don [add]
06. Lou Lou [add]
07. Run Come [add]
08. Coming Hot [add]
09. Make Me Feel Nice [add]
10. Mi Lion [add]
11. You Better Come Good [add]
12. Heaven Calling [add]

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