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Genre: New Age
Love Songs of the Lakota (1983) 01. The Original Flute Song [add]
02. Brother-In-Law [add]
03. The Gossiper Song [add]
04. Sioux Falls Maiden Song [add]
05. Stand and Wait for Me [add]
06. You Came After Me [add]
07. Morning Star Love Song [add]
08. Why Did You Hurt Me So? [add]
09. I'm Crying Looking for You [add]
10. Badlands Boy [add]
11. Ink Pa Ta [add]
12. The Photograph [add]

Dream Catcher (1992) 01. Whispers on the Wind [add]
02. Circle of Life [add]
03. Mother's Blessing [add]
04. Searching Heart [add]
05. The Earth Is My Blanket [add]
06. We Shall Remember Always [add]
07. Night Vision [add]
08. Spring Wind [add]
09. Dreamcatcher [add]
10. My Eyes Fill With Rain [add]
11. A Woman's Farewell [add]
12. Medicine of the Meadowlark [add]
13. Secrets of the Village [add]
14. Forest Song [add]
15. Waterfall Maiden [add]

Keepers of the Dream (1995) 01. Lakota Prayer [add]
02. Grandfather, Look at Me! [add]
03. Circling the Four Directions [add]
04. The Fast [add]
05. I Know Who I Am [add]
06. Prairie Chicken Song [add]
07. Muskrat's Blessing [add]
08. Badlands Boy [add]
09. Entering the Spirit Lodge [add]
10. Thunder Beings [add]
11. Traveling Alone [add]
12. Morning Star [add]
13. Blacktail Deer [add]
14. Homecoming [add]
15. Victory! [add]
16. The People Shall Live [add]
17. Call to the Round Dance [add]
18. Strength to You, Lakota Women [add]
19. Sleep, Little One, Sleep [add]

Flash of the Mirror (1996) 01. The New Woodlands [add]
02. The Hiding Place [add]
03. Grandfather Look at Me [add]
04. Rescue Me [add]
05. Four Directions [add]
06. The Flash of the Mirror [add]
07. What's Wrong With My Friend [add]
08. Across the River [add]
09. Faraway Place [add]
10. I'm Leaving [add]
11. Round Dance Song [add]
12. Catch the Light [add]
13. Little Old Lady [add]
14. Muskrat Song [add]
15. Sunrise Song [add]

Open Circle (1996) 01. Amazing Grace [add]
02. Open Circle [add]
03. Look This Way [add]
04. Eagle Bone Prayer [add]
05. Eagle Circles [add]
06. I'm Having a Hard Time [add]
07. Coyote Listens [add]
08. Cherish Grandmother [add]
09. The Flag Song [add]
10. Hoop Dancer [add]
11. Bring It to Me [add]
12. We Shall Marry [add]
13. A Sacred Thing [add]
14. Thunder Horse [add]

First Flute (1999) 01. The First Flute Song [add]
02. Grandfather I'm Sending a Voice [add]
03. Song of the White Buffalo Calf Maiden [add]
04. Before the Gathering of the Clouds [add]
05. Song for Securing Fair Weather [add]
06. Ceyaya Acitonwe [add]
07. Gossiper Song [add]
08. Meadowlark Song [add]
09. A Wind Wears Me [add]
10. Song for the Rustling Tree [add]
11. Grandfather Look at Me [add]
12. Sitting Bulls Medicine Song [add]
13. White Butterfly Honor Song [add]
14. Wapaha Olowan [add]

Midnight Strong Heart (2003) 01. Hand Games [add]
02. Waniya [add]
03. Buffalo Dance [add]
04. Morning Star [add]
05. Inkpata [add]
06. Omimi [add]
07. It's Hard to Be an Indian [Vocal Version] [add]
08. It's Hard to Be an Indian [add]
09. Itancanyapi [Vocal Version] [add]
10. Itancanyapi [instrumental] [add]
11. Midnight Strong Heart [add]
12. A Secret Love [add]
13. Abu Abu [add]

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