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Roosevelt Sykes lyrics
Genre: Blues
Boogie Honky Tonk (0000) 01. Mellow Queen [add]
02. I Wonder [add]
03. Don't Push Me Around [add]
04. Peeping Tom [add]
05. Tonight [add]
06. Sunny Road [add]
07. Flames of Jive [add]
08. Bop de Bip [add]
09. Bobby Sox Blues [add]
10. Kilroy's in Town [add]
11. BVD Blues [add]
12. I'm Her Honeydripper [add]
13. Boogie Honky Tonk [add]
14. Booze Blues [add]
15. Time Wasted on You [add]
16. High as a Georgia Pine [add]

The Return of Roosevelt Sykes (1960) 01. Drivin' Wheel [add]
02. Long, Lonesome Night [add]
03. Set the Meat Outdoors [add]
04. Coming Home [add]
05. Stompin' the Boogie [add]
06. Number Nine [add]
07. Calcutta [add]
08. Selfish Woman [add]
09. Hangover [add]
10. Night Time Is the Right Time [add]
11. Runnin' the Boogie [add]
12. Hey Big Momma [add]

Honeydripper (1961) 01. Miss Ida B. [add]
02. Mislead Mother [add]
03. Yes Lawd [add]
04. I Hate to Be Alone [add]
05. Jailbait [add]
06. Lonely Day [add]
07. Satellite Baby [add]
08. Pocketful of Money [add]
09. She Ain't for Nobody [add]

Roosevelt Sykes Sings the Blues (1962) 01. Slave for Your Love [add]
02. Gone With the Wind [add]
03. Wild Side [add]
04. Out on a Limb [add]
05. Honey Child [add]
06. Never Loved Like This Before [add]
07. Last Chance [add]
08. Casual Friend [add]
09. Your Will Is Mine [add]
10. Hupe Dupe Do [add]

Blues (1963) 01. Sweet Old Chicago [add]
02. Don't Care Blues [add]
03. 47th Street Jive [add]
04. Memphis Slim Rock [add]
05. 44 Blues [add]
06. Security Blues [add]
07. R.S. Stomp [add]
08. Ran the Blues Out of My Window [add]
09. All My Money's Gone [add]
10. Woman in Elaine, Arkansas [add]
11. The Mistaken Life [add]
12. The Sweet Root Man [add]
13. The Thing [add]
14. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone [add]

Honeydripper's Duke's Mixture (1971) 01. Going Down Slow [add]
02. Ice Cream Freezer [add]
03. Lost My Boogie [add]
04. Sweet Georgia Brown [add]
05. St. James Infirmary [add]
06. Honeysuckle Rose [add]
07. Basin Street Blues [add]
08. Rock Me [add]
09. A Woman in Demand [add]
10. Dirty Mother for You [add]

Dirty Double Mother (1973) 01. Double Dirty Mother [add]
02. Persimmon Pie [add]
03. I Wanna Love [add]
04. Look a Here [add]
05. Jookin' in New Orleans [add]
06. May Be Scandal [add]
07. Double Breasted Woman [add]
08. Dooky Chase Boogie [add]
09. Life Is a Puzzle [add]
10. .44 Rifle Blues [add]
11. Watch'l Go Getter [add]

Feel Like Blowing My Horn (1973) 01. Feel Like Blowing My Horn [add]
02. My Hamstring's Poppin' [add]
03. I'm a Nut [add]
04. Blues Will Prank With Your Soul [add]
05. Sykes Gumboogie [add]
06. Rock-A-Bye Birdie [add]
07. Moving Blues [add]
08. All Days Are Good Days [add]
09. Eagle Rock Me Baby [add]
10. Jubilee Time [add]

Hard Drivin' Blues (1975) 01. Kickin' Motor Scooter [add]
02. Red-Eyed Jesse Bell [add]
03. I Like What You Do (When You Do What You Did Last Night) [add]
04. New Fire Detective Blues [add]
05. North Gulfport Boogie [add]
06. Watch Your Step (If You Just Can't Be Good) [add]
07. Ho! Ho! Ho! [add]
08. Key to Your Heart [add]
09. We Gotta Move [add]
10. Dresser Drawers [add]
11. Living the Right Life [add]
12. Run This Boogie [add]
13. Slidell Blues [add]
14. Mistake in Life [add]
15. You So Small [add]
16. Concentration Blues [add]
17. She's Got Me Straddle a Log [add]

Is Blue and Ribald (1977) 01. Ice Cream Freezer [add]
02. Too Many Fingers [add]
03. It Hurts So Good [add]
04. Get Back, Baby [add]
05. Buggy Ride [add]
06. E.Z. Cherry [add]
07. Dirty Mother for You [add]
08. Put Up or Shut Up [add]
09. Peach in Egypt [add]
10. The Woman Is in Demand [add]
11. Thanks, But No Thanks [add]
12. Ace Boogie [add]

Original Honeydripper [live] (1978) 01. Cow Cow Blues [add]
02. Drivin' Wheel [add]
03. What I Say [add]
04. Viper's Drag [add]
05. Early Morning Blues [add]
06. Dirty Mother for You [add]
07. I'm a Nut [add]
08. Running the Boogie [add]
09. Honeysuckle Rose [add]
10. Too Smart Too Soon [add]
11. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
12. I Like What You Did [add]
13. Please Don't Talk About Me [add]

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