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The Shells lyrics
Genre: R&B
Golden Classics (1989) 01. Baby Oh Baby lyrics
02. On My Honor [add]
03. A Toast to Your Birthday [add]
04. Baby, Walk on In [add]
05. Pleading No More [add]
06. Deep in My Heart [add]
07. Happy Holiday [add]
08. What's in an Angel's Eyes [add]
09. My Cherie [add]
10. Explain It to Me [add]
11. Don't Say Goodbye [add]
12. Better Forget Him [add]
13. Sippin' Soda [add]
14. An Island Unknown [add]
15. In the Dim Light of the Dark [add]
16. Pretty Little Girl [add]
17. Sweetest One [add]
18. My Royal Love [add]

Badder Than Badd (1993) 01. So Fine [add]
02. Be Sure My Love [add]
03. The Closer You Are [add]
04. If You Were Gone from Me [add]
05. Life Is But a Dream [add]
06. Ooo Baby Baby [add]
07. I'm a Happy Man [add]
08. Dream [add]
09. Fine Little Girl [add]
10. I'm on the Outside (Looking In) [add]
11. Happy Holiday [add]
12. Bad Girl [add]
13. Oh, What a Dream [add]
14. Misty [add]
15. Fine Little Girl - The Bass Mix [add]
16. Baby, Walk on In [add]
17. Session Studio Talk [add]
18. Oh What a Night [add]
19. Baby Oh Baby lyrics
20. The Way You Do the Things You Do [add]

Golden Hits (1995) 01. Baby Oh Baby lyrics
02. Deep in My Heart [add]
03. Baby, Walk on In [add]
04. An Island Unknown [add]
05. What's in an Angels Eyes [add]
06. My Royal Love [add]
07. My Cherie [add]
08. Explain It to Me [add]
09. Pleading No More [add]
10. Baby Oh Baby [Acappella Version] [add]
11. Rehersal Session Talk [add]
12. Can't Take It [add]
13. O-Mi-Yummi-Yummi [add]
14. Better Forget Him [add]
15. In the Doghouse Now [add]
16. Cry Baby Cry [add]
17. Explain It to Me [#] [add]
18. The Drive [add]
19. If You Were Gone from Me [#] [add]
20. A Toast to Your Birthday [add]
21. Love You Never Knew [#] [add]
22. In the Dim Light of the Dark [add]
23. Happy Holiday [add]
24. Don't Say Goodbye [add]
25. Oh, What a Dream [#] [add]
26. If You Were Gone from Me [Acappella Version] [add]
27. Studio Session Talk [add]
28. Do You Love Me [#] [add]
29. Someone up There [add]
30. There's Always Tomorrow [#] [add]
31. Fine Little Girl [add]
32. Will You Miss Me? [add]
33. Sweetest One [add]
34. On My Honor [add]

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