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Maceo Parker lyrics
Genre: R&B
Doin' Their Own Thing (1970) 01. Maceo [add]
02. Got to Getcha [add]
03. Southwick [add]
04. Funky Women [add]
05. Shake It Baby (Keep on Shakin It) [add]
06. Better Half [add]
07. Don't Waste This World Away [add]
08. I Remember Mr. Banks [add]
09. Mag-Poo [add]
10. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) [add]

Us (1974) 01. Soul Power [add]
02. Parrty [add]
03. Show and Tell [add]
04. Drowning in the Sea of Love [add]
05. I Can Play For (Just You & Me) [add]
06. Doing It to Death [add]
07. The Soul of a Black Man [add]

Funky Music Machine (1975) 01. Funky Music Machine [add]
02. I Want to Sing [add]
03. Dreams [add]
04. Feeling Alright [add]
05. Something [add]
06. Born to Wander [add]
07. T.S.U. (Aristocrat of Bands) [Aristocrat of Bands] [add]
08. For No One [add]
09. Make It With You [add]
10. A Funky Tale to Tell [add]

Roots Revisited (1990) 01. Them That Got [add]
02. Children's World [add]
03. Better Get Hit in Yo' Soul [add]
04. People Get Ready [add]
05. Up and Down the East Street [add]
06. Over the Rainbow [add]
07. Jumpin' the Blues [add]
08. In Time [add]

Mo' Roots (1991) 01. Hallelujah, I Love Her So [add]
02. Chicken [add]
03. Let's Get It On lyrics
04. Hamp's Boogie Woogie [add]
05. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) [add]
06. Jack's Back [add]
07. Sister Sadie [add]
08. Daddy's Home [add]
09. Down by the Riverside [add]
10. Southwick [add]

Life on Planet Groove [live] (1992) 01. Shake Everything You've Got [add]
02. Pass the Peas [add]
03. I Got You (I Feel Good) [add]
04. Got to Get U [add]
05. Addictive Love [add]
06. Children's World [add]
07. Georgia on My Mind [add]
08. Soul Power 92 [add]

Southern Exposure (1993) 01. Blues for Shorty Bill [add]
02. Keep on Marching [add]
03. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy [add]
04. Every Saturday Night [add]
05. The Way You Look Tonight [add]
06. Splashin' [add]
07. Walking Home Together [add]
08. Sister Sanctified [add]
09. Fun in the Sun [add]

Maceo - Soundtrack (1994) 01. Cold Sweat [add]
02. Knock on Wood [add]
03. New Moon [add]
04. House Party [add]
05. New Song [add]
06. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man [add]
07. Chameleon [add]
08. Make It Funky [add]
09. C Jam Funk [add]

Funk Overload (1998) 01. Uptown Up [add]
02. Sing a Simple Song [add]
03. Maceo's Groove [add]
04. Elephant's Foot [add]
05. Let's Get It On lyrics
06. Tell Me Something Good [add]
07. Youth of the World [add]
08. We're on the Move lyrics
09. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) [add]
10. Do You Love Me [add]
11. Going in Circles [add]

Dial M-A-C-E-O (2000) 01. Dial M-A-C-E-O [add]
02. Rabbits in the Pea Patch [add]
03. Coin Toss [add]
04. My Baby Love You [add]
05. The Greatest Romance Ever Sold [add]
06. Black Window [add]
07. I've Got Work to Do [add]
08. Simply Tooley [add]
09. Latin Like [add]
10. The Closer I Get to You [add]
11. My Love [add]
12. Homeboy [add]

Made by Maceo (2003) 01. Come by and See [add]
02. Off the Hook [add]
03. Hats Off to Harry [add]
04. Quick Steps [add]
05. Those Girls [add]
06. Moonlight in Vermont [add]
07. Lady Luck [add]
08. Don't Say Goodnight [add]
09. Once You Get Started [add]
10. Those Girls [*/instrumental] [add]
11. Lady Luck (Reprise) [add]

My First Name Is Maceo (2004) 01. Cold Sweat [add]
02. Knock on Wood [add]
03. New Moon [add]
04. House Party [add]
05. New Song [add]
06. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man [add]
07. Chameleon [add]
08. Make It Funky/Funky Good Time/There Was a Time [add]
09. C Jam Funk [add]

School's In! (2005) 01. To Be or Not to Be [add]
02. Basic Funk: 101 [add]
03. What You Know About Funk? [add]
04. ABC [add]
05. Song for My Teacher [add]
06. Speed Reading (It-Si-Bi-Ya) [add]
07. What a Wonderful World [add]
08. Arts & Crafts [add]
09. Advanced Funk [add]
10. I'm Gonna Teach You [add]

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