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Mandrill lyrics
Genre: R&B
Mandrill (1970) 01. Mandrill [add]
02. Warning Blues [add]
03. Symphonic Revolution [add]
04. Rollin' On [add]
05. Peace and Love (Amani Na Mapenzi): Movement I (Birth) /Movement II ... [add]
06. Peace and Love (Amani Na Mapenzi): Movement II (Now) [add]
07. Peace and Love (Amani Na Mapenzi): Movement III (Time) [add]
08. Peace and Love (Amani Na Mapenzi): Movement IV (Encounter) [add]
09. Peace and Love (Amani Na Mapenzi): Movement V (Beginning) [add]
10. Chutney [add]

Mandrill Is (1972) 01. Ape Is High [add]
02. Cohelo [add]
03. Git It All lyrics
04. Children of the Sun [add]
05. I Refuse to Smile [add]
06. Universal Rhythms [add]
07. Lord of the Golden Baboon [add]
08. Central Park [add]
09. Kofijahm [add]
10. Here Today Gone Tomorrow [add]
11. The Sun Must Go Down [add]

Composite Truth (1973) 01. Hang Loose [add]
02. Fencewalk [add]
03. Hagalo [add]
04. Don't Mess With People [add]
05. Polk Street Carnival [add]
06. Golden Stone [add]
07. Out With the Boys [add]
08. Moroccan Nights [add]

Just Outside of Town (1973) 01. Mango Meat [add]
02. Never Die [add]
03. Love Song [add]
04. Interlude [add]
05. Fat City Strut [add]
06. Two Sisters of Mystery [add]
07. Afrikus Retrospectus [add]
08. She Ain't Lookin' Too Tough [add]
09. Aspiration Flame [add]

The Greatest (1977) 01. Greatest Love of All [add]
02. I Always Knew I Had It in Me [add]
03. Ali's Theme [add]
04. Ali Bombaye I and II (Zaire Chant) [add]
05. Greatest Love of All [add]
06. I Always Knew I Had It in Me [add]

We Are One (1977) 01. Can You Get It [add]
02. Funkey Monkey [add]
03. Happy Beat [add]
04. Giles Hines [add]
05. Holiday [add]
06. Closer to You [add]
07. Love One Another [add]

New Worlds (1978) 01. Having a Love Attack [add]
02. Don't Stop [add]
03. Too Late [add]
04. Mean Streets [add]
05. Third World Girl [add]
06. It's So Easy Lovin' You [add]
07. When You Smile [add]
08. Stay Tonite [add]

Live at Montreux 2002 (2006) 01. Outta Da Bush [add]
02. Mandrill [add]
03. Rollin' On [add]
04. Cohelo [add]
05. Hang Loose [add]
06. Mango Meat [add]
07. Peace and Love (Amani Na Mapenzi) [add]
08. House of Wood [add]
09. Git It All lyrics
10. Fencewalk [add]

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