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L.T.D. lyrics
Genre: R&B
Love, Togetherness & Devotion (1974) 01. To the Bone [add]
02. Elegant Love [add]
03. Not on Your Life [add]
04. Gestures Unfulfilled [add]
05. What Goes Around [add]
06. Success [add]
07. Thank You Mother [add]
08. How Could You Be So Cold? [add]
09. I Told You I'd Be Back [add]
10. Lucky Day [add]

Gittin' Down (1975) 01. Don't Lose Your Cool [add]
02. Groove for a Little While [add]
03. Your Love Is the Answer [add]
04. Eldorado Joe [add]
05. Tryin to Find a Way [add]
06. Ain't No Way [add]
07. It's You [add]
08. Look in My Eyes [add]
09. Churn Baby Churn [add]
10. Sweet Thang [add]
11. You Can Be Free [add]

Love to the World (1976) 01. Love to the World [add]
02. Time for Pleasure [add]
03. Love Ballad [add]
04. Get Your It Together [add]
05. Let the Music Keep Playing [add]
06. The Word [add]
07. Love to the World [add]

Something to Love (1977) 01. Age of the Showdown [add]
02. (Won't Cha) Stay with Me [add]
03. (Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again [add]
04. You Come First at Last [add]
05. We Party Hearty [add]
06. If You're in Need [add]
07. Never Get Enough of Your Love [add]
08. Make Someone Smile, Today! [add]
09. Material Things [add]

Togetherness (1978) 01. Holding on (When Love Is Gone) [add]
02. We Both Deserve Each Other's Love [add]
03. Jam [add]
04. You Must Have Known I Needed Love [add]
05. Don't Stop Loving Me Now [add]
06. It's Time to Be Real [add]
07. Concentrate on You [add]
08. You Fooled Me [add]
09. Together Forever [add]
10. Let's All Live and Give Together [add]

Devotion (1979) 01. One on One [add]
02. Share My Love [add]
03. Stand up to L.T.D. [add]
04. Say What You'll Be Mine [add]
05. Dancing 'N' Sing 'N' [add]
06. Sometimes [add]
07. Promise You'll Stay [add]
08. Stranger [add]
09. Feel It [add]

Shine On (1980) 01. You Gave Me Love [add]
02. Where Did We Go Wrong? [add]
03. Getaway [add]
04. Will Love Grow [add]
05. Love Is What You Need [add]
06. Shine On [add]
07. Lovers Everywhere [add]
08. Lady Love [add]
09. Don't Cha Know [add]

Love Magic (1981) 01. Kickin' Back [add]
02. Burnin Hot [add]
03. Cuttin' It Up [add]
04. Stay on the One [add]
05. Love Magic [add]
06. April Love [add]
07. It Must End [add]
08. Now [add]

For You (1983) 01. For You [add]
02. Stop on By [add]
03. Is It Over [add]
04. Steppin' Out (Wid Ma Baby) [add]
05. Slick [add]
06. Caught in the Middle of Goodbye [add]
07. Watcha Gonna Do [add]
08. Party With You All Night [add]

Marry You (1999) 01. Marry You [add]
02. Hold U [add]
03. Jeremiah 33:3 [add]
04. Curb [add]
05. Mean Matter [add]
06. You Don't Know [add]
07. Back in Love Again [add]
08. Where Did We Go Wrong? [add]
09. We Both Deserve Each Other's Love [add]
10. Stranger [add]
11. Holding on (When Love Is Gone) [add]
12. Concentrate on You [add]
13. Love Ballad [add]
14. Oasis [add]

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