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LaBelle lyrics
Genre: R&B
LaBelle (1971) 01. Morning Much Better [add]
02. You've Got a Friend [add]
03. Baby's Out of Sight [add]
04. Time and Love [add]
05. Too Many Days [add]
06. Runnin' Out of Fools/If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody [add]
07. Shades of Differences [add]
08. Heart Be Still [add]
09. Wild Horses [add]
10. Time [add]
11. When the Sun Comes Shining Through (The Ladder) [add]

Moon Shadow (1972) 01. Won't Get Fooled Again [add]
02. Moonshadow [add]
03. People Say They're Changing [add]
04. Sunday's News [add]
05. If I Can't Have You [add]
06. Ain't It Sad All Over [add]
07. Peace With Yourself [add]
08. Touch Me All Over [add]
09. I Believe That I've Finally Made It Home [add]

Pressure Cookin' (1973) 01. Pressure Cookin' [add]
02. Something in the Air [add]
03. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised [add]
04. Sunshine (Woke Me up This Morning) [add]
05. (Can I Speak to You Before You Go To) Hollywood? [add]
06. Mr. Music Man [add]
07. Goin' on a Holiday [add]
08. Let Me See You in the Light [add]
09. Open up Your Heart [add]
10. Last Dance [add]

Nightbirds (1974) 01. Lady Marmalade lyrics
02. Somebody Somewhere [add]
03. Are You Lonely? [add]
04. It Took a Long Time [add]
05. Don't Bring Me Down [add]
06. What Can I Do for You? [add]
07. Nightbird [add]
08. Space Children [add]
09. All Girl Band [add]
10. You Turn Me On [add]

Chameleon (1976) 01. Get You Somebody New [add]
02. Come into My Life [add]
03. Isn't It a Shame [add]
04. Who's Watching the Watcher? [add]
05. Chameleon [add]
06. Gypsy Moths [add]
07. A Man in a Trenchcoat (Voodoo) [add]
08. Going Down Makes Me Shiver [add]

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