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Kool & the Gang lyrics
Genre: R&B
Kool and the Gang (1969) 01. Kool & the Gang [add]
02. Breeze & Soul [add]
03. Chocolate Buttermilk [add]
04. Sea of Tranquility [add]
05. Give It Up [add]
06. Since I Lost My Baby [add]
07. Kool's Back Again [add]
08. The Gang's Back Again [add]
09. Raw Hamburger [add]
10. Let the Music Take Your Mind [add]

Live at the Sex Machine (1971) 01. What Would the World Be Like Without Music/Let the Music Take Your Mi [add]
02. Walk on By [add]
03. Chocolate Buttermilk [add]
04. Trying to Make a Fool of Me [add]
05. Who's Gonna Take the Weight? [add]
06. Pneumonia [add]
07. Wichita Lineman [add]
08. I Want to Take You Higher [add]
09. Funky Man [add]
10. The Touch of You [add]
11. Kool It (Here Comes the Fuzz) [add]

Live at P.J.'s (1971) 01. N.T. [add]
02. Ricksonata [add]
03. Sombrero Sam [add]
04. Ronnie's Groove [add]
05. Ike's Mood/You've Lost That Loving Feeling [add]
06. Lucky for Me [add]
07. Dujii [add]
08. The Penguin [#/*] [add]

Music Is the Message (1972) 01. Music Is the Message [add]
02. Electric Frog, Pt. 1 [add]
03. Electric Frog, Pt. 2 [add]
04. Soul Vibrations [add]
05. Love the Life You Live, Pts. 1 & 2 [add]
06. Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart) [add]
07. Blowin' With the Wind [add]
08. Funky Granny [add]

Good Times (1972) 01. Good Times [add]
02. Country Junky [add]
03. Wild Is Love [add]
04. North, East, South, West [add]
05. Making Merry Music [add]
06. I Remember John W. Coltrane [add]
07. Rated X [add]
08. Father, Father [add]

Wild and Peaceful (1973) 01. Funky Stuff [add]
02. More Funky Stuff [add]
03. Jungle Boogie [add]
04. Heaven at Once [add]
05. Hollywood Swinging [add]
06. This Is You, This Is Me [add]
07. Life Is What You Make It [add]
08. Wild and Peaceful [add]

Light of Worlds (1974) 01. Street Corner Symphony [add]
02. Fruitman [add]
03. Rhyme Tyme People [add]
04. Light of Worlds [add]
05. Whiting H. & G. [add]
06. You Don't Have to Change [add]
07. Higher Plane [add]
08. Summer Madness [add]
09. Here After [add]

Spirit of the Boogie (1975) 01. Spirit of the Boogie [add]
02. Ride the Rhythm [add]
03. Jungle Jazz [add]
04. Sunshine and Love [add]
05. Ancestral Ceremony [add]
06. Mother Earth [add]
07. Winter Sadness [add]
08. Caribbean Festival [add]

Love & Understanding (1976) 01. Love and Understanding (Come Together) [add]
02. Sugar [add]
03. Do It Right Now [add]
04. Cosmic Energy [add]
05. Hollywood Swinging [live] [add]
06. Summer Madness [live] [add]
07. Universal Sound [live] [add]
08. Come Together [add]

Ladies Night (1979) 01. Ladies Night [add]
02. Got You into My Life [add]
03. If You Feel Like Dancin' [add]
04. Hangin' Out [add]
05. Tonight's the Night [add]
06. Too Hot [add]

Celebrate! (1980) 01. Celebration [add]
02. Jones vs. Jones [add]
03. Take It to the Top [add]
04. Morning Star [add]
05. Love Festival [add]
06. Just Friends [add]
07. Night People [add]
08. Love Affair [add]

Something Special (1981) 01. Steppin' Out [add]
02. Good Time Tonight [add]
03. Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It) [add]
04. Be My Lady [add]
05. Get Down on It [add]
06. Pass It On [add]
07. Stand Up and Sing [add]
08. No Show [add]

As One (1982) 01. Street Kids [add]
02. Big Fun [add]
03. As One [add]
04. Hi de Hi, Hi de Ho [add]
05. Let's Go Dancin' (Ooh, la, la, La) [add]
06. Pretty Baby [add]
07. Think It Over [add]

In the Heart (1983) 01. In the Heart [add]
02. Joanna [add]
03. Tonight [add]
04. Rollin' [add]
05. Place for Us [add]
06. Straight Ahead [add]
07. Home Is Where the Heart Is [add]
08. You Can Do It [add]
09. September Love [add]

Emergency (1984) 01. Emergency [add]
02. Fresh [add]
03. Misled [add]
04. Cherish [add]
05. Surrender [add]
06. Bad Woman [add]
07. You Are the One [add]

Forever (1986) 01. Victory [add]
02. T.B.M.C. [add]
03. Stone Love [add]
04. Holiday [add]
05. Forever [add]
06. Peacemaker [add]
07. Broadway [add]
08. Special Way [add]
09. God's Country [add]

Sweat (1989) 01. I Sweat [add]
02. This Is What a Love Can Do [add]
03. Never Give Up [add]
04. You Got My Heart on Fire [add]
05. Someday [add]
06. Raindrops [add]
07. In Your Company [add]
08. I'll Follow You Anywhere [add]
09. All She Wants to Do Is Dance [add]
10. How Can I Get Close to You [add]
11. You Are the Meaning of Friend [add]

Unite (1993) 01. (Jump on the) Rhythm and Ride [add]
02. I Think I Love You [add]
03. Love Come Down [add]
04. Pretty Little Sexy Miss [add]
05. Better Late Than Never [add]
06. Heart [add]
07. My Search Is Over [add]
08. Wkool/Summer [add]
09. B. Ball/Brown [add]
10. Give Right Now to You [add]
11. State of the Earth/The Weight [add]
12. Show Us the Way to Love [add]
13. Now Is the Time/Unite [add]
14. Klassical Kool/God Will Find You [add]
15. Spatial Relationships [add]

State of Affairs (1996) 01. Salute to the Ladies [add]
02. In the Hood [add]
03. Color Line [add]
04. Second Thoughts [add]
05. Crabs in a Barrel [add]
06. Woman, Lover, Friend [add]
07. Game of Love [add]
08. '90s News [add]
09. Life in the '90s [add]
10. Friends [add]
11. My Body [add]
12. Reunited [add]

Gangland (2001) 01. Bigg Thanks [add]
02. Mo Bigg Thangs [add]
03. Blow Up [add]
04. Where da Boogie At? [add]
05. Turn It Out [add]
06. Jungle in My House [add]
07. Money Makes the World Go Round [add]
08. Ballin' in Chilltown [add]
09. That's Right [add]
10. All My Time [add]
11. Early in the Morning [add]
12. Cherish [add]
13. Hit Me on the Hip [add]
14. Goody Goody [add]
15. Concrete Jungle [add]
16. Funk Done Gone Hip Hop [add]

The Hits: Reloaded (2004) 01. Jones vs. Jones [add]
02. Jungle Boogie [add]
03. Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It) [add]
04. Hollywood Swinging [add]
05. Too Hot [add]
06. Ladies Night [add]
07. Cherish [add]
08. No Show [add]
09. Let's Go Dancin' (Ooh, la, la, La) [add]
10. Summer Madness [add]
11. Jazziacs at the Kool Jazz Caf? [add]

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