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Combatwoundedveteran lyrics
Genre: Rock
I Know a Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos (2004) 01. My Spine! My Spine! My Spine! [add]
02. Watching Stock Car Racing on My Wedding Night [add]
03. Propaganda Films Shot With a Sitcom Script [add]
04. Assassination Attempt, Pt.2 [add]
05. I Talk, You Listen [add]
06. Tou'll Never Be Where I Am, Ever in Your Life [add]
07. Fuck the Ghouls [add]
08. Mercury Streams, The Proliferation of Foreign Matter [add]
09. One Arm Left [add]
10. Folded Space - Lead Poisoning & Distortion [add]
11. You Win, I'm Stupid [add]
12. Appendix: Proportion Zero [add]
13. Operation: Head Superimposed [add]
14. You Make Statements Concerning Things That You Know Nothing About [add]
15. Christ, My Leg Is Sore [add]
16. Let the Surgical Strike Begin [add]
17. One Third of the Perfect Man [add]
18. The 7-10 Split [add]
19. The Party Asteroid Apocalypse [add]

This Is Not an Erect, All Red Neon Body (2004) 01. Eat More Blood Money [add]
02. With Love, Your Mother [add]
03. I Gotta Slingshot, Wanna Get Hurt? [add]
04. Completed in Three Easy Steps [add]
05. Six! Two! Two! Mayhem [add]
06. Put Em in a Body Bag Johnny [add]
07. The Brown Tie Is a Clip-On [add]
08. Dead Parent, Yeah! [add]
09. Kill L-I-N-C-O-L-N [add]
10. Some People Ask Too Many Questions [add]
11. The Tri-Lamb Shadowkick Meltdown [add]
12. God, Guns, & Guts [add]
13. Put Your Weight on It [add]
14. Ted Me and Al Green [add]
15. Dance, Asshole [add]
16. Say Yes, To Cathode Ray Rock [add]
17. Cumbersom Ant People [add]
18. We Stix Butter [add]
19. My Foot, The Catheter [add]
20. .....and Other Sinister Motives [add]
21. Economic Downturn With the Kung Fu Grip [add]
22. Hank Cut Out His Bowels Again [add]
23. I Talk, You Listen [Version-Lo-Fi] [add]
24. Rox in a Blender [add]
25. Kill the Translator [add]
26. Shit X 1000 [add]
27. I'm Sweet, I'm Sexy, I'm Oh So Chocolate [add]
28. Plastic Bullets Are So '84 [add]
29. I Hope You Get Cancelled [add]
30. I've Gotta Slingshot, Wanna Get Hurt? [add]
31. The Rise of a Thousand Prosthetic Limbs [add]
32. What the Hell? [add]
33. Shit [add]
34. Also Comes in Red, Orange, And Fuck You [add]
35. Disembowelment at Room Temperature [add]
36. Blaque Hair Dye, Aisle 6 [add]
37. "Jane, You Ignorant Slut"/Power Failure in the Suburbs [add]
38. Operation: Super Imposed Head [add]
39. And When I Swing Around I Will Destroy You [add]
40. Q: What Kind Of (A Band) Name Is Scrutum Grinder? A: A Bad One [add]
41. We Are Geniuses [add]
42. Asshole Means I Am Better Than You [add]

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