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Tavares lyrics
Genre: R&B
Check It Out (1974) 01. If That's the Way You Want It [add]
02. Strangers in Dark Corners [add]
03. That's the Sound That Lonely Makes [add]
04. Check It Out [add]
05. Wish You Were With Me Mary [add]
06. I'll Never Say Never Again [add]
07. Little Girl [add]
08. Let's Make the Best of What We Got [add]
09. I'm in Love [add]
10. Mama's Little Girl [add]

Hard Core Poetry (1974) 01. Someone to Go Home To [add]
02. She's Gone lyrics
03. My Ship [add]
04. Leave It up to the Lady [add]
05. To Love You [add]
06. Too Late [add]
07. Remember What I Told You to Forget [add]
08. What You Don't Know [add]
09. Hard Core Poetry lyrics

In the City (1975) 01. It Only Takes a Minute [add]
02. Fool's Hall of Fame [add]
03. The Love I Never Had lyrics
04. Nothing You Can Do [add]
05. In the Eyes of Love [add]
06. Ready, Willing, and Able [add]
07. We Fit to a Tee [add]
08. Free Ride [add]
09. I Hope She Chooses Me [add]
10. In the City [add]

Sky High! (1976) 01. Mighty Power of Love [add]
02. Ridin' High [add]
03. To the Other Man [add]
04. Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel [add]
05. Bein' With You [add]
06. Wonderful [add]
07. Guiding Star lyrics
08. Don't Take Away the Music [add]

Love Storm (1977) 01. Whodunit [add]
02. Keep in Touch [add]
03. I Wanna See You Soon [add]
04. Fool of the Year [add]
05. Watchin' the Woman's Movement [add]
06. One Step Away [add]
07. Out of the Picture [add]
08. The Going Ups and Coming Downs [add]
09. Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) [add]

Future Bound (1978) 01. Ghost of Love [add]
02. Timber [add]
03. We're Both Ready for Love [add]
04. All I See Is You [add]
05. Slow Train to Paradise [add]
06. Honey Can I [add]
07. More Than a Woman [add]
08. Feel So Good [add]

Madame Butterfly (1979) 01. Straight from Your Heart [add]
02. Games, Games [add]
03. Madame Butterfly [add]
04. Let Me Heal the Bruises [add]
05. Never Had a Love Like This Before [add]
06. One Telephone Call Away [add]
07. My Love Calls [add]
08. Positive Forces [add]
09. I'm Back for More [add]

New Directions (1982) 01. A Penny for Your Thoughts [add]
02. I Hope You'll Be Very Unhappy Without Me [add]
03. Got to Find My Way Back to You [add]
04. Mystery Lady [add]
05. Maybe We'll Fall in Love Again [add]
06. Abr Ca Dabra Love You Too [add]
07. The Skin You're In [add]
08. Wanna Be Close to You [add]

Words and Music (1983) 01. Ten to One [add]
02. Deeper in Love [add]
03. Caught Short [add]
04. My All in All [add]
05. Words and Music [add]
06. Baby I Want You Back [add]
07. I Really Miss You Baby [add]
08. Don't Play So Hard to Get [add]
09. Us and Love [add]

Live Hits (1996) 01. Bad Times [add]
02. Neve Had a Love Like This Before [add]
03. I Hope You'll Be Very Unhappy Without Me [add]
04. You Are the Words, You Are the Music [add]
05. Don't Take Away the Music [add]
06. She's Gone lyrics
07. It Only Takes a Minute [add]
08. Remeber What I Told You to Forget [add]
09. Whodunit [add]
10. Check It Out [add]
11. Turn Your Love Around [add]
12. More Than a Woman [add]
13. Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel [add]

Center Stage: Live (2000) 01. Bad Times [add]
02. Never Had a Love Like This Before [add]
03. Can't Take the Blame for Losing You [add]
04. You Are the Words [add]
05. Medley: Don't Take Away the Music/She's Gone/It Only Takes a Minute [add]
06. Motown Philly [add]
07. Turn Your Love Around [add]
08. More Than a Woman [add]
09. Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel [add]

Whodunit - Live (2005) 01. Whodunit [add]
02. Straight from the Heart [add]
03. Bein' with You [add]
04. Love Uprising [add]
05. Timber [add]
06. I Wanna See You Soon [add]
07. Loneliness [add]
08. Loveline [add]
09. Never Had a Love Like This Before [add]
10. I Can't Go on Living Without You [add]
11. Turn out the Nightlight [add]
12. (Goodnight My Love) Pleasant Dreams [add]

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