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Bodies Lay Broken lyrics
Genre: Rock
Eximinous Execration of Exiguous Exequies (2003) 01. Exutory Exsufflicate Exenterating Exertion [add]
02. Edacious Florid Vacciniform Prurigo [add]
03. Stercoraceous Affusion to Throttling Cataplexy [add]
04. Embrocate Indiscutient Hirudinea Poultice [add]
05. Larviposited Embolic Divulsing Laparocele [add]
06. Gustative Hygric Ventral Caseation [add]
07. Ectopic Dropsy and Debridement [add]
08. Lichen Planus Malaxated Rowens [add]
09. Iatraliptic Gaster Myxorrhea Humectant [add]
10. Prodromal Mesenterium Torose Ramex [add]
11. Muciparous Lienteric Unguent Enterolavage [add]
12. Ribald Icteric Caseous Effrontery [add]
13. Importunate Harrying Malactic Clyster [add]
14. Foramen into Petechial Granulomatous Hepatopathy [add]
15. Catheter Debouch Rodomontade Ronchi [add]
16. Pants Down in the Graveyard [add]
17. Ichorrhemia (Excernent Proctalgic Excrescency, Pt.2) [add]
18. Gatism Palliating Carminative Agar [add]
19. Disploding Acute Catarrhal Rhinitis [add]
20. Acedic Intransigent Bougienage Hordeolum [add]
21. Torelmous Bilchric Ardentiate Odynodynia [add]
22. Hemalcelt Recrulse Obfuscate Obturator [add]
23. Obstreperous Ectocommensal Obeisant Obtund [add]
24. Nepthalora Imneupichum Qintulmirted Discountenance [add]
25. Gangroidal Femitidinous Albeit Lesionitized Musca Domestica [add]
26. Bapalsick Kinentumaceaton Frenculacing Inhumnanceous Tortua [add]
27. No Exit [add]

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