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Mesa Music Consort lyrics
Genre: New Age
Ceremonies of Dusk and Dawn (1992) 01. Clan Gatherings [add]
02. Cry of Shadows [add]
03. Conferring Powers [add]
04. Rain-In-The-Face Invocations [add]
05. Prayers of Flight [add]
06. Interpreting Past Spirits [add]
07. Courage Chant [add]
08. West Wind Facings [add]
09. Drumming for Dawn [add]

Spirit Feathers/Mesa Music Consort (1994) 01. Winged Processional [add]
02. Council of the Flocks [add]
03. Many Feathers' Chant [add]
04. Flight of Beauty [add]
05. Feather Clan Gatherings [add]
06. Bear's Message [add]
07. Gossiping Sparrows [add]
08. Bird & Man's Council [add]
09. Dove's Dance [add]

Spirits of the Wild (1996) 01. Cougar Dreams [add]
02. Spirit of the Geese [add]
03. Rattlesnake's Medicine [add]
04. Grandfather Crow's Joke [add]
05. Runs Wiht Thunder Meets Two Legs [add]
06. The Ocean's Blessing [add]
07. Wolf Woman Calls Hawk Spirit [add]
08. Cricket's and Coyote's Desert Ritual [add]
09. Elk's Sacred Circle [add]
10. Frog's Healing Chant [add]

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