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Kazu Matsui lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Sign of the Snow Crane (1989) 01. Sign of the Snow Crane [add]
02. The Snow Dance [add]
03. Morning Mist Across the Sea [add]
04. Love on the Moon [add]
05. That Empty Sky [add]
06. The Desert [add]
07. Farther On [add]
08. Turtles in the Rain Forest [add]
09. The Dream Walk [add]

Wheels of the Sun (1993) 01. Lotus Flower [add]
02. Sunfish [add]
03. Ark in the Desert [add]
04. Red Sea [add]
05. Silk Roots [add]
06. Wheels of the Sun [add]
07. Three Years on the Stone [add]
08. Water Buffalo [add]
09. Cargo and Oyster [add]
10. Bakemono Shuffle [add]

Wind (1995) 01. El Condor Pasa [add]
02. Flower Children [add]
03. Crow [add]
04. Village Stone [add]
05. Wind of Pueblo [add]
06. Princes of the Moon [add]
07. Eyes of the Condor [add]
08. Pine Tree [add]
09. Bronze Bow [add]

Is That the Way to Your Heart (1996) 01. Is That the Way to Your Heart [add]
02. Mystery Girl [add]
03. How to Handle Love [add]
04. Let's Pretend [add]
05. Music Inside You [add]
06. Song in Blue [add]
07. Music Inside You [add]
08. Ariana [add]
09. Romantic Notions [add]
10. Fireflies [add]
11. Don't You Know That? [add]
12. Break Away Gently [add]

Tribal Mozart (1997) 01. Kilamanjaro in B Flat [add]
02. C Minor for the Orcas [add]
03. Circle Dance, E Flat [add]
04. G Minor over the Mosques [add]
05. Savannah in D Major [add]
06. Tribal Mozart [add]
07. Rainy G Minor [add]
08. D Major into the Forest [add]
09. Through the Grasses With B Flat [add]
10. Amadeus in the Mist [add]

Tribal Schubert (1999) 01. Tribal Lullaby [add]
02. Forest Trout [add]
03. With Lotus Flower [add]
04. Wild Rose of the Night [add]
05. Tribal Schubert [add]
06. At the Eastern Rim [add]
07. North Sea Fire [add]
08. Against the Wind [add]
09. This Empty Sky [add]
10. Steps into the Air [add]

Bamboo (2002) 01. Shrine [add]
02. Black Bird and the Bamboo Forest [add]
03. Small Monk, Opening the Gate [add]
04. Sign of the Snow Crane [add]
05. Dancing in the Remaining Lights [add]
06. Talking With Rice Spirit [add]
07. Up in the Sky [add]
08. Legend of the Lake [add]
09. Riding With the Sword [add]
10. The Desert [add]

The Stone Monkey (2005) 01. The Edge of Sunrise [add]
02. The Stone Monkey [add]
03. Shadow of Its Soul [add]
04. Praising a Temple [add]
05. Red Forest [add]
06. Planting Seeds [add]
07. Windows of the Dome [add]
08. Ancient Longing Dance [add]
09. Eye of the Moon [add]
10. Crow [add]

Pioneer (2006) 01. Love Is Gone [add]
02. Sentimental Slow Song [add]
03. Afternoon Delight [add]
04. I Close My Eyes [add]
05. Love Is Where You Find It [add]
06. See You There [add]
07. Romantic Notion [add]
08. Ariana [add]
09. Castles [add]
10. Overture [add]
11. Standing on the Outside [add]
12. Standing in the Wings [add]
13. Sail to the Sun [add]
14. Sunset and the Minstrel [add]
15. Farther On [add]
16. The Direction You Take [add]

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