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To Live & Shave in L.A. lyrics
Genre: Rock
Vedder, Vedder, Bed Wetter (1995) 01. 5 Seconds off Your Ass [add]
02. Grams, Path [add]
03. Pig off, Ass Full [add]
04. Bucks Rears and Throws the Rider [add]
05. Dungstar Supervivisect! [add]
06. Throws Cunt a Tear [add]
07. O. Ruddock D. "H.S. Mauberly" [add]
08. Long-Drawn and Staccato "Lousy Dime" [add]
09. Shits upon the Debris and Burnsz [add]
10. Handballed "Viet"-Clasp [add]
11. The The, Which Radiance Overdrenched [add]
12. In Such Wise She Cannot Stir [add]
13. Miff Mole, Witch-Leery Scott [add]
14. Shut the Second She Clawed [add]
15. Rug Trilogy: Christus [add]
16. Like the Two-Part "Nod" [add]
17. Night to the HM Threshold [add]
18. M. Polk, Prop. [add]
19. Cobwebs With "Trap" Primrose [add]
20. Glas Employed an Urn [add]
21. Schwann Death in June Reference [add]
22. "Good Bait" Made Butt of Insult [add]
23. The Sink Mentioned in the Scriptures [add]
24. Rubberist, Unwept [add]
25. The Perms [add]
26. And Hammer, the Crown of Thorns [add]
27. From Gloss "Polytope" Flexi [add]
28. "A", the Swinging She-River [add]
29. Blind Hole Without a Piss-Eye [add]
30. "Ulalume"/Frame Decal Split [add]
31. Brother Falling, Twat from Fool [add]
32. Left Bro. At Doors [add]
33. T.C.B. Drop-Skirt [add]
34. Die, One and Five [add]

An Interview with the Mitchell Brothers (1996) 01. Death [add]
02. Gruppen [add]
03. Blue Collar'd [add]
04. Interview [add]
05. Helen Butte's [add]
06. Bennett/No Dick [add]
07. Spirits Rejoice [add]
08. Noise Symphony [add]
09. Rockin' the Fillmore! [add]

Helen Butte Vs. Madonna Pussy Badsmell (1996) 01. Root of Pop Compulsion [add]
02. Tina Russell, Free [add]
03. Take a Lot of Ofay [add]
04. The Ass God [add]
05. Open City '72 [add]
06. Shit If They Hit [add]
07. Spelvin, The Righteous Bush [add]
08. Veinsearchin' [add]
09. Superhype Security Probe [add]
10. My Third Decade of Ultrafuck [add]
11. Crypt Rocket, Tomb Rocket, Turd Rocket [add]
12. The "Six" in the Six Wolves [add]
13. Mizrahi Speculum [add]
14. I Learn to Inject Morphia [add]
15. Lady Dedlock [add]
16. Hypercuff [add]
17. A Low Mass Will Be Said [add]
18. I Suppress Nothing [add]
19. Wanna Bust Up a Virgin Ass? [add]
20. One Navel of Decline [add]
21. Rexroth, Cozy Cool [add]
22. I Used to Pay a Heavy Bribe [add]
23. Kama Sutra '71 [add]
24. Anne's Eager Bottom [add]
25. Shivman Destroys Spoonman [add]
26. "Godspike" Soph. Hoax [add]
27. Theresa Soder in My Hot Hands [add]
28. Television's Over [add]
29. American Car [add]
30. Gone and Bitched Up [add]
31. I Slur a Name [add]
32. Tealink [add]
33. First Pop Novice [add]
34. Lock of Gut Twine [add]
35. Balling Andrea True [add]
36. Bataille= No Stipe [add]
37. In the Assworks [add]

Noon and Eternity (2006) 01. This Home and Fear [add]
02. Early 1880s [add]
03. Percent Obstruct Street [add]
04. Mothers over Silverpoint [add]

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