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Mac Davis lyrics
Genre: Country
Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me (1972) 01. Dream Me Home [add]
02. The Lonesomest Lonesome [add]
03. Everybody Loves a Love Song [add]
04. Naughty Girl [add]
05. Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife [add]
06. Half and Half (Song for Sarah) [add]
07. Baby, Spread Your Love on Me [add]
08. Whoever Finds This, I Love You [add]
09. Poor Boy Boogie [add]
10. Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me [add]
11. The Words (Don't Come Easy) [add]

I Believe in Music (1972) 01. I Believe in Music lyrics
02. Hollywood Humpty Dumpty [add]
03. Little Less Conversation [add]
04. In the Eyes of My People [add]
05. Watching Scotty Grow lyrics
06. Yesterday and You [add]
07. Christmas Carol [add]
08. Sarah Between the Lines [add]
09. Something's Burning [add]
10. Poem for My Little Lady [add]

Mac Davis (1973) 01. The Way You Look Today lyrics
02. Everything a Man Could Ever Need [add]
03. Sunshine [add]
04. I'll Paint You a Song [add]
05. Woman Cryin' [add]
06. Feel Like Crying [add]
07. Chop No Wood [add]
08. Lovin' You, Lovin' Me [add]
09. Beginning to Feel the Pain [add]
10. Your Side of the Bed [add]

All the Love in The World (1974) 01. Rock'n Roll (I Gave You the Best Years of My Life) [add]
02. I Still Love You (You Still Love Me) [add]
03. Boogie Woogie Mama [add]
04. Magic Mystery [add]
05. Every Woman [add]
06. If You Add All the Love in the World [add]
07. Freedom Trail [add]
08. Smiley [add]
09. Fall in Love With Your Wife [add]
10. Emily Suzanne lyrics
11. Biff the Friendly Purple Bear [add]

Stop and Smell the Roses (1974) 01. Stop and Smell the Roses lyrics
02. Soft, Sweet Fire [add]
03. The Sweetest Song [add]
04. Two Plus Two [add]
05. The Birthday Song [add]
06. One Hell of a Woman lyrics
07. A Poor Man's Gold [add]
08. Lucas Was a Redneck [add]
09. Good Friends and Fireplaces [add]

Burnin' Thing (1975) 01. Burning Thing [add]
02. I Feel the Country Callin' Me [add]
03. Put Another Notch in Your Belt [add]
04. Special Place in Heaven [add]
05. Honeysuckle Magic [add]
06. You're Gonna Love Yourself [add]
07. I Still Love You [add]
08. Hits Just Keep on Coming [add]
09. Sweet Dreams and Sarah [add]
10. Rufus Was a Redneck [add]
11. Jimmy Brown Song [add]

Forever Lovers (1976) 01. The Good Times We Had [add]
02. I'm Just in Love [add]
03. Forever Lovers [add]
04. Tears in Cathy's Eyes [add]
05. I'm a Survivor [add]
06. Baby I Just Ain't the Man [add]
07. Please Tell Her That I Said [add]
08. I Won't Want to Own You [add]
09. The Love Lamp [add]
10. Every Now and Then [add]

Thunder in the Afternoon (1977) 01. Thunder in the Afternoon [add]
02. Picking up the Pieces of My Life [add]
03. The Morning Side [add]
04. Plastic Saddle [add]
05. Do It [add]
06. Please Be Gentle [add]
07. Jennifer Johnson and Me [add]
08. Where Did the Good Times Go? [add]
09. Play Me a Little Traveling Music [add]
10. When I Dream [add]

Fantasy (1978) 01. Music in My Life [add]
02. You Are [add]
03. I Don't Want to Get Over You [add]
04. Dreams That Last Forever [add]
05. Shee Moe Foe [add]
06. Fantasy [add]
07. For No Reason at All [add]
08. Sad Girl [add]
09. Melting in the Moonlight [add]
10. If There Were Only Time for Love [add]

It's Hard to Be Humble (1980) 01. It's Hard to Be Humble lyrics
02. Greatest Gift of All lyrics
03. Let's Keep It That Way [add]
04. It Was Time [add]
05. Gravel on the Ground [add]
06. Tequila Sheila lyrics
07. I Will Always Love You lyrics
08. Why Don't We Sleep on It [add]
09. I Wanta Wake Up with You [add]
10. I Know You're Out There Somewhere [add]

Texas in My Rear View Mirror (1980) 01. Texas in My Rear View Mirror [add]
02. Hooked on Music [add]
03. Remember When [add]
04. Me 'N' Fat Boy [add]
05. Hot Texas Night [add]
06. Sad Songs [add]
07. Hello Hollywood [add]
08. Rodeo Clown [add]
09. Secrets [add]
10. In the Eyes of My People [add]

Midnight Crazy (1981) 01. Midnight Crazy [add]
02. Dammit Girl [add]
03. I've Got the Hots for You [add]
04. You're My Bestest Friend [add]
05. Comfortable [add]
06. Tell Me Your Fantasies [add]
07. You Are So Lovely [add]
08. Kiss It and Make It Better [add]
09. Something's Burning [add]
10. Float Away [add]

Forty 82 (1982) 01. Lying Here Lying [add]
02. It's Written All Over Your Face [add]
03. Late at Night [add]
04. Love You Ain't Seen the Last of Me [add]
05. Beer Drinkin' Song [add]
06. She's Steppin' Out [add]
07. Good Ol' Boys [add]
08. Shame on the Moon [add]
09. Spending Time Making Love and Going Crazy [add]
10. Quiet Times [add]

Soft Talk (1984) 01. Caroline's Still in Georgia [add]
02. Good News Bad [add]
03. Patch of Blue [add]
04. Most of All [add]
05. Soft Talk [add]
06. Springtime in Dixie [add]
07. Nickel Dreams [add]
08. Put a Bar in My Car [add]
09. Deep Down [add]
10. I've Got a Dream [add]

Till I Made It with You (1985) 01. I Never Made Love (Till I Made It With You) [add]
02. Too Big for Words [add]
03. Shake, Ruby, Shake [add]
04. Rainy Day Lovin' [add]
05. Regrets [add]
06. A Special Place in Heaven [add]
07. Save That Dress [add]
08. I Think I'm Gonna Rain [add]
09. I Feel the Country Callin' Me [add]
10. Sexy Young Girl [add]

Will Write Songs for Food (1994) 01. Southern Cookin' [add]
02. In the Ghetto lyrics
03. Full Moon [add]
04. Everyone But Me and You [add]
05. Same Old Song and Dance [add]
06. Texas in My Rear View Mirror [add]
07. Back from the Dead [add]
08. Plain Old Love [add]
09. Watchin' Scotty Grow [add]
10. It Only Hurts When I'm Awake [add]
11. If She Hadn't Broken My Heart [add]
12. Life Is Hard [add]
13. Brand New Lease on Life [add]

A Man Don't Cry (1995) 01. Why Can't I Be Like the Others [add]
02. A Man Don't Cry [add]
03. Once Was the Time of Man [add]
04. Standing in the Need of Love [add]
05. Hey Monkey [add]
06. Honey Love [add]
07. Looking at Linda [add]
08. You're Riding for a Fall [add]
09. Poor Loser [add]
10. With a Little Touch of Love [add]

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