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Mark Whitfield lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Forever Love (0000) 01. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
02. Some Other Time [add]
03. My One and Only Love [add]
04. Nature Boy [add]
05. It Never Entered My Mind [add]
06. Some Other Spring [add]
07. Early Autumn [add]
08. Forever [add]
09. I Wanna Talk About You [add]
10. Only the Lonely [add]

The Marksman (1990) 01. The Marksman [add]
02. The Blues, from Way Back [add]
03. In a Sentimental Mood [add]
04. A Long Way from Home [add]
05. Medgar Evers' Blues [add]
06. Little Digi's Strut [add]
07. The Very Thought of You [add]
08. Namu [add]
09. There Is No Greater Love [add]

Patrice (1991) 01. Go Down Moses [add]
02. Dear Father [add]
03. Lady of the Day [add]
04. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen [add]
05. Baby M's Bayou Blues [add]
06. Patrice [add]
07. Midnight Sun [add]
08. David's Theme [add]
09. Bee's Blues [add]
10. Brother Jack [add]
11. Trouble at the South Bend [add]
12. We'll Be Together Again [add]

Mark Whitfield (1993) 01. Strollin' [add]
02. Freddie Freeloader [add]
03. That Girl [add]
04. You Know What I Like [add]
05. The Joy of Love & Peace [add]
06. Sweet, Sweet Love [add]
07. Maya [add]
08. More Than You Know [add]
09. Salvation of MRT [add]
10. BB's Journey [add]
11. What's New? [add]
12. Runnin' With the Ooze [add]

True Blue (1994) 01. Blues for Davis Alexander [add]
02. Save Your Love for Me [add]
03. Immanuel the Redeemer [add]
04. Quik Pik's Blues [add]
05. Mr. Syms [add]
06. Bershire Blues [add]
07. Blues for Baby Boy [add]
08. Girl Talk [add]
09. Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are [add]
10. Pslam 91 [add]
11. The Mystery of Love Everlasting [add]
12. Blues for Alice [add]
13. John and Mamie [add]

7th Ave. Stroll (1995) 01. Washington Square Thoroughfare [add]
02. Harlem Nocturne [add]
03. 7th Ave. Stroll [add]
04. A Brooklyn Love [add]
05. Businessman's Bounce [add]
06. Spring in Manhattan [add]
07. Sunday in New York [add]
08. The Bowery Blues [add]
09. Sunset at Waterside [add]
10. Headin to the Wes' Side [add]
11. Autumn in New York [add]

Take the Ride (1999) 01. Isis [add]
02. The Playah's Bop [add]
03. U 'N' I [add]
04. Slam [add]
05. Slide [add]
06. Crescent [add]
07. Take the Ride [add]
08. When My Soul Cry's Out [add]
09. Angel [add]
10. Steppin' Off [add]
11. When I Think of You [add]
12. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World [add]

Soul Conversation Featuring Mark Whitfield & JK (2000) 01. Whatever It Takes [add]
02. Talk to Me [add]
03. Reflections of You [add]
04. Miami Sunset [add]
05. Visions [add]
06. Hand to Mouth [add]
07. Secrets [add]
08. In the Backseat [add]
09. 69th Street [add]
10. On the Edge [add]
11. Unzipped [add]

Raw (2000) 01. Ducktones [add]
02. A Beautiful Intuition [add]
03. Alone Together [add]
04. A Brooklyn Love [add]
05. Tell Me a Bedtime Story [add]

Mark Whitfield Featuring Panther (2005) 01. After the Mix [add]
02. Ordinary Love [add]
03. Fantasy [add]
04. The Show [add]
05. Circles [add]
06. Always Up [add]
07. Guitar on Top [add]
08. Isis [add]
09. Runnin' Round [add]
10. Bitter Gift [add]
11. Sum Drums [add]
12. Move Mountains [add]
13. Lies [add]
14. Oblation [add]

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