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Johnny "Hammond" Smith lyrics
Genre: Jazz
That Good Feelin' (0000) 01. Goin' Places [add]
02. Sweet Cookies [add]
03. (I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over [add]
04. Pennies From Heaven [add]
05. Easy Like [add]
06. Secret Love [add]
07. All Soul [add]
08. That Good Feelin' [add]
09. Bye Bye Blackbird [add]
10. Autumn Leaves [add]
11. I'll Remember April [add]
12. Billie's Bounce [add]
13. My Funny Valentine [add]
14. Puddin' [add]

All Soul (0000) 01. (I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over [add]
02. All Soul [add]
03. Easy Like [add]
04. Pennies From Heaven [add]
05. Goin' Places [add]
06. Sweet Cookies [add]
07. Secret Love [add]

Gettin' the Message (0000) 01. Dementia [add]
02. Princess [add]
03. Gettin' the Message [add]
04. Swanee River [add]
05. Just Say So Long [add]
06. Lid Flippin' [add]

Look Out! (0000) 01. Soul Grits [add]
02. Let's Everybody Say Amen [add]
03. There'll Never Be a Love [add]
04. Upset [add]
05. Que Sera Baby [add]
06. I'm Glad There Is You [add]
07. Clemente [add]

Good 'Nuff (0000) 01. Good 'Nuff [add]
02. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen [add]
03. Sonja's Dreamland [add]
04. Besame Mucho [add]
05. Y'all [add]
06. Neck Bones [add]
07. Delicious [add]

Johnny Hammond Smith Cooks with Gator Tail (0000) 01. Sonja's Dreamland [add]
02. Delicious [add]
03. Besame Mucho [add]
04. Neck Bones [add]
05. Good 'Nuff [add]
06. Y'all [add]
07. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen [add]

Black Coffee [live] (0000) 01. Black Coffee [add]
02. Monterey Theme [add]
03. I Remember Clifford [add]
04. Far Away Places [add]
05. Rufus Toofus [add]
06. Body and Soul [add]
07. He's a Real Gone Guy [add]

Mr. Wonderful (0000) 01. Blues for DeDe [add]
02. Cyra [add]
03. Opus 2 [add]
04. Lambert's Lodge [add]
05. Departure [add]
06. Mr. Wonderful [add]
07. Blues on Sunday [add]
08. Love Letters [add]

Open House (0000) 01. Open House [add]
02. Cyra [add]
03. I Remember You [add]
04. Theme from Cleopatra [add]
05. Blue for de-De [add]
06. Why Was I Born? [add]
07. I Love You [add]
08. Nica's Dream [add]
09. Cleopatra and the African Knight [add]
10. Bennie's Diggin' [add]
11. Brake Through [add]
12. Eloise [add]
13. A Little Taste [add]
14. Twixt the Sheets [add]

The Stinger (0000) 01. Stinger [add]
02. There Is No Greater Love [add]
03. Brother John [add]
04. Cleopatra and the African Knight [add]
05. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
06. Bennie's Diggin' [add]

The Stinger Meets the Golden Thrush (0000) 01. The Golden Thrush [add]
02. Oriole [add]
03. How I Lost My Love [add]
04. Broadway [add]
05. If I Rule the World [add]
06. Stormy Monday [add]
07. Make Someone Happy [add]
08. Time After Time [add]
09. On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever) [add]
10. Blue Jay [add]

Love Potion #9 (0000) 01. A Taste of Honey [add]
02. Blues on Sunday [add]
03. The Impossible Dream [add]
04. The Shadow of Your Smile [add]
05. Kimberley's Delight [add]
06. Love Potion No. 9 [add]
07. Sunny [add]
08. Up Comes Monday [add]

Gettin' Up (0000) 01. Knock on Wood [add]
02. The Sin-In [add]
03. Ebb Tide [add]
04. Stand by Me [add]
05. The "In" Crowd [add]
06. Summertime [add]
07. Gettin' Up [add]
08. The Soulful Blues [add]

Soul Flowers (0000) 01. NYPD [add]
02. Dirty Apple [add]
03. Days of Wine and Roses [add]
04. Ode to Billie Joe [add]
05. You'll Never Walk Alone [add]
06. Alfie [add]
07. Tara's Theme (My Own True Love) [add]
08. Here Comes That Rainy Day [add]
09. I Got a Woman [add]

Dirty Grape (0000) 01. Dirty Grape [add]
02. Animal Farm [add]
03. Black Strap Molasses [add]
04. She's Gone Again [add]
05. Hi-Heel Sneakers [add]
06. To Sir With Love [add]
07. Love Is a Hurting Thing [add]
08. Please Send Me Someone to Love [add]

Nasty (0000) 01. If I Were a Bell [add]
02. Speak Low [add]
03. Song for My Father [add]
04. Unchained Melody [add]
05. Nasty [add]
06. Four Bowls of Soup [add]

Soul Talk (0000) 01. Purty Dirty [add]
02. This Guy's in Love With You [add]
03. Soul Talk [add]
04. All Soul [add]
05. Up to Date [add]

Black Feeling! (0000) 01. Johnny Hammond Boogaloo [add]
02. Black Feeling [add]
03. Kindra [add]
04. Dig on It [add]
05. When Sunny Gets Blue [add]
06. Soul Talk [add]

Here It 'tis (0000) 01. Stormy [add]
02. You Made Me So Very Happy [add]
03. Here It 'Tis [add]
04. Gina D [add]
05. Danny Boy [add]
06. The Nubs [add]

Talk That Talk (1960) 01. Talk That Talk [add]
02. An Affair to Remember [add]
03. The End of a Love Affair [add]
04. Minors Allowed [add]
05. Rip Tide [add]
06. Misty [add]
07. Bennie's Diggin' [add]
08. A Portrait of Jennie [add]
09. Swanee River [add]
10. Just Say So Long [add]
11. Lid Flippin' [add]
12. Gettin' the Message [add]
13. Princess [add]
14. Dementia [add]

Stimulation (1961) 01. Spring Is Here [add]
02. Ribs and Chips [add]
03. Cry Me a River [add]
04. Invitation [add]
05. Que Pasa [add]
06. Because You Left Me [add]
07. Stimulation [add]
08. Sticks and Stones [add]

Opus de Funk (1961) 01. Sticks and Stones [add]
02. Because You Left Me [add]
03. Ribs an' Chips [add]
04. Cry Me a River [add]
05. Que Pasa? [add]
06. Invitation [add]
07. Spring Is Here [add]
08. Stimulation [add]
09. Opus de Funk [add]
10. Almost Like Being in Love [add]
11. Autumn Leaves [add]
12. Sad Eyes [add]
13. Gone With the Wind [add]
14. If Someone Had Told Me [add]
15. Shirley's Theme [add]

A Little Taste (1963) 01. Nica's Dream [add]
02. Cleopatra and the African Knight [add]
03. Bennie's Diggin' [add]
04. Brake Through [add]
05. Eloise [add]
06. A Little Taste [add]
07. Twixt the Sheets [add]

Ebb Tide (1967) 01. The Sin-In [add]
02. Stand by Me [add]
03. Knock on Wood [add]
04. The Soulful Blues [add]
05. Ebb Tide [add]
06. Summertime [add]
07. Gettin' Up [add]
08. The "In" Crowd [add]

Breakout (1971) 01. It's Too Late [add]
02. Workin' on a Groovy Thing [add]
03. Never Can Say Goodbye [add]
04. Blues Selah [add]
05. Breakout [add]

What's Goin' On (1971) 01. What's Going On [add]
02. Smokin' Cool [add]
03. L and J [add]
04. I'll Be There [add]
05. Between the Sheets [add]

Wild Horses/Rock Steady (1971) 01. Rock Steady [add]
02. Who Is Sylvia? [add]
03. Peace Train [add]
04. I Don't Know How to Love Him [add]
05. It's Impossible [add]
06. Wild Horses [add]

Prophet (1972) 01. Prophet [add]
02. Tomorrow Belongs to the Children [add]
03. Witchy Woman [add]
04. Thunder and Lightning [add]
05. Stand Behind Me [add]
06. Corner of the Sky [add]

Gambler's Life (1974) 01. Gambler's Life [add]
02. Rhodesian Thoroughfare [add]
03. This Year's Dream [add]
04. Star Borne [add]
05. Back to the Projects [add]
06. Yesterday Was Cool [add]
07. Virgo Lady [add]
08. Call On Me [add]

Higher Ground (1974) 01. Catch My Soul [add]
02. Summertime/The Ghetto [add]
03. Higher Ground [add]
04. Big Sur Suite [add]

Gears (1975) 01. Tell Me What to Do [add]
02. Los Conquistadores Chocolates [add]
03. Lost on 23rd Street [add]
04. Fantasy [add]
05. Shifting Gears [add]
06. Can't We Smile? [add]

Wild Horses/Rock Steady [Japan] (2001) 01. Rock Steady [add]
02. Who Is Sylvia? [add]
03. Peace Train [add]
04. I Don't Know How to Love Him [add]
05. It's Impossible [add]
06. Wild Horses [add]

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