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David "Fathead" Newman lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Concrete Jungle (0000) 01. Knocks Me off My Feet [add]
02. Save Your Love for Me [add]
03. Blues for Ball [add]
04. Dance of the Honey Bee and the Funky Fly [add]
05. Distant Lover [add]
06. Concrete Jungle [add]
07. Sun Seeds [add]

Heads Up (0000) 01. Ain't Misbehavin' [add]
02. Makin' Whoopee [add]
03. Heads Up [add]
04. Delilah [add]
05. Lover Man [add]
06. For Buster [add]

Fire! Live at the Village Vanguard (0000) 01. Old Devil Moon [add]
02. Chenya [add]
03. Slippin' Down [add]
04. Wide Open Spaces [add]
05. Lonely Avenue [add]
06. Filthy McNasty [add]
07. Blues for Ball [*] [add]
08. Hard Times [*] [add]

Under a Woodstock Moon (0000) 01. Nature Boy [add]
02. Amandla [add]
03. Up Jumped Spring [add]
04. Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most [add]
05. Autumn in New York [add]
06. Sky Blues [add]
07. Another Kentucky Sunset [add]
08. Summertime [add]
09. Sunrise [add]
10. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square [add]
11. Skylark [add]
12. Under a Woodstock Moon [add]

Fathead: Ray Charles Presents David Newman (1958) 01. Hard Times [add]
02. Weird Beard [add]
03. Willow Weep for Me [add]
04. Bill for Bennie [add]
05. Sweet Eyes [add]
06. Fathead [add]
07. Mean to Me [add]
08. Tin Tin Deo [add]

Straight Ahead (1960) 01. Batista's Groove [add]
02. Skylark [add]
03. Night of Nisan [add]
04. Cousin Slim [add]
05. Summertime [add]
06. Congo Chant [add]

Fathead Comes On (1963) 01. Hello There [add]
02. Cellar Groove [add]
03. Lady Day [add]
04. Unchain My Heart [add]
05. Alto Sauce [add]
06. Esther's Melody [add]
07. Scufflin' [add]

House of David (1967) 01. I Wish You Love [add]
02. One Room Paradise [add]
03. Little Sister [add]
04. Miss Minnie [add]
05. Just Like a Woman [add]
06. House of David [add]
07. Blue New [add]
08. The Holy Land [add]

Bigger & Better (1968) 01. Yesterday [add]
02. And I Love Her [add]
03. The Thirteenth Floor [add]
04. Ain't That Good News [add]
05. A Change Is Gonna Come [add]
06. For Sylvia [add]

Captain Buckles (1970) 01. Captain Buckles [add]
02. Joel's Domain [add]
03. Something [add]
04. Blue Caper [add]
05. The Clincher [add]
06. I Didn't Know What Time It Was [add]
07. Negus [add]

Lonely Avenue (1971) 01. Fuzz [add]
02. Precious Lord [add]
03. Symphonette [add]
04. Lonely Avenue [add]
05. 3/4 of the Time [add]
06. Fire Weaver [add]

The Weapon (1972) 01. Missy [add]
02. Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong [add]
03. You Can't Always Get What You Want [add]
04. Yes We Can Can [add]
05. Happy Times [add]
06. Drown in My Own Tears [add]
07. Freedom for the Stallion [add]

Newmanism (1973) 01. Baby Rae [add]
02. Song for the New Man [add]
03. Violet Don't Be Blue [add]
04. Foxy Brown [add]
05. Newmanism [add]
06. Sweet Tears [add]
07. Let Me Know [add]
08. Brandy [add]

Mr. Fathead (1976) 01. Dance With Me [add]
02. Groovin' to the Music [add]
03. You Got Style [add]
04. Promise Me Your Love [add]
05. I Love Music [add]
06. Mashooganah [add]
07. Shiki [add]
08. Ebo Man [add]

Keep the Dream Alive (1977) 01. Keep the Dream Alive [add]
02. As Good as You Are [add]
03. Destiny [add]
04. Silver Morning [add]
05. Freaky Beat [add]
06. I Am Singing [add]
07. Clouds [add]

Front Money (1977) 01. Amazing Grace [add]
02. Sneakin' In [add]
03. Still Hard [add]
04. Front Money [add]
05. Pharaoh's Gold [add]
06. So Fine- So Fine [add]
07. Suki Duki [add]

Scratch My Back (1979) 01. One Step at a Time [add]
02. You Gotta Keep Dancin' [add]
03. Two Can Do It [add]
04. Scratch My Back [add]
05. Rock Me Baby [add]
06. After the Ball [add]
07. The Buggs [add]

Still Hard Times (1982) 01. Shana [add]
02. Blisters [add]
03. One for My Baby (And One More for the Road) [add]
04. To Love Again [add]
05. Still Hard Times [add]
06. Please Send Me Someone to Love [add]
07. Shana [*] [add]
08. To Love Again [*] [add]
09. Still Hard Times [*] [add]

Blue Head (1989) 01. Strike up the Band [add]
02. Blue Head [add]
03. Willow Weep for Me [add]
04. Blues for David [add]
05. What's New? [add]
06. Eye Witness Blues [add]

Mr. Gentle Mr. Cool (1994) 01. Don't Get Around Much Anymore [add]
02. Prelude to a Kiss [add]
03. Mr. Gentle and Mr. Cool [add]
04. Almost Cried [add]
05. I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart [add]
06. Azure [add]
07. What Am I Here For? [add]
08. Happy Reunion [add]
09. Come Sunday [add]
10. Creole Love Call [add]
11. Jeep's Blues [add]

Chillin' (1999) 01. Take the Coltrane [add]
02. Return to Paradise [add]
03. The Whole Tzimmes [add]
04. These Foolish Things [add]
05. Invitation [add]
06. Chillin' [add]
07. Caravan [add]
08. Red Top [add]

Keep the Spirits Singing (2001) 01. Keep the Spirits Singing [add]
02. Mellow-D for Mr.C [add]
03. Cousin Esau [add]
04. Karen My Love [add]
05. Willow Weep for Me [add]
06. Life [add]
07. Asia Beat [add]

Davey Blue (2002) 01. Cellar Groove [add]
02. Cristo Redentor [add]
03. For Stanley [add]
04. A Child Is Born [add]
05. Black [add]
06. Amandla [add]
07. Davey Blue [add]
08. Freedom Jazz Dance [add]

The Gift (2003) 01. The Gift [add]
02. Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying [add]
03. Off the Hook [add]
04. Unspeakable Times [add]
05. Little Sonny's Tune [add]
06. Lady Day [add]
07. Unchain My Heart [add]
08. Ksue [add]

Song for the New Man (2004) 01. Visa [add]
02. Time After Time [add]
03. Shakabu [add]
04. Song for the New Man [add]
05. Passing Through [add]
06. Fast Lane [add]
07. Lonesome Head [add]
08. When I Fall in Love [add]
09. This I Dig of You [add]

I Remember Brother Ray (2005) 01. Hit the Road Jack [add]
02. Georgia On My Mind [add]
03. When Your Lover Has Gone [add]
04. Drown in My Tears [add]
05. Deed I Do [add]
06. It Had to Be You [add]
07. Ruby [add]
08. Them That Got (I Ain't Got Nothing Yet) [add]

Cityscape (2006) 01. Goldfinger [add]
02. Pharoah's Gold [add]
03. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing [add]
04. Bu Bop Bass [add]
05. Here Comes Sonny Man [add]
06. It Was a Very Good Year [add]
07. Flankin [add]
08. Sheakin' In [add]
09. Suki Duki [add]

Into the Bliss: A Kirtan Experience [CD/DVD] (2006) 01. Jai Ganesha [add]
02. Rama Bolo [add]
03. Amba Bhavani [add]
04. Jai Radhe/Hare Krishna [add]
05. Shiva Shambho [add]
06. Hanuman Chalisa/Sita Ram [MP3 Track] [add]
07. Jai Ganesha [DVD] [add]
08. Rama Bolo [DVD] [add]
09. Amba Bhavani [DVD] [add]
10. Jai Radhe/Hare Krishna [DVD] [add]
11. Shiva Shambho [DVD] [add]

Life (2007) 01. Girl Talk [add]
02. Life [add]
03. Alfie [add]
04. I Can't Get Started [add]
05. Old Folks [add]
06. Autumn in New York [add]
07. Come Sunday [add]
08. What a Wonderful World [add]
09. Naima [add]

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