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Lu Watters lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Lu Watters (1947) 01. Cake Walking Babies from Home [add]
02. Antigua Blues [add]
03. Beale Street Blues [add]
04. Chattanooga Stomp [add]
05. Jazzin' Babies Blues [add]
06. Snake Rag [add]

Together Again (1963) 01. Irish Black Bottom [add]
02. C.C. Rider [add]
03. Big Bear Stomp [add]
04. Shake That Thing [add]
05. Coal Cart Blues [add]
06. Baby Won't You Please Come Home? [add]
07. Pastime Rag #5 [add]
08. St. Louis Blues [add]
09. Snake Rag [add]
10. Black and White Rag [add]
11. Sunset Cafe Stomp [add]
12. Struttin' With Some Barbeque [add]
13. Riverside Blues [add]
14. Weary Blues [add]
15. Tin Roof Blues [add]
16. Dallas Blues [add]
17. Willie the Weeper [add]

Blues over Bodega (1964) 01. San Andreas Fault [add]
02. See See Rider [add]
03. The Villain [add]
04. Some of These Days [add]
05. Blues Over Bodega [add]
06. Willie the Weeper [add]
07. Pork and Beans [add]
08. San Francisco Bay Blues [add]
09. Emperor Norton's Hunch [add]

Bunk and Lu (1988) 01. At a Georgia Camp Meeting [add]
02. Irish Black Bottom [add]
03. Original Jelly Roll Blues [add]
04. Smoky Mokes [add]
05. Maple Leaf Rag [add]
06. Memphis Blues [add]
07. Black and White Rag [add]
08. Muskrat Ramble [add]
09. Careless Love [add]
10. 2:19 Blues [add]
11. The Girls Go Crazy About the Way I Walk [add]
12. When I Move to the Sky [add]
13. Ace in the Hole [add]
14. Ory's Creole Trombone [add]
15. Nobody's Fault But Mine [add]
16. Down by the Riverside [add]

Live at Hambone Kelly's, Vol. 2 (1994) 01. Come Back Sweet Papa [add]
02. Melancholy [add]
03. Tar Paper Stomp [add]
04. Memphis Blues [add]
05. Struttin' With Some Barbecue [add]
06. Home [add]
07. Ory's Creole Trombone [add]
08. Sister Kate [add]
09. Muskrat Ramble [add]
10. Shake That Thing [add]
11. Dallas Blues [add]
12. Willie the Weeper [add]
13. Bill Bailey [add]
14. Doctor Jazz [add]
15. Canal Street Blues [add]
16. Strut, Miss Lizzie [add]

Live at Hambone Kelly's (1994) 01. How Come You Do Me Like You Do? [add]
02. Frankie and Johnny [add]
03. High Society [add]
04. Big Butter and Egg Man [add]
05. I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody (Like I'm Loving You) [add]
06. Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me [add]
07. Trouble in Mind [add]
08. Grandpa's Spells [add]
09. Down Home Rag [add]
10. Love Me or Leave Me [add]
11. Sage Hen Strut [add]
12. You Can Depend on Me [add]
13. Irish Black Bottom [add]
14. Sidewalk Blues [add]
15. Lawd, You Made the Night Too Long [add]
16. St. Louis Blues [add]
17. Sweet Georgia Brown [add]
18. Daddy Do [add]
19. A Good Man Is Hard to Find [add]
20. Skid-Dat-De-Dat [add]
21. I Found a New Baby [add]

Live at Hambone Kelly's, Vol. 3 (1995) 01. Some of These Days [add]
02. West Texas Blues [add]
03. Smoky Mokes [add]
04. Alcoholic Blues [add]
05. Cake Walking Babies from Home [add]
06. St. Louis Blues [add]
07. Grandpa's Spells [add]
08. Yellow Dog Blues [add]
09. New Orleans Stomp [add]
10. Five Foot Two [add]
11. Richard M. Jones Blues (AKA All Night Blues) [add]
12. Maple Leaf Rag [add]
13. Dusky Stevedore [add]
14. Original Dixieland One-Step [add]
15. Skid-Dat-De-Dat [add]
16. Trouble in Mind [add]
17. Irish Black Bottom [add]
18. Terrible Blues [add]
19. Kind Chanticleer [add]

Doing The Hambone At Kelly's, Vol. 2 [live] (2002) 01. Maple Leaf Rag [add]
02. Ostrich Walk [add]
03. Chanticleer [add]
04. St. James Infirmary [add]
05. Oh by Jingo [add]
06. Doin' the Hambone [add]
07. I Wish I Was in Peoria [add]
08. My Little Bimbo [add]
09. Auntie Skinner's Chicken Dinners [add]
10. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out [add]
11. Sailing Down Chesapeake Bay [add]
12. Silver Dollar [add]
13. Ballin' the Jack [add]
14. Alabamy Bound [add]
15. Ragtime Rufus [add]
16. Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey [add]
17. Doctor Jazz [add]
18. Irish Black Bottom [add]
19. Beale Street Blues [add]
20. Shake That Thing [add]
21. Tin Roof Blues [add]
22. Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave to Me [add]
23. Royal Garden Blues [add]
24. Sweet Georgia Brown [add]

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