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Snowboy lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Pit Bull Latin Jazz (1996) 01. Go Snow, Go [add]
02. L4 Cuero [add]
03. There's Nothing Like This [add]
04. Havana Club [add]
05. What the Hell's Going On [add]
06. Mambo Tumbadora [add]
07. Little Man [Machito] [add]
08. The East Harlem Qickstep [add]
09. The Sound of the Berimbau [add]
10. Toque y Canto Para Dada [add]

Descarga Mambito (1996) 01. Bella Bella [add]
02. Mambito [add]
03. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning [add]
04. Mambo in Two Parts [add]
05. Where's the One? [add]
06. Snow-Snow-Quick-Quick-Snow [add]
07. Descarga Mozambique [add]

Something's Coming (1996) 01. September Rains (Intro) [add]
02. Salute to Elegua [add]
03. The Flintstones [add]
04. Dreamstate [add]
05. Greetings from Southend-On-Sea [add]
06. 42nd and Broadway [add]
07. Interlude in Son [add]
08. Dilo Como Yo [add]
09. Anarchy in the U.K. [add]
10. Something's Coming [add]
11. Chant to Aggayu [add]
12. Somewhere/Tonight [add]

Mambo Rage (1998) 01. Mambo for Max [add]
02. Sesenta y Uno [add]
03. Half Step [add]
04. Tierra Va Temblar [add]
05. Mambo Rage [add]
06. The New Avengers [add]
07. Time, Gentlemen, Please [add]
08. The S.P. [add]
09. Cloudburst [add]

The Soul of Snowboy (2000) 01. September Rain (Intro) [add]
02. Where Is the Love? [add]
03. Girl Overboard [add]
04. The New Avengers [add]
05. I Am the Man [add]
06. Lucky Fellow [add]
07. Funky d'Jembe [add]
08. Jazzkuti [add]
09. 24 for Betty Page [add]
10. Astralisation [add]
11. Where Id the Love? (Reprise) [add]

Afro Cuban Jazz (2000) 01. Oya Ye Ye [add]
02. Aguacero [add]
03. Interlude [add]
04. El Campeon del Mambo [add]
05. Blues Para T [add]
06. Straight from the Gate [add]
07. Ofrenda [add]
08. Descarga Angixi [add]

Snowboy Presents the Hi-Hat: The True Jazz Dance Sessions (2000) 01. Caravan [add]
02. Cabo Frio [add]
03. Upa, Neguinho [add]
04. Not Enough Mama [add]
05. You and the Night and the Music [add]
06. A Time for Me to Fly [add]
07. Brasil Nago [add]
08. Brand New Love [add]
09. Beyond the Haze [add]
10. Casa Forte [add]
11. Mosaic [add]
12. Watermelon Man [add]

Beyond the Snowstorm (2001) 01. A Night in Tunisia [add]
02. Wild Spirit [add]
03. Mr. PC [add]
04. Beyond the Snowstorm [add]
05. Mambito [add]
06. Where's the One? [add]
07. Snow Snow Quick Quick Snow [add]
08. The Sound of the Berimbau [add]
09. The New Avengers [add]
10. 42nd and Broadway [add]
11. The Flintstones [add]
12. Anarchy in the U.K. [add]
13. Something's Coming [add]
14. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning [add]
15. L 4 Cuevro [add]
16. There's Nothing Like This [add]
17. Comparsa Enowoy [add]

Para Puente (2002) 01. Chango Moti Awa [add]
02. Puente [add]
03. Los Rumberos de la Habana y Matanzas [add]
04. Two for T [add]
05. Rocky and Perry [add]
06. Barrago [add]
07. 42nd and Broadway [add]

New Beginning (2004) 01. Ochun [add]
02. Carga Tu Bateria [add]
03. Mediodia Hasta Tarde [add]
04. Wilson's Mambo [add]
05. I've Got to Learn to Mambo [add]
06. The Hands of Palmieri [add]
07. Ven Rumbero [add]
08. The Riots of Hadleigh [add]
09. I've Got to Learn to Mambo [Radio Version] [add]

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