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Hoyt Axton lyrics
Genre: Country
Saturday's Child (1963) 01. Saturday's Child [add]
02. Trombone Charlie [add]
03. St James Infirmary [add]
04. Hoochie Koochieman [add]
05. Willie Jean [add]
06. Movin' Down the Line [add]
07. They've Been on Their Jobs Too Long [add]
08. Gambler's Blues [add]
09. Voodoo Blues [add]
10. Angel Cake and Wine [add]
11. Make Me a Pallett [add]
12. Rise Up [add]

Thunder & Lightnin' (1963) 01. Thunder'n Lightnin' [add]
02. Blue Prelude [add]
03. Woman at the Well (Well Meeting Blues) [add]
04. Grizzly Bear (I'm Gonna Tell You a Story) [add]
05. I Never Knew My Father [add]
06. Midnight Special (Sorrowful Midnight Train Blues) [add]
07. This Little Light (I'm Gonna Let My Little Light Shine) [add]
08. Gypsy Woman [add]
09. Water Boy [add]
10. Daddy Walked in Darkness [add]
11. Cocaine Habit Blues [add]
12. House of the Rising Sun [add]

Explodes (1964) 01. L.A. Town [add]
02. Double Double Dare [add]
03. There's a Tiger in the Closet [add]
04. Red White and Blue [add]
05. Young Man [add]
06. ABC Song [add]
07. Big Red [add]
08. Heartbreak Hotel [add]
09. Lonesome Road [add]
10. I'm Wild About My Loving [add]
11. Never Gonna Work [add]
12. I'll Be There [add]

Sings Betty Smith (1964) 01. Waitin' for the Weekend [add]
02. One More Day [add]
03. Got a Crush on You [add]
04. Where the Girls Are [add]
05. Here I Go Again [add]
06. Don't Shoot Me Down [add]
07. Here She Comes [add]
08. Yes I Will [add]
09. Just Add Action [add]
10. Revolution Road [add]
11. Mouthful of Rain [add]
12. The One Who Wants to Hold You [add]
13. Windows [add]
14. Gotta Find That Girl [add]
15. 60's Girls [add]
16. All I Ever Want [add]
17. Let That Big Dog Run [add]

Greenback Dollar (1965) 01. Ox Driver's Song [add]
02. Peggy-O [add]
03. Walking to Georgia [add]
04. Vandy [add]
05. John Henry [add]
06. Greenback Dollar [add]
07. Swananoah Tunnel [add]
08. One Grain of Sand [add]
09. Brisbane Ladies [add]
10. Darlin' [add]
11. 500 Miles [add]
12. Balladeer [add]

Mr Greenback Dollar Man (1965) 01. Greenback Dollar [add]
02. Shepherd [add]
03. Sing in the Sunshine [add]
04. Crawdad [add]
05. Mountain High, Valley Low [add]
06. The Fifth Day of July [add]
07. Jane, Jane, Jane [add]
08. The Happy Song [add]
09. The Far Side of the Hill [add]
10. I Feel the Warmth [add]

My Griffin Is Gone (1969) 01. On the Natural [add]
02. Way Before the Time of Towns [add]
03. Beelzebub's Laughter [add]
04. Sunshine Fields of Love [add]
05. It's All Right Now [add]
06. Gypsy Will [add]
07. Revelations [add]
08. Snow Blind Friend [add]
09. Childhood's End [add]
10. Sunrise [add]
11. Kingswood Manor [add]
12. Chase Down the Sun [add]

Country Anthem (1971) 01. My Carolina Sunshine Girl [add]
02. Jambalaya [add]
03. Officer Ray [add]
04. Epistle [add]
05. Heaven [add]
06. Better Lovin' Man [add]
07. Hey, Mr. Pilot Man [add]
08. Devil [add]
09. Thomas Hall [add]
10. Country Anthem [add]

Joy to the World (1971) 01. Joy to the World [add]
02. Alice in Wonderland [add]
03. Never Been to Spain [add]
04. Pusher [add]
05. Ease Your Pain [add]
06. Have a Nice Day [add]
07. Indian Song [add]
08. California Women [add]
09. Lightning Bar Blues [add]
10. Farther Along [add]
11. Old Time Religion [add]

Less Than the Song (1973) 01. Sweet Misery [add]
02. Less Than the Song [add]
03. Sweet Fantasy [add]
04. Days Are Short [add]
05. Mary Makes Magic [add]
06. Peacemaker lyrics
07. Nothin' to Lose [add]
08. Oklahoma Song [add]
09. Mexico City Hangover [add]
10. Hungry Man [add]
11. Somebody Turned on the Light [add]
12. Blue Prelude [add]

Southbound (1975) 01. I Love to Sing [add]
02. Southbound [add]
03. Lion in the Winter [add]
04. Blind Fiddler [add]
05. Pride of Man [add]
06. Greensleeves [add]
07. The No No Song [add]
08. Nashville [add]
09. Speed Trap [add]
10. Roll Your Own [add]
11. Whiskey [add]
12. In Young Girls Mind [add]
13. Sometimes It's Easy [add]

Fearless (1976) 01. Idol of the Band [add]
02. Evangelina lyrics
03. Flash of Fire [add]
04. Lay Lady Lay [add]
05. Jealous Man [add]
06. Paid in Advance [add]
07. Old Greyhound [add]
08. Stone and a Feather [add]
09. Gypsy Moth [add]
10. Beyond These Walls [add]
11. Penny Whistle Song [add]
12. Devil [add]

Snowblind Friend (1977) 01. You're the Hangnail in My Life [add]
02. Little White Moon [add]
03. Water for My Horses [add]
04. Funeral of the King [add]
05. I Light This Candle [add]
06. Never Been to Spain [add]
07. You Taught Me How to Cry [add]
08. Snowblind Friend [add]
09. Poncho and Lefty [add]
10. Seven Come [add]
11. I Don't Know Why I Love You [add]

Free Sailin' (1978) 01. Bluebird [add]
02. Honky Tonk Music [add]
03. The Way of the World [add]
04. The Heart You Break May Be Your Own [add]
05. Jive Man [add]
06. Free Sailing [add]
07. Them Downers [add]
08. Left My Gal in the Mountains [add]
09. Darrell & Judy [add]
10. Endless Road [add]

Rusty Old Halo (1979) 01. Rusty Old Halo lyrics
02. Della and the Dealer [add]
03. Hotel Ritz lyrics
04. So Hard to Give It All Up [add]
05. Evangelina lyrics
06. Torpedo lyrics
07. Viva Pancho Villa lyrics
08. Wild Bull Rider lyrics
09. In a Young Girl's Mind [add]
10. Gotta Keep Rollin' lyrics

Live! (1981) 01. Roanoke [add]
02. Wild Bull Rider lyrics
03. Flash of Fire [add]
04. Boney Fingers [add]
05. Della and the Dealer [add]
06. When the Morning Comes [add]
07. Evangelina lyrics
08. The No No Song [add]
09. Mel Tillis/Roger Miller Story [add]
10. Lion in the Winter [add]
11. Jealous Man [add]
12. The Devil [add]
13. A Rusty Old Halo [add]
14. Bus Story [add]
15. An Old Greyhound [add]
16. Orange Blossom Special [add]
17. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
18. Maybellene [add]
19. Never Been to Spain [add]
20. Joy to the World [add]

Never Been to Spain (1986) 01. Never Been to Spain [add]
02. You're the Hangnail in My Life [add]
03. Snowblind Friend [add]
04. Poncho and Lefty [add]
05. Water for My Horses [add]
06. Free Sailing [add]
07. The Way of the World [add]
08. You Taught Me How to Cry [add]

American Originals (1993) 01. Never Been to Spain [add]
02. Ease Your Pain [add]
03. Indian Song [add]
04. Lightnin' Bar Blues [add]
05. California Women [add]
06. Joy to the World [add]
07. Alice in Wonderland [add]
08. Pusher [add]
09. Have a Nice Day [add]
10. My Carolina Sunshine Girl [add]
11. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [add]
12. Thomas Hall [add]
13. Devil [add]
14. Epistle [add]
15. Officer Ray [add]
16. Better Lovin' Man [add]
17. Heaven [add]
18. Country Anthem [add]
19. Farther Along/Old Time Religion [add]
20. It's Been Fun [add]

Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog (1995) 01. Joy to to World (Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog) [add]
02. Oh, Susannah [add]
03. Don't You Push Me Down [add]
04. I Had a Rooster [add]
05. Goin' to the Zoo [add]
06. On Top of Spaghetti [add]
07. It's a Small World [add]
08. Straighten Up and Fly Right [add]
09. Pet Parade [add]
10. Big Rock Candy Mountain [add]
11. Jim Along Josie [add]
12. Little White Duck [add]
13. Happy Trails [add]

Lonesome Road (1995) 01. Poor Man's Blues [add]
02. Me and My Gin [add]
03. Lonesome Road [add]
04. Young Man [add]
05. Big Red [add]
06. Send Me to the Electric Chair [add]
07. After You've Gone [add]
08. Nobody Knows When You're Down and Out [add]
09. Red, White, and Blue [add]
10. Bring Me Some Lovin' [add]

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