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The Hi-Risers lyrics
Genre: Rock
Panic! (1998) 01. Panic [add]
02. Paddlin' Daddy [add]
03. My Baby Wants to Know [add]
04. She'll Be My Ruin [add]
05. Devil's Backbone [add]
06. Foundation Rock [add]
07. Back Spasm Baby [add]
08. Scatterbrain [add]
09. Gear Bustin' Sort of a Feller [add]
10. Ain't No Beatle [add]
11. That's Appetizing [add]
12. 18 Wheels of Love [add]
13. My Kid Brother [add]
14. Somebody Lied [add]

In the Spotlight! (2001) 01. One Note Joe [add]
02. Blast Off [add]
03. Goin' Mad [add]
04. My Girl Valvoline [add]
05. That's Gotta Be My Baby [add]
06. Johnny, Jim and Jack [add]
07. Rockin' Spree [add]
08. Gruesome Twosome [add]
09. Smart as a Whip [add]
10. Designated Driver [add]
11. Sparkplug [add]
12. Fun Lovin' Gal [add]
13. Think Link [add]
14. Double Up [add]
15. Co-Education [add]
16. Bam Bam Baby [add]
17. The Night Bo Diddley Came to Town [add]

Lost Weekend (2004) 01. I Found My Baby [add]
02. Spinout City [add]
03. A Girl on Either Arm [add]
04. Tightrope [add]
05. Bugle Ann [add]
06. Ghost of the Surfer Girl [add]
07. In a Place Like This [add]
08. Mile Long Mean Streak [add]
09. Spook Hill [add]
10. You Made Me Look Like Keith [add]
11. Seven Days [add]
12. Wild Romance [add]
13. Marry Crazy Mary [add]
14. Call Me the Wolfman [add]
15. Bigfoot [add]
16. Finger Poppin' Time [add]

That Rock and Roll Beat (2005) 01. Top Shelf [add]
02. That Rock & Roll Beat [add]
03. I Sleep With My Guitar [add]
04. You Can Call Me Chuckels [add]
05. Chasin' Women Catchin' Hell [add]
06. Ex-Appeal [add]
07. Ready Teddy [add]
08. Daddy Mows the Grass [add]
09. Houdini [add]
10. My Red Kazoo [add]
11. (Let's Dance) The Freeze [add]
12. Flattop [add]
13. It's Still Saturday Night [add]
14. She's Just Not My Wife [add]
15. My Big Fat Baby [add]
16. Your Last Goodbye [add]

Rockin' Spree! (2006) 01. Foundation Rock [add]
02. Rockin' Spee [add]
03. Wild Romance [add]
04. Call Me the Wolfman [add]
05. I Found My Baby [add]
06. Ain't No Beatle [add]
07. Gear Bustin' Sort of Feller [add]
08. One Note Joe [add]
09. That Rock and Roll Beat [add]
10. Panic [add]
11. Johnny, Jim and Jack [add]
12. Bugle Ann [add]
13. Top Shelf [add]
14. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On [add]

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