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Mal Waldron lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Mal-1 (0000) 01. Stablemates [add]
02. Yesterdays [add]
03. Transfiguration [add]
04. Bud Study [add]
05. Dee's Dilemma [add]
06. Shome [add]

Wheelin' (0000) 01. Wheelin' (Two Takes) [add]
02. Dealin' (Two Takes) [add]
03. Things Ain't What They Used to Be [add]
04. Robbins' Nest [add]
05. Blue Calypso [add]
06. Falling in Love With Love [add]

Mal/3 Sounds (0000) 01. Tension [add]
02. Ollie's Caravan [add]
03. The Cattin' Toddler [add]
04. Portrait of a Young Mother [add]
05. For Every Man There's a Woman [add]

Mal/4 Trio (0000) 01. Splidium-Dow [add]
02. Like Someone in Love [add]
03. Get Happy [add]
04. J.M.'s Dream Doll [add]
05. Too Close for Comfort [add]
06. By Myself [add]
07. Love Span [add]

Left Alone (0000) 01. Left Alone [add]
02. Catwalk [add]
03. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
04. Minor Pulsation [add]
05. Airegin [add]
06. Mal Waldron:the Way He Remembers Billy Holiday [add]

Impressions (0000) 01. Les Champs Elys?es [add]
02. Cest Formidable [add]
03. Chao [add]
04. You Stepped Out of a Dream [add]
05. All the Way [add]
06. All About Us [add]
07. With a Song in My Heart [add]

The Quest (0000) 01. Status Seeking [add]
02. Duquility [add]
03. Thirteen [add]
04. We Diddit [add]
05. Warm Canto [add]
06. Warp and Woof [add]
07. Fire Waltz [add]

Les Nuits de La Negritude (0000) 01. Summerday [add]
02. Easy Going [add]
03. All of My Life [add]
04. Ollie's Caravan [add]
05. Modal Air [add]
06. Lullaby Chant [add]
07. The Call to Arms [add]
08. Skipper's Waltz [add]
09. Love Span [add]
10. Quiet Temple [add]

Mal Waldron Trio (0000) 01. Steady Bread [add]
02. Blues for Ricchi [add]
03. Rosa [add]
04. Marco [add]
05. For Bob [add]
06. Theme "The Coureurs" [add]
07. View from St. Luca [add]
08. Chim Chim Cheree [add]
09. Dock Scene Speedy [add]

Free at Last (0000) 01. Rat Now [add]
02. Balladina [add]
03. 1-3-234 [add]
04. Rock My Soul [add]
05. Willow Weep for Me [add]
06. Boo [add]

Ursula (0000) 01. First Bass Man [add]
02. Girl on a Bicycle Waltz [add]
03. Ursula [add]
04. Blood and Guts [add]
05. Drummer's Bags [add]
06. Valse You Den Pudden [add]
07. For Mimi [add]
08. Les Parents Terribles [add]

Tokyo Bound (0000) 01. Japanese Island [add]
02. Rock One for Jimbosan [add]
03. Atomic Energy [add]
04. Mount Fuji [add]

Spanish Bitch (0000) 01. Spanish Bitch [add]
02. Eleanor Rigby [add]
03. Black Chant [add]
04. All That Funk [add]

First Encounter (0000) 01. She Walks in Beauty [add]
02. The Heart of the Matter [add]
03. What's That [add]
04. Walking Way [add]

Number Nineteen (0000) 01. Number Nineteen [add]
02. Trip [add]
03. Watakushi No Sekai [add]

Plays the Blues (0000) 01. Blues for F.P. [add]
02. Way In [add]
03. Miles and Miles of Blues [add]
04. Up Down Blues [add]
05. Blues for D.S. [add]

A Little Bit of Miles (0000) 01. A Little Bit of Miles [add]
02. Here, There and Everywhere [add]

The Whirling Dervish (0000) 01. Reaching Out [add]
02. The Whirling Dervish [add]

Mal 81 (0000) 01. Love for Sale [add]
02. Summertime [add]
03. Angel Eyes [add]
04. Autumn Leaves [add]
05. Body and Soul [add]
06. I Surrender, Dear [add]
07. Yesterdays [add]
08. All of You [add]

News (0000) 01. It Could Happen to You [add]
02. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
03. Nice Work If You Can Get It [add]
04. Tea for Two [add]
05. Willow Weep for Me [add]
06. I'm a Fool to Want You [add]
07. Polka Dots and Moonbeams [add]

What It Is (0000) 01. Charlie Parker's Last Supper [add]
02. Hymn from the Inferno [add]
03. What It Is [add]

One Entrance, Many Exits (0000) 01. Golden Golson [add]
02. One Entrance, Many Exits [add]
03. Chazz Jazz [add]
04. Herbal Syndrome [add]
05. How Deep Is the Ocean? [add]
06. Blues in 4 by 3 [add]

Breaking New Ground (0000) 01. Dans la Cuisine d'Alibi [add]
02. Theme from M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless) [add]
03. After the Love Has Gone [add]
04. Beat It [add]
05. You Are the Sunshine of My Life [add]
06. Gymnop?die No. 2 [add]
07. Everything Must Change [add]
08. Thy Freedom Come [add]

Mal Waldron Plays Eric Satie (0000) 01. Desespoir Agreable [add]
02. Hermonies [add]
03. Essais [add]
04. Premi?re Pens?e Rose + Croix [add]
05. Le Vilain Petit Vaurien [add]
06. Three Gymnopedies, No. 1 [add]

Sempre Amore (0000) 01. Johnny Come Lately [add]
02. Prelude to a Kiss [add]
03. The Star-Crossed Lovers [add]
04. To the Bitter [add]
05. Azure [add]
06. Sempre Amor? [add]
07. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing [add]
08. Smada [add]

Update (0000) 01. Free for C. T. [add]
02. A Night in Tunisia [add]
03. The Inchworm [add]
04. Variations on a Theme by Cecil Taylor [add]
05. You Are Getting to Be a Habit With Me [add]
06. I Should Care [add]

Left Alone '86 (0000) 01. Left Alone [Master Take] [add]
02. God Bless the Child [add]
03. All of Me [add]
04. Catwalk [add]
05. Lover Man [add]
06. Minor Pulsation [add]
07. Good Morning Heartache [add]
08. All Alone [add]
09. Super Okra Blues [add]
10. Left Alone [alternate take] [add]

Git Go: Live At The Village Vanguard (0000) 01. Status Seeking [add]
02. The Git Go [add]

Seagulls of Kristiansundi: Live at the Village Vanguard (0000) 01. Snake Out [add]
02. Judy [add]
03. The Seagulls of Kristiansund [add]

Our Colline's a Treasure (0000) 01. Spaces [add]
02. Our Colline's a Treasure [add]
03. Ches Pascale [add]
04. The Git Go [add]
05. Because of You I Live Again [add]

The Super Quartet Live at Sweet Basil (0000) 01. What It Is [add]
02. Evidence [add]
03. Snake Out [add]
04. Let's Call This [add]

Much More! (0000) 01. Soul Mates [add]
02. Someone to Watch over Me [add]
03. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm [add]
04. My Funny Valentine [add]
05. I Can't Get Started/Now's the Time [add]
06. The Inchworm [add]
07. My Old Flame [add]

Quadrologue at Utopia [live] (0000) 01. Ticket to Utopia [add]
02. Time for Duke [add]
03. Never in a Hurry [add]
04. Mistral Breeze, No. 1 [add]
05. Funny Glasses & A Moustache [add]

Spring in Prague (0000) 01. Revolution [add]
02. East of the Sun [add]
03. Let Us Live/Dedicated to East Germany [add]
04. Spring in Prague [add]
05. On a Clear Day [add]
06. Spring Is Here [add]
07. We Demand [add]

My Dear Family (0000) 01. Footprints [add]
02. Left Alone [add]
03. Sassy [add]
04. Sakura Sakura (Cherry Blossom) [add]
05. Here's That Rainy Day [add]
06. Jean-Pierre [add]
07. Red Shoes [add]
08. My Dear Family [add]

Waldron-Haslam (0000) 01. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) [add]
02. If I Were a Bell [add]
03. Catch as Catch Should [add]
04. Somewhere [add]
05. Variations on Brahms 3, Mvt. 3 [add]
06. A Time for Duke [add]
07. The Vortex [add]
08. Motion in Order [add]

Travellin' in Soul-Time: Live From Tokyo, Nagasaki and Kobuchizawa (0000) 01. The Seagulls of Kristiansund [add]
02. Circumambulation [add]
03. Komori Uta [add]
04. White Road [add]
05. Black Rain [add]
06. Remember [add]
07. At Kamenoi Besso [add]

Mal/2 Prestige 7111 (1957) 01. Potpourri [add]
02. J.M.'s Dream Doll [add]
03. Don't Explain [add]
04. The Way You Look Tonight [add]
05. From This Moment On [add]
06. One by One [add]
07. Blue Calypso [*] [add]
08. Falling in Love With Love [*] [add]

Sweet Love, Bitter Love (1967) 01. Della [add]
02. Hillary [add]
03. Keel [add]
04. Smokin' [add]
05. Della's Dream [add]
06. The Search [add]
07. Candy's Ride [add]
08. Bread [add]
09. Eagle Flips Out [add]
10. Brindles Place [add]
11. Sleep, Baby, Sleep [add]
12. Loser's Lament [add]
13. Espresso Time [add]

A Touch of the Blues (1971) 01. Here, There and Everywhere [add]
02. The Search [add]
03. A Touch of the Blues [add]

Black Glory (1971) 01. Sieg Haile [add]
02. Le Gloire du Noir [add]
03. The Call [add]
04. Rock My Soul [add]

Blues for Lady Day (1972) 01. Blues for Lady Day [add]
02. Just Friends [add]
03. Don't Blame Me [add]
04. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
05. The Man I Love [add]
06. You're My Thrill [add]
07. Strange Fruit [add]
08. Easy Living [add]
09. Mean to Me [add]

Up Popped the Devil (1973) 01. Up Popped the Devil [add]
02. Spacewalk [add]
03. Snake Out [add]
04. Changachangachanga [add]

One-Upmanship (1977) 01. One-Upman Ship [add]
02. Duquility [add]
03. The Seagulls of Kristiansund [add]
04. Thoughtful [add]
05. Hooray for Herbie [add]
06. Soul Eyes [add]

The Call (1979) 01. The Call [add]
02. Thoughts [add]

Dedication (1985) 01. Dedication [add]
02. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm [add]
03. It Never Entered My Mind [add]
04. Rhythmics [add]
05. Mowgly the Cat [add]
06. Tapestry [add]
07. Batik [add]

Songs of Love and Regret (1986) 01. Blue Monk [add]
02. A Cause de Monk [add]
03. To the Golden Lady in Graham Cracker Window [add]
04. Contemplation [add]
05. Hurry Sundown [add]
06. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing [add]
07. Blue Monk [Take 2] [add]

No More Tears (For Lady Day) (1988) 01. Yesterdays [add]
02. No More Tears [add]
03. Melancholy Waltz [add]
04. Solitude [add]
05. Love Me or Leave Me [add]
06. All Night Through [add]
07. As Time Goes By [add]
08. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [add]
09. Alone Together [add]

Crowd Scene (1989) 01. Crowd Scene [add]
02. Yin and Yang [add]

Where Are You? (1989) 01. Where Are You? [Take 1] [add]
02. Waltz for Marianne [add]
03. Wha's Nine? [add]
04. Where Are You? [add]

More Git' Go at Utopia [live] (1994) 01. More Git' Go at Utopia [add]
02. Warm Puppies/Reflexion in Monk [add]
03. You Open My Eyes [add]
04. Misreal Breeze # 2 [add]
05. Dancing on the Flames [add]

Art of the Duo (1994) 01. Ticket to Tokyo [add]
02. Ruby, My Dear [add]
03. Bathing Beauties [add]
04. Over the Rainbow [Take One] [add]
05. Over the Rainbow [Take Two] [add]
06. Spinning at Trixi [add]
07. Good Bait [add]
08. You're No Bunny Unless Some Bunny Loves You [add]
09. A Pepper Poem, Pt. 1 [add]
10. A Pepper Poem, Pt. 2 [add]
11. Willy's Blues [add]
12. What Is This Thing Called Love? [add]
13. How Long Has This Been Going On? [add]
14. Indian Water [add]

Mal Dance and Soul (1994) 01. Dancing on the Flames [add]
02. A Bow to the Classics [add]
03. Little One [add]
04. From a Little Acorns [add]
05. Soul Mates [add]
06. Blood and Guts [add]
07. Solar [add]
08. Blue Monk [add]
09. Golden Golson [add]

Two New (1995) 01. I've Got the World on a String [add]
02. One for Steve [add]
03. Tangled Lawful Bells [add]
04. Let's Do It Over [add]
05. Sakura Sakura (Cherry Blossom) [add]
06. Steps in Rhythm [add]
07. Datura [add]
08. From Charleston Till Now [add]
09. Come Sunday [add]
10. I'm Old Fashioned [add]
11. After the Carnage [add]
12. Thailand Dance [add]

Magic Night in Borgio Verezzi [live] (1995) 01. Ugly Beauty/Rhythm-A-Ning [add]
02. 'Round Midnight [add]
03. A Night in Tunisia [add]
04. Summertime [add]
05. Time for Duke [add]
06. Here's That Rainy Day [add]
07. All Night Through [add]
08. Epistrophy [add]
09. Don't Explain [add]
10. But Not for Me [add]

Live at Dreher, Paris 1981: The Peak, Vol. 2 (1996) 01. Bone [add]
02. No Baby [add]
03. Blinks [add]
04. I Feel a Draft [add]
05. 'Round Midnight [add]
06. Well, You Needn't [add]
07. Epistrophy [add]
08. The Peak [add]
09. Herbe de Loublie [add]
10. Hooray for Herbie [add]
11. Let's Call This [add]
12. Epistrophy [add]
13. Well, You Needn't [add]

Evidence (1996) 01. Yesterdays [add]
02. No Kick [add]
03. Dear Old Stockholm [add]
04. Rhapsodic Interlude #1 [add]
05. Evidence [add]
06. Let's Call This [add]
07. Rhapsodic Interlude #2 [add]
08. How Long Has This Been Going On [add]

Blood & Guts [live] (1996) 01. Down at Gill's [add]
02. My Funny Valentine [add]
03. La Petite Africaine [add]
04. Blood and Guts [add]

The Big Rochade (1998) 01. Open Windows [add]
02. Monk's Dream [add]
03. Minor Mode for Majors [add]
04. Dinosaurus' Dispute [add]
05. Song for Leo [add]
06. From Dark into the Light [add]
07. Search for Euridice [add]
08. Slovakian Folksong [add]
09. Singing Red [add]

Into the Light (2000) 01. From Darkness Into the Light [add]
02. Waters From the Waters [add]
03. Looking for the Third Man [add]
04. Left Alone [add]
05. Gan Gan [add]
06. Marja's Ball [add]
07. Lonely Nights [add]
08. Embryo Solo [add]
09. Giesing [add]

The Lausanne Concert [live] (2004) 01. Part One: Mon Amour Retrouv?/Soliloquy/Evidence [add]
02. Part Two: C'est la Vie/A Bow to Classics [add]
03. Giulia (Parce Qu'elle Est Seule) [add]

On Steinway (2005) 01. Portrait of a Bullfighter [add]
02. One for Bud [add]
03. For Eric Satie [add]
04. Paris Reunited [add]

Mal Waldron With the Steve Lacy Quintet (2005) 01. Vio [add]
02. Jump for Victor [add]
03. Blue Wee [add]
04. Vio [alternate take] [add]
05. Jump for Victor [alternate take] [add]

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