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Woody Shaw lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Cassandranite (0000) 01. Cassandranite [add]
02. Obsequious [add]
03. Baloo Baloo [add]
04. Tetragon [add]
05. Medina [add]

The Moontrane (0000) 01. The Moontrane [add]
02. Sanyas [add]
03. Tapscott's Blues [add]
04. Katrina Ballerina [add]
05. Are They Only Dreams [add]
06. Tapscott's Blues [alternate take] [add]
07. Katrina Ballerina [alternate take] [add]

Little Red's Fantasy (0000) 01. Jean Marie [add]
02. Sashianova [add]
03. In Case You Haven't Heard [add]
04. Little Red's Fantasy [add]
05. Tomorrow's Destiny [add]

Concert Ensemble at the Berliner Jazztage [live] (0000) 01. Hello to the Wind [add]
02. Obsequious [add]
03. Jean Marie [add]
04. In the Land of the Blacks [add]

Rosewood (0000) 01. Rosewood [add]
02. Everytime I See You [add]
03. The Legend of the Cheops [add]
04. Rahsaan's Run [add]
05. Sunshowers [add]
06. Theme for Maxine [add]
07. Isabel, the Liberator [*] [add]
08. Joshua C. [*] [add]
09. Why [*] [add]

Lotus Flower (0000) 01. Eastern Joy Dance [add]
02. Game [add]
03. Lotus Flower [add]
04. Rahsaan's Run [add]
05. Songs of Song [add]

Setting Standards (0000) 01. There Is No Greater Love [add]
02. All the Way [add]
03. Spiderman Blues [add]
04. The Touch of Your Lips [add]
05. What's New? [add]
06. When Love Is New [add]

Woody Shaw with the Tone Jansa Quartet (0000) 01. MIDI [add]
02. Boland [add]
03. Call Mobility [add]
04. River [add]
05. Folk Song [add]
06. May [add]

Imagination (0000) 01. If I Were a Bell [add]
02. Imagination [add]
03. Dat Dere [add]
04. You and the Night and the Music [add]
05. Stormy Weather [add]
06. Steve's Blues [add]

Blackstone Legacy (1970) 01. Blackstone Legacy [add]
02. Think on Me [add]
03. Lost and Found [add]
04. New World [add]
05. Boo Ann's Grand [add]
06. A Deed for Dolphy [add]

Song of Songs (1972) 01. Song of Songs [add]
02. The Goat and the Archer [add]
03. Love: For the One You Can't Have [add]
04. The Awakening [add]

Woody III (1978) 01. Woody I on the Newark [add]
02. Woody II Other Paths [add]
03. Woody III New Offerings [add]
04. To Kill a Brick [add]
05. Organ Grinder [add]
06. Escape Velocity [add]

Stepping Stones: Live at the Village Vanguard (1978) 01. Stepping Stone [add]
02. In a Capricornian Way [add]
03. It All Comes Back to You [add]
04. Seventh Avenue [add]
05. Theme for Maxine [add]

For Sure! (1980) 01. We'll Be Together Again [add]
02. Opec [add]
03. Time Is Right [add]
04. Ginseng People [add]
05. Why [add]
06. Joshua C. [add]
07. Isabel, the Liberator [add]

Night Music (1982) 01. Orange Crescent [add]
02. To Kill a Brick [add]
03. Apex [add]
04. All the Things You Are [add]

Time Is Right [live] (1983) 01. From Moment to Moment [add]
02. Time Is Right [add]
03. You and the Night and the Music [add]
04. We'll Be Together Again [add]

Solid (1986) 01. There Will Never Be Another You [add]
02. You Stepped Out of a Dream [add]
03. Speak Low [add]
04. Solid [add]
05. It Might as Well Be Spring [add]
06. The Woody Woodpecker Song [add]

Bemsha Swing (1986) 01. Bemsha Swing [add]
02. Ginseng People [add]
03. Well, You Needn't [add]
04. Eric [add]
05. United [add]
06. Nutty [add]
07. In a Capricornian Way [add]
08. Star Eyes [add]
09. Theloniously Speaking [add]

In My Own Sweet Way (1987) 01. The Organ Grinder [add]
02. In Your Own Sweet Way [add]
03. The Dragon [add]
04. Just a Bailed for Woody [add]
05. Sippin' at Bells [add]
06. Estat? [add]
07. Joshua C. [add]

Last of the Line (1997) 01. Cassandranite [add]
02. Obsequious [add]
03. Baloo Baloo [add]
04. Three Muses [add]
05. Tetragon [add]
06. Medina [add]
07. Love Dance [add]
08. Obsequious [add]
09. Sun Bath [add]
10. Zoltan [add]
11. Soulfully I Love You (Black Spiritual of Love) [add]

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