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Bobby Watson lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Beatitudes (0000) 01. To See Her Face [add]
02. Karita [add]
03. Jewel [add]
04. E.T.A. [add]
05. Minority [add]
06. Orange Blossom [add]
07. Beatitudes [add]
08. On the One [add]
09. Karita [alternate take/*] [add]
10. To See Her Face [alternate take/*] [add]

Jewel (0000) 01. To See Her Face [add]
02. Orange Blossom [add]
03. Jewel [add]
04. Karita [add]
05. You're Lucky to Me [add]
06. And Then Again [add]

Advance (0000) 01. But Not for Me [add]
02. Karita [add]
03. 'Round Midnight [add]
04. You're Lucky to Me [add]
05. E.T.A. [add]

Round Trip (0000) 01. Round Trip [add]
02. There Is No Greater Love [add]
03. Blue in Green [add]
04. Sweet Dreams [add]
05. Ceora [add]
06. All the Things of Jo Maka [add]

Love Remains (0000) 01. The Misery of Ebop [add]
02. Love Remains [add]
03. Blues for Alto [add]
04. Ode for Aaron [add]
05. Dark Days (For Nelson Mandela) [add]
06. Sho Thang [add]
07. The Love We Had Yesterday [add]

The Year of the Rabbit (0000) 01. The Jeep Is Jumpin' [add]
02. Good Queen Bess [add]
03. Things Ain't What They Used to Be [add]
04. Squatty Roo [add]
05. Blues for Alto [add]
06. Isfahan [add]
07. Jeep's Blues [add]
08. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing [add]
09. Honey Bunny [add]
10. Day Dream [add]

Present Tense (0000) 01. Present Tense [add]
02. Beam Me Up [add]
03. Monk He See, Monk He Do [add]
04. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) [add]
05. The Mystery of Ebop [add]
06. Hey Now [add]
07. Minority [add]
08. Bush Song [add]
09. Love Remains [add]
10. Dex Mex [add]
11. At the Crossroads [add]
12. Epilogue 1 [add]

Midwest Shuffle [live] (0000) 01. Excuse Me Mr. Watson! [Spoken Intro] [add]
02. Blues of Hope [add]
03. Time Will Tell [add]
04. The Cats [add]
05. Welcome [add]
06. Complex Dialogue [add]
07. Mirrors (We All Need) [add]
08. Ladies [add]
09. Midwest Shuffle [add]
10. I'll Love You Always [add]
11. He's More Good Than Bad [add]
12. Finger Games [add]
13. Mabel Is Able [add]
14. Simon Says [add]

All Because of You (1979) 01. In Maya's Apartment [add]
02. All Because of You [add]
03. Fuller Love [add]
04. Pamela [add]
05. Second Party [add]
06. Days of Wine and Roses [add]

Gumbo (1983) 01. Unit Seven [add]
02. Point the Finger [add]
03. Luqman's Dream [add]
04. From East to West [add]
05. Gumbo [add]
06. Wheel Within a Wheel [add]
07. Premonition [add]

Appointment in Milano (1985) 01. Appointment in Milano [add]
02. Ballando (Dancing) [add]
03. If Bird Could See Me Now [add]
04. Watson's Blues [add]
05. (I'm) Always Missing You [add]
06. Funcalypso [add]

This Little Light of Mine (1991) 01. Misterioso [add]
02. Donna Lee [add]
03. These Foolish Things [add]
04. Rock the House [add]
05. This Little Light of Mine [add]
06. Tico-Tico [add]
07. Body and Soul [add]
08. Sundance [add]
09. Recorda Me [add]
10. Giant Step [add]
11. Mes'tou Bosporou Ta Stena [add]
12. Over and Over [add]
13. Yebga and Me [add]
14. Five One Four [add]
15. Blue Sax [add]
16. Mes'tou Bosporou Ta Stena [Take 2] [add]

Tailor Made (1992) 01. Ms. B.C. (For Betty Carter) [add]
02. Old Time Ways [add]
03. Catch Me If You Can (Jazz Mambo) [add]
04. Lafiya [add]
05. Tudo Bem (All Is Okay) [add]
06. Conservation [add]
07. T.P. Call Home (Afro Brazilian) [add]
08. Like It Was Before [add]
09. Free Yourself [add]
10. To See Her Face [add]
11. Thing's You Do (Jazz Mambo) [add]
12. What's Next [add]

Urban Renewal (1995) 01. Lou B [add]
02. Agaya [add]
03. Hi-Tech Trap [add]
04. If [add]
05. Love/Hate [add]
06. Beattitudes [add]
07. Here's to...You Babe [add]
08. Back in the Day [add]
09. P.D. On Great Jones Street [add]
10. Reachin' & Searchin' [add]
11. Welcome to My World [add]

Project (1998) 01. Two Steppin with Dawn [add]
02. Avotcja [add]
03. Quiet as It's Kept [add]
04. Blade of Grass [add]
05. Hold Over [add]
06. Round About Midnight [add]
07. Tear Drops [add]
08. Joe Nathan [add]
09. Mou's Shuffle [add]

Quiet as Its Kept (1999) 01. Looking in Your Eyes [add]
02. Always a Friend [add]
03. Afternoon in Ottobrun (For Manfred and Dorothee) [add]
04. Just for Today [add]
05. Back Home Again With You [add]
06. Watch the Children Play [add]
07. Quiet as Its's Kept [add]
08. Nubian Breakdown [add]
09. Nanatsu-No-Ko [add]
10. Concentic Circles [add]
11. Interlude (To Be Continued) [add]

Live at Someday in Tokyo (2000) 01. Dual Conversation [add]
02. Ms. B.C. [add]
03. Karita [add]
04. Long Way Home [add]
05. Unfold [add]
06. In Case You Missed It [add]

In the Groove (2001) 01. Confirmation [add]
02. Footprints Wayne Shorter [add]
03. The Shadow of Your Smile [add]
04. Cherokee [add]
05. Blues for Claude [add]
06. The Theme [add]

Live & Learn (2002) 01. Stanky P [add]
02. Faith in Action [add]
03. We Fall Down [add]
04. Thank You [add]
05. Why Not [add]
06. Live & Learn [add]
07. River Jordan [add]
08. Postlude [add]
09. Landmarks Lost [add]
10. I've Gotta Be Me [add]

Perpetual Groove: Live in Europe (2002) 01. Cherokee [add]
02. Mr. P.C. [add]
03. Perpetual Groove [add]
04. Oleo [add]
05. Blue'n Boogie [add]

Old Friends-New Point [live] (2002) 01. Moanin' [add]
02. Them There Eyes [add]
03. Strangers on a Train [add]
04. Centerpiece [add]
05. Cubicle [add]
06. On the Sunny Side of the Street [add]
07. Confirmation [add]
08. Wichita Lineman [add]
09. Satin Doll [add]
10. In a Sentimental Mood [add]
11. Make the "A" Train [add]
12. Baby, Baby All the Time and Juke Joint Blues [add]

Horizon Reassembled (2004) 01. Lemoncello [add]
02. Pere [add]
03. The Love We Had Yesterday [add]
04. Ginger Bread Boy [add]
05. Horizon Reassembled [add]
06. The Look of Love [add]
07. Eeeyyess [add]
08. Permanoon [add]
09. Dark Days [add]
10. Dark Days (Interlude) [add]
11. Xangongo [add]

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