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Genre: Jazz
When Silence Pulls (0000) 01. Good News Blues [add]
02. Condensation on Posed Arrow [add]
03. Separate Cycle, When Silence Pulls [add]
04. Inheritance [add]
05. Babaloobop [add]
06. When the Shuffle Party Begins [add]
07. Moon Over Sand [add]
08. Involution in Rounds [add]
09. Fun [add]

Everything in Stages (0000) 01. Your Head Is Now a Drum [add]
02. Shards from a Future Melancholy [add]
03. Influx [add]
04. Waitress Laughter [add]
05. Kicks 'N Boogie [add]
06. Select Magical Skyfall [add]
07. Digital Bracelets [add]
08. Castanets for Pinocchio [add]
09. Touch of Orisas [add]
10. Evolution of Adjacent Moments [add]
11. What Time Is It? [add]
12. And the Answer Is... [add]
13. Parachute Four [add]
14. Where When Is What [add]
15. You and Her [add]
16. Sirens for Ulysses [add]
17. Phase Two, Further in the Drum [add]

Sensology (0000) 01. This Is Not Much Less Than Flat [add]
02. Short Steps Until It Finally Dawned [add]
03. Rolling Agreement [add]
04. Gnat Notes in Lyrical Amber [add]
05. Lyrical Amber, Hand Held [add]
06. Hand Held Hot Coals [add]
07. Sensology [add]
08. What to Do [add]
09. Jazz for Now and Never More [add]
10. Murmers and Darts [add]
11. Sticks and Bones [add]
12. Joyous Absence of Disco [add]
13. Slowly Getting to Know the Audience [add]

Safe-Crackers (0000) 01. Fishing for Bobby's Treasure Chess [add]
02. Basquiat Ball [add]
03. Many People [add]
04. Cookie's Coffee [add]
05. Shards of Surmountability [add]
06. Safe-Crackers [add]
07. We Got Noh Rhythm [add]
08. Here's What Happened [add]
09. An Exhilaration of Larks, and Their Discovery of Fire [add]
10. After Boulez, a Doorbell With Perfect Pitch [add]
11. Teleparallelogram [add]
12. Of Man in Rach [add]
13. Snowfall [add]

Both Sides of the Same Mirror (1989) 01. Involution (Departure) [add]
02. Moving Through the Twin Entrances of Light [add]
03. Turned Earth Lightly [add]
04. Third Stone from the Sun [add]
05. Ascending Ladders [add]
06. The Enchantments One, Two and Three [add]
07. Reflections of a Persistent Mirage [add]
08. The Velocity of Many Ideas [add]
09. Egyptian Steps [add]

Kaleidoscopes: Ornette Coleman Songbook (1992) 01. Long Time No See [add]
02. Poise [add]
03. Beauty Is a Rare Thing [add]
04. Kaleidoscope No. 1 [add]
05. Peace [add]
06. Folk Tales [add]
07. Dancing in Your Head [add]
08. Moon Inhabitants [add]
09. Kaleidoscope No. 2 [add]
10. Street Woman [add]
11. Chronology [add]

Noir (1995) 01. Noir [add]
02. Jill Cyborg [add]
03. (To David Cronenberg) Interzonia [add]
04. Sleeves of Alloy [add]
05. Open Apertures [add]
06. Noir Encore [add]
07. Fade to Grey [add]
08. Fade to Grey 'Then Blue [add]

Density of the Lovestruck Demons (1996) 01. M Tracks, Pt. 1 [add]
02. W.R.U. [add]
03. In the Hand of the Land, Eyes to the Sky [add]
04. Miles [add]
05. Ritual Advance [add]
06. M Tracks, Pt. 2 [add]
07. Trio Tuning/I Heard It Over the Radio/The Reception/I Heard It ... [add]
08. Density of the Lovestruck Demons [add]
09. Fast-Action Potion [add]

Ivory Ganesh Meets Doctor Drums (1998) 01. Would You Like to Start? [add]
02. Sevens and Eights [add]
03. Voyage on Waters West and East [add]
04. Three Sighs to the Moon [add]
05. Tambouree [add]
06. Conversation Between Two Dancers [add]
07. Jhampalaya II [add]
08. Skipping [add]
09. Thrashcan Delight [add]
10. Semi-Subliminal [add]
11. Many Happy Returns [add]

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