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Fair Warning lyrics
Genre: Rock
Fair Warning [MCA] (0000) 01. She Don't Know Me [add]
02. I Wanna Be Your Lover [add]
03. Night and Day [add]
04. South of the Border [add]
05. He's So Bad [add]
06. Watchin' Katie Dance [add]
07. Shadows of Your Mind [add]
08. Just Send an S.O.S. [add]
09. Goodnight My Dear [add]

Early Warnings (1997) 01. Out on the Run [add]
02. Burning Heart [add]
03. Take a Look at the Future [add]
04. Take Me Up [add]
05. Childrens Eyes [add]
06. Dont Give Up [add]
07. What Did You Find [add]
08. Long Gone lyrics
09. Stars and the Moon [add]
10. Desert Song lyrics
11. Hang On [add]
12. When On [add]
13. Pictures of Love [add]
14. Rain Song [add]
15. One Step [add]
16. The Heart of Summer [add]

Live & More (2000) 01. Angels of Heaven [live] [add]
02. I'll Be There [live] [add]
03. Moan on the Moon [live] [add]
04. Don't Give Up [live] [add]
05. Desert Song [live] [add]
06. We Used to Be Friends [live] [add]
07. Follow My Heart [live] [add]
08. Intro Bach for More: Come On [live] [add]
09. Save Me [live] [add]
10. Burning Heart [live] [add]
11. Get a Little Closer [live] [add]
12. Stars and the Moon [live] [add]
13. Like a Rock [add]
14. Meant to Be [add]
15. Out of the Night [add]
16. All on Your Own [*] [add]
17. Give in to Love [*] [add]
18. Come On [*] [add]
19. Rivers of Love [*] [add]

Four (2000) 01. Heart on the Run [add]
02. Through the Fire [add]
03. Break Free lyrics
04. Forever lyrics
05. Tell Me I'm Wrong [add]
06. Dream lyrics
07. I Fight lyrics
08. Time Will Tell lyrics
09. Eyes of Love [add]
10. Find My Way lyrics
11. Night Falls lyrics
12. Wait lyrics
13. For the Young [add]

Fair Warning [Frontiers] (2006) 01. Longing for Love [add]
02. When Love Fails lyrics
03. The Call of the Heart [add]
04. Crazy [add]
05. One Step Closer [add]
06. Hang On [add]
07. Out on the Run [add]
08. Long Gone lyrics
09. The Eyes of Rock [add]
10. Take a Look at the Future [add]
11. The Heat of Emotion [add]
12. Take Me Up [add]

Rainmaker (2006) 01. The Heart of Summer [add]
02. Don't Give Up lyrics
03. Burning Heart [add]
04. Rain Song [add]
05. Get a Little Closer [add]
06. Desert Song lyrics
07. What Did You Find [add]
08. Pictures of Love [add]
09. Lonely Rooms [add]
10. One Way Up [add]
11. Angel of Dawn [add]
12. Stars and the Moon [add]
13. Desolation Angels [add]
14. The Call of the Wild [add]
15. Too Late for Love [add]

Brother's Keeper (2006) 01. Don't Keep Me Waiting [add]
02. Generation Jedi [add]
03. All of My Love [add]
04. Rainbow Eyes [add]
05. Push Me On [add]
06. Wasted Time [add]
07. The Cry [add]
08. The Way [add]
09. Once Bitten, Twice Shy [add]
10. Tell Me Lies [add]
11. In the Dark [add]
12. Still I Believe [*] [add]
13. All I Wanna Do [add]

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