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Wadada Leo Smith lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Go in Numbers [live] (0000) 01. The World Soul [add]
02. Go in Numbers [add]
03. Illumination: The Nguzo Saba [add]
04. Changes [add]

Rastafari (0000) 01. Rastafari [add]
02. Ritual [add]
03. Madder Lake [add]
04. Little Bits [add]

Prataksis [live] (0000) 01. And the Future Became Fluid [add]
02. Dancing on the Edge [add]
03. Alexandra's Fancy [add]
04. Music for Confused Travelers [add]
05. Of Love and Loss [add]
06. Growing to Be Shadows [add]
07. Two Up, Two Down [add]
08. Fractured Laws [add]

Reflectativity [2000] (0000) 01. Reflectativity [add]
02. Blue Flag [add]
03. Fisherman T Wmukl-D [add]
04. Hanabishi [add]

Creative Music -- 1 (1972) 01. Nine (9) Stones on a Mountain [add]
02. Improvisation No. 4 [add]
03. Creative Music -- 1 [add]
04. aFmie -- Poem DancE 3 [add]
05. Ogotomm?li: Dogon Sage [add]
06. Ep -- 1 [add]

Song of Humanity (Kanta Pri Homoro) (1976) 01. Song of Humanity [add]
02. Lexicon [add]
03. Peacocks, Gazelles, Dogwood Trees & Six Silver Coins [add]
04. Of Blues and Dreams [add]
05. Pneuma [add]
06. Tempio [add]

Divine Love (1978) 01. Divine Love [add]
02. Tastalun [add]
03. Spirituals: Language of Love [add]

Procession of the Great Ancestry (1983) 01. Blues: Jah Jah Is the Perfect Love [add]
02. Procession of the Great Ancestry [add]
03. The Flower That Seeds the Earth [add]
04. The Third World, Grainery of Pure Earth [add]
05. Who Killed David Walker? [add]
06. Celestial Sparks in the Sanctuary of Redemption [add]
07. Nuru Light: The Prince of Peace [add]

Kulture Jazz (1995) 01. Don't You Remember [add]
02. Kulture of Jazz [add]
03. Song of Humanity (Kanto Pri Homaro) [add]
04. Fire-Sticks, Chrysanthemums and Moonlight (For Harum) [add]
05. Seven Rings of Light in the Hola Trinity [add]
06. Louis Armstrong Counter-Pointing [add]
07. Albert Ayler in a Spiritual Light [add]
08. The Kemet Omega Reigns (For Billie Holiday) [add]
09. Love Surpreme (For John Coltrane) [add]
10. Mississippi Delta Sunrise (For Bobbie) [add]
11. Mother: Sarah Brown-Smith-Wallace (1920-22) [add]
12. The Healer's Voyage on the Sacred River (For Ayl Kwel Armah) [add]
13. Uprising (For Jessie and Yvonne) [add]

Tao-Njia (1996) 01. Another Wave More Waves [add]
02. Double Thunderbolt/Double Thunderbolt/Symphony for Improvisers/Sun ... [add]
03. Tao-Nija [add]

Golden Hearts Remembrance (1997) 01. Emmeya [add]
02. Lotus Garden [add]
03. Tawhid [add]
04. Golden Hearts Remembrance, a Nur Bakhshad [add]
05. Condor [add]
06. Mother: Sarah Brown-Smith-Wallace (1920-22) [add]

Condor, Autumn Wind [live] (1998) 01. Hummingbirds Harvesting Nectar from the Birds of Paradise Plants [add]
02. East: Illumination: Eagle: Yellow [add]
03. Emmeya [add]
04. Special Rider Blues (For Kashala) [For Kashala] [add]
05. Sonicboltz Wave [add]
06. Condor (For Dizzy Gillespie) [For Dizzy Gillespie] [add]
07. Sunrise and Moonbows (For Marion Brown) [For Brown, Marion] [add]
08. Shah Ni'matullah Wali [add]
09. Song of Humanity [add]
10. Albert Ayler [add]

Light Upon Light (1999) 01. Moths, Flames and the Giant Sequoia Redwood Trees [add]
02. Hetep: Serenity: Tranquility 2 [add]
03. Multiamerica [add]
04. Nur: Luminous, Light upon Light [add]
05. A Thousand Cranes: A Memorial for Amir Hamzehi [add]

Golden Quartet (2000) 01. DeJohnette [add]
02. Harumi [add]
03. Celestial Sky and All the Magic: A Memorial for Lester Bowie [add]
04. The Healer's Voyage on the Sacred River [add]
05. America's Third Century Spiritual Awakening [add]

Red Sulphur Sky (2001) 01. Red Sulphur Sky [add]
02. Evening Glow a Shining Outward [add]
03. The Medicine Wheel: North: Wisdom: Buffalo: White [add]
04. The Medicine Wheel: West: Introspective: Bear: Black [add]
05. The Medicine Wheel: East: Illumination: Eagle: Yellow [add]
06. The Medicine Wheel: South: Innocence: Mouse: Green [add]
07. Afmie: Purity and Poverty: A Spiritual Walk on the Tenri Path [for Mak] [add]
08. Afmie: Purity and Poverty: Ishmael and Hagar; In a Luminous Caravan of [add]
09. Afmie: Purity and Poverty: Unity and Diversity in the Secret Garden of [add]
10. Afmie: Purity and Poverty: Saint Tekla Haymanot at Debra Libanos ... [add]

The Year of the Elephant (2002) 01. Al-Madinah [add]
02. Piru [add]
03. The Zamzan Well a Stream of a Pure Light [add]
04. Kangaroo's Hollow [add]
05. The Year of the Elephant [add]
06. Miles Star in 3 Parts: Star/Seed/Blue Fire [add]

Luminous Axis (2002) 01. Garden of the Heart [add]
02. Perfect Essence [add]
03. Radiant Light Gushing from the Sun [add]
04. Night Splendor, A Certain Moon Flow [add]
05. Tango [add]
06. Beauty [add]
07. Fountain (Immortality) [add]
08. Garden of the Soul [add]
09. Apples, Dates and Pomegranates [add]
10. Light, Ginger, Olives and Musk [add]
11. Harp: A Gleaming Sama [add]
12. Fountian (Love) [add]
13. Camphor [add]
14. Caravans of Winter and Summer [add]
15. The Traveler [add]
16. The Traveler [add]

Organic Resonance [live] (2003) 01. Tawaf [add]
02. Composition, No. 314 [add]
03. Composition, No. 315 [add]
04. A Celestial Bow, Stone Rivers and Silver Stars Overlayed in Red [add]

Saturn, Conjunct the Grand Canyon in a Sweet Embrace [live] (2004) 01. Composition No.316 [add]
02. Saturn, Conjunct the Grand Canyon in a Sweet Embrace [add]
03. Goshawk [add]

Lake Biwa (2004) 01. Lake Biwa: A Fullmoon Purewater Gold [add]
02. Sanai's Enclosed Garden of the Truth [add]
03. Diamondback Serpent in a House Full of Water and Still Rising [add]
04. Africana World [add]

Snakish (2005) 01. Uncoiling [add]
02. Cosmoil [add]
03. Disembodyism [add]
04. Over the Influence [add]
05. Yopo [add]
06. Black Bell Mother [add]
07. Majounish [add]
08. Kawami Wama [add]
09. Speeds Per Coil [add]
10. Neither Liquid nor Gaseous, Torn [add]
11. Gold Green Melt [add]
12. Gangah Wallah [add]
13. Rivers of Swans [add]
14. Coiling [add]

Compassion [live] (2006) 01. Beauty: Aqumarine Night [add]
02. Sun Ray Colors and Rainbow Images [add]
03. Fragrance of Light [add]
04. Love Rhythms, Heart Songs [add]
05. Song of Humanity [add]
06. Silver Dream Circle [add]
07. The Caller and the Called [add]

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